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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sup Gegar

I am not sure how famous this kedai is but both of us are quite frequent customer here - especially Hubby and his friends during his bachelor time. They have Sup Gear Box in any size that you want but normally if you dont mention it, they just give whatever they have that time.

 Gegar Gegar

It is located next to Giant Seri Kembangan and you can see this board from the traffic light (if you are coming from Puncak Jalil)

Sup gegar
I can't remember for this price last time. But last night we ordered again and I take different pictures. Hubby ordered Tembikai Laici Jumbo, plain rice and Sup Gegar. This one cost RM17.

They have they own specialities such Nasi Goreng Gulung Gegar, Bihun Gulung Gegar, Mee Gegar. Mind you that anything with Gulung Gegar and Gegar is different.

This is Kue Tiaw Gulung Gegar

This is kuew tiaw gegar. See no eggs and keropok but paprik!

I love their gegar cause I am such pemakan lauk yg banyak and nk mkn kropok with nasi/mee. Haha. So everything inside here is complete my meal. All in one price.

But I am not sure what is this but I assume they made it wrong :P

Kue tiaw gulung, paprik, keropok and udang tepung in 1 plate

It's nyummayh but please do not order their sambal belacan. That's the only thing that I dont like it here. Haha.

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