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Friday, August 26, 2016

When Husband away

Husband was on business trip for few days and it was my first time staying at home overnight without him at our new home. I'm such a scaredy cat and I have been forcing myself to sleep but could only sleep at 3am. It was a tiring nights but couldnt be any happier when Husband was about to arrive.

Rauhah has been asking about him and when the time comes, she is so excited and I take advantage to ask her clean up all her toys before we get Abi at the airport. Everything was great until the waiting game starts. We waited in the car because I tought it will be for couple of minutes but I was wrong. We waited for more than hour and these two rugrats started to get annoyed.

Of course kne marah la kan bru boleh settle down. After all the good behaviour and end up kne marah la pulak. Rauhah dh takde mood when Husband finally arrived. (The flight was lingering in the air due to heavy rain for more than half hour - probably afraid of the water pockets when landing)

So to make up to her, I told that Husband have to treat us all.

Ok la. Rauhah nak Abi belanja apa?

Awah nak Abi blanja tak work jauh jauh lama lama.

Aww.. so kesian..

But I think she dont understand the concept of 'belanja' thing. Huhu. Anyhow, Husband still owe us sebab that time we all just went straight back home. Dinner pun dah ada at home and she just want sausages that Aqil had, the last sausages that I bribe him to sit in the car seat earliear. Balik reheat nasi goreng and airfried sausages. Then everyone settle down, happy and I finally could have my peace for good night sleep.

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