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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Follow Up

It wasnt a pleasant day for me. First, I forgot the referral letter. Then I have to patah balik and it's already late for the appointment. I have to pick up my husband at his office and arriving at the hospital, I left my IC. The pro

The appointment went smooth. She did some scan through my vagina and everything seems normal on her naked eyes. She don't find the reason it is bleeding so she do a Pap Smear for me. She swabs the fluid inside my vagina and we have to wait for next week for the result.

The doctor is so helpful and very keen to know the problems. She ask some questions related to my health and it is quite relief after seeing her. She suggest to do Hysteroscopy if I want to find more what's causing the bleeding because the scan just help us to see any tumor or obvious issues inside but since it is black and white so we never know weather the tissue is damaged or something else.

She dont start to conclude yet but it is for sure not a cancer which I am happy enough to hear. I (who is not the expert) suspected my hormones. My bleeding comes and go but it never gets worst. Small or tiny amount of blood and sometimes it just brown stain on my pantyliner.

We'll wait for Pap Smear result and see if it's really a case to do the Hysteroscopy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yours truly is worried cause she has several (almost all?) the symptoms:

It strikes me when I read this broucher. Gardens open a booth by La Senza for Cancer Awareness so I stop by for the broucher and I ask quite a questions but she hardly knows about the Pap smear or cancer itself. She just promoting the booth and telling us that we can buy the brooch for RM5 for donation. Lolz. Hilang motif bukak booth. Haha.

By the way, it concerns me as I read it. Therefore, I take EL just to meet a doctor at Twin Tower Medical Center and she give me a referral letter to meet a Obstetrician & Gynaecologist consultant.

Looking forward to the gynecologist next week. I hope I can have the Pap smear :|

LH Creative

Did I tell you we have them as our vendor for our wedding card? Oh..I think I did.

Btwy, saje je nk update a bit. No. No. Not about the card but my friend went there to do their wedding invitation card and notice that our banner is hanging on the wall. I was like 'My banner?' Well, we do have banner for our wedding but it's been designed from our friend.

Then jinnnggg!! it comes to me that we do have free banner as a gift from LH (yes, they such a good dealer) and they kinda design it for as. Our designer make several sample and from there we show her which one to adjust but it didnt turns out what we want.

She made more than 4 banner (or 6?) but none of it can buy me. So we leave it there and we honestly forgot about it She didnt follow up either. Maybe frustrated to have such a fussy customer.Lolz.

I didnt expect they want to print it because we didnt say we approve it.

Hmm.. B, jom g LH this weekand nak? Haha

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have this craving of fish ball soup with suhun. So I give it a try and to be honest, I am regret to put soo much that sayur pucuk with that dry mushroom. Should have put cendawan tiram instead.

Two of my favorite - fishball and vegeballs :)

Ah..gambar xleh pusing lak. I bought all in one packet (in purple basket) from Giant. 
Honestly I only know 2 or 3 of them! Haha.

I put kiub ayam into it. So it turns out like this. 

The taste? Not the taste that Im looking for. Bah!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wordless Monday


aren't he's the sweetest man on earth :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Aglio Olio

or I named it as The Lazy Spaghetti :P because it's so easy and plain as it is.

Normally people put shrimp or seafood on top of it but Hubby don't like shrimp (not even if I put the shrimp for me and took it out cause he don't like the taste/smell of shrimp) so I purely made it of spaghetti, garlic, olive oil and chilli flakes with a bit of pepper.

I havent give Hubby a try cause I'm afraid it sucks so I tried it when he's out to office. Hehe. Not as what I expected to be worst but just too dry and no meat at all! Well, aren't aglio olio is all about healthy? Haha.

Gonna prepare this for dinner tonight. I might add some frankfurter to it or do some gravy. Ah..googled it for it's gravy then ;)

Have a great weekand!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Mi Casa.


Alhamdulillah. Perihal mendapatkan rumah telah selesai.

We went back Kuantan last weekand to settle the house and get the key. He bought it at Kertih when he was working there. Overtime, a lot of plan changed. He confess to me. He tried to get transfer to KL for us to be closer. Moved to KL and the rest was history :)

So people kind of asking why he bought the house there and he just said 'I just did'. Nk explain kang panjang la plak kan :P To most of our friend that knows the story, he always said 'How am I suppose to know that she would say yes?' Haha.

The house is next to McDonalds, close to Petronas, schools and pasar. The best thing is it was next to the shores!

We plan to give it for a rent and spread the news to his old colleague in Kertih. To be honest, I want to stay there but life as we both hubby and I knows it, that wouldn't be happening in coming years. It was soo exciting to see the house is there. I already dreaming of arranging the furniture in the house, do the cleaning, cooking etc (psst..I even dream of seeing our daughter walking down the stairs for her nikah :P)

Ouh..so much of dreaming. Haha.

We spent time for lunch as it is working day on Sunday for Terengganu. It was fun to see Hubby so happy with his friends and I personally think he is happier to be here. His friends is almost like a family. They treat me like another sister in law and we already can make fun of each other even we just met few minutes ago. A kind of collegue and friends that you want to keep.

See..so much reason to stay in Kertih *sigh*

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Perihal Budak Kecik

Our house is on the most left at the floor, so we kinda have one neighbor on our right side.

They have little kids and the youngest around 4 or 5 years old.

Kinda hyper I would say. I on the other hand is soooo not good (bad. very bad) with kids. It's not like I dont like them (I mean come on, who dont like kids. Eh chop. I like babies but no not kids. haha)

I dont know how to talk to them
I dont know how to play with them
I dont know how to be with them when they are around

Gosh..I am really that bad and I wish no one would ever make me babysit their kids.
Plus, kids never like me. Im glad to be that way. Haha.

The best thing I could do is smile and say something nice - that's it. Dont expect more from me kiddo.

Back to the story of my neighbors kid.

She always come to our door whenever she sees us and everytime I saw her, all I can wish is that 'Please, dont ever come to me.' I would hide and use Hubby to take cover :P

The last few days, I went home and saw her and her siblings was playing in front of their house. Me on the other hand was praying hard she dont notice me. As you can guess, it's not happening.

She saw me with my plastic bag (I bought some groceries on that day) and rush to me saying 'Kakak nk masuk rumah. Nak nak nak'

I was like 'Dear God, please make this kid ran to her siblings because my face have this taring or my eyes is covered with blood'

Calmly (dalam hati tuhan je tau) I open the door with my fake smile to her.

All I did was just smile and pray.

'Kakak nk masuk rumah' she said again and open my gate as well while myself rushing to open my door.
'Kakak beli ape?' while reconcile my groceries.

It was only few seconds but I feel hours with her! Garr...

Then I manage to open my door and rush to my house said 'Beli barang. Eh..tu mak panggil. Byeee'


Thank God she knows the word Bye!

Immedietly she said Bye to me and wave her hand going back to her siblings.

I close the door and told hubby the drama. As always, he would be laughing his ass off.

Ohh...I really sucks with kids.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Passion Fruits

I saw this fruit sell in MBG midvalley. It's kind of rare to see this fruit sold so it's kinda interest me to try it but whenever I saw it displayed for sale, I couldn't help of thinking eating my own shower gel.

 It's ready to eat! But look at the juicy interior with that numerous seeds..

...and compare with it in the picture of my shower gel.

Yea, of course it is the same because Body Shops is promoting what they are selling - tak kan tulis passion fruit, letak gambar durian. Haha. Wait till you smell it. It smells the same with the fruit itself! Of course you know when you buy any product of Body Shop and use it, it's like using the fruits on your body. 

I tried quite a few and most of it is strawberry but I have no issue like this passion fruit. Kind of gross thinking you are licking your own body. Gar... nekad xmakan markisa dah! Haha.

Btwy, while waiting for a friend buying her sweet mango, I saw this: 

Kiwiberry! Who knew you can mixed kiwi and berry? (well I dont. Haha)

I wonder how it taste... :P

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nasi Lemak pulak

Last night, out of the blue, I am thinking of trying nasi lemak. Straight away texting my sister and she gives me this tips to cook the nasi. 1:3:3 = 1 cup of santan must go with 3 cups of rice and 3 cups of water.

It seems too much water for me but I tried to put it with 1:3:1. But my nasi is still raw and keras lg. Then tambah air and tambah. Her ratio is correct!

Some of the ingredients for the nasi. Please ignore bawang saya yang dah berakar tu :P

Masuk semua bahan and let it cooked. 
Time by time you have to stir them to make sure the santan is properly segregated.

Cook the sambal bilis and it's ready! Hubby don't like kacang. So no kacang here ;)

I must say the hard part is to cook the nasi. For the sambal bilis, I fried the anchovies first and put it with the sambal. Don't forget to put tamarind for the sambal. Not that much but still an enssential for sambal nasi lemak ;)