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Thursday, April 21, 2011


It has been scheduled right after we are back from Redang. Remember I told you that there are two pills need to be inserted in my vagina? Yea..the process getting in not hurt but after one hour, I wake up with bad stomached. I mean really bad. I thought I want to poo-poo but the pain wasnt go away, even after I went to the toilet.

Then I am thinking of having food poisoning but God, it was really bad till I makes Hubby awake to send me to clinic but right before I am ready to go, the pain gets slow down but it is still there. Feeling a bit better, I lie down and just wait for tomorrow, suspecting it maybe because of the pills. Wake up the next morning realizing that I bleed again.

It was a rough morning for me before the surgery. Checked in for Day Care and ready for it. Nurse asking either I have the bleeding and stomache. She said it is because of the pills. Hubby looks at me with the face 'Oh..patutlah' but the doctor dont tell us that it's gonna be hurt.

Check in here at second floor

I'm in the OT (operation theater) room at 8.40 AM and Dr. Tan was there asking how am I doing. Of course I told her the pain and everything but she said 'It's ok' with her calm face. So soothing to hear that from her. There's another doctor for anesthetic. I think her name was Dr. Anu. She's the one who makes me unconscious through the session.

Wake up with the feeling of dizziness and terrible pain under my stomach. I feel like peeing and I called for nurse. She asked whether I can walk to the toilet and I said yes. I tried to get up but I cant even lift up my head. So she gives me the urine container but unfortunately I dont even pee. It was terrible moment - with the headached, the pain, all of it makes me swear that this procedure better be worth it.

 Wake up realize this thing wired up to me

To give me energy

Cucuk sane sini

The needle was quite big and painful when the nurse tried to take it off

Later on, the nurse showed me a bottle of blood and some of it's clots. She said that it been taken out from my uterus and will be send for lab test. I thought it was just a piece of my tissue to check whats wrong with my menstrual but it's so wrong when Dr. Tan came and explain that it was my polyps. It has been there for quite a long time. That moment I felt relief for taking the surgery.

I asked her what cause the polyps and she cant give any reason or even a guarantee if it wont come back. Things for sure that it may cause problems when I want to get pregnant. I've been given four days MC to take rest. The pain under my belly is still there and I even bleed with small amount of blood.

Both Hubby and I are so grateful to go on with the procedure. Thinking of the Paps Smear turns out negative and even the scan also didnt indicate anything major. Dr. Tan was right that the only thing could confirm there's no problem is go through hysteroscopy.

She said, my period should get normal and I shouldn't have the bleeding between my menstrual again after the polyps been taken out. She advice for another appointment next week to see the result and we have to hold our journey to conceive a baby in two month to see the progress.

I realize that anything is abnormal even though you are not sick, means that something is wrong somewhere and you should consult to a specific doctor. I am thankful for having Hubby that are cared me so much than myself. I dont think I even consult to a specialist if Im not even married to him.

Dear B, thank you so much for all you have to put up with me. I love you tons! :)

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