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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fullhouse at Sunway Giza

Along plans for a dinner yesterday and we went to Sunway Giza at Damansara. It's kinda new and (almost) open air shopping complex. They have their own groceries store and according to Ma, barang basah die fresh but of courselah quite pricey (my MIL shop kat Giza tau, kelasss~)

Eh, nk cite pasal dinner sbenarnyer. We went to Fullhouse and it was our first time for both of us and my other SIL, Kak Jah. They have indoor and outdoor place but we prefer dalam rumah la kan, baru feeling :p

Fullhouse yang memang full


Not sure if they have some fish inside :P

Your waitress ready to serve


They have a concept of 'Lifestyle store and cafe' where you can eat and at the same time shop for some cloths. The restaurant was far way different from any cafe you go. It's white and have some sort of gardens concept. I must say they have some similarities with The Garden.

I almost confuse with both because they both have cage, birds, white furniture and green small trees. The only obvious difference is that Fullhouse has cartoon character and they even have very entertaining yet informative menu list.

Somehow looks like a magazine ;)

Can you read? 

Comics at the back

Some stuff that you can buy

Ready for the meal

The first time I laid my eyes on Fullhouse was at Sunway Piramid and become 'OMG, cutenyer restaurant tu. So white. So cute. So adorable' This time around kene cover sikit sbb pegi ngn in laws kan but I can't help myself taking pictures of the restaurant. So many things to see in every corner.

Those meant for sale and not just for deco

First floor
 Second floor deco from the stairs

Stairs to third floor

It was such a full place with people gathering around for a meal and we actually have to wait to dine inside the house. They let us leave phone number to call when it's available so we can go somewhere else. But it wasn't that long to wait though.  We manage to have a table at the second floor.

From the second floor view

Cute deco

Be careful, the bird might poops on your head (joking!)

The food was okay and it's the kind that you can go for the second time to try something else. Not bad and quite delicious I must say. The portion? haha. Don't expect as much as Chillies ya? It's just nice for one and it's not even as plenty as you thought/seen in the menu.

Our starter no.1 - some kind of soup with a bit of almond

Start no.2 - softshell crab with wasabi

The drinks presentation somehow reminds me of Williams and even their spaghetti have almost the same concept. Just look at the bottle and you know you've seen it before. Ahh..lets not start talking about who copied who okay :P

Blueberry + asam boi's ball (the orange thingy there) + sprite

Honeydew milkshare - Just the same taste of Coolblog at Tapah :P

Hubby wants to order lamb but the stock already finish - such a hot meal I suppose. Therefore he ordered (more to I ordered) Chicken Chop (cause it looks super delicious in the menu) and Dory Fish for myself. In laws ordered spaghetti. I love my Dory gravy but the rest didnt like it. I felt some kind of weirdo cause I keep on saying I like things when all of them didnt like the taste of any meal on our table. Haha.

Chicken chop which is not fried but grilled. Nyummy!

My dory. Down there they got mashed potato. Perfectly done with the vege.

Kak Jah's meal. Lala je tuh but it tasted ok la

Dessert no1 - Creammy puff with some ice cream

Dessert no2 - famous Creme Brulee 

Those creme brulee is so famous among chefs where I found not that sedap unlike some people keep on talking about. It's either Fullhouse's brulee wasnt good enough or I am no man who had no taste to judge on the food itself. Haha. It taste castard with some sugar been burn with flames on top of it. So you get the picture? :P

We take some time to shop (well, in actual, see) some stuff they have. It wasn't that pricey and quite affordable if you want to buy some cloths/hats/accessories.

They even have fitting room but not inside that bath tub, of course

More like a bedroom kan?

All those are for sale

Some deco at the corner of the room

Bath tub was somehow a trademark in the room, other than the birds

Siap bed tau. Baju2 tu mmg meant to be there. Also for sale.

Another thing that I love Fullhouse is their staff - no one is going to monitor you or at least give you cold look when you tried some hats/accessories and take picture or doing some tacky/goofy poses. So you are pleased to play around the, or should I rephrase try the items that is for sale, whichever you want.

Zahra tried almost all the hats in the store

It was a fun nights with in laws and thank you Along for the dinner! It's enjoyable place for a meal and a must try restaurant for you that wants something different environment.

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