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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

(Turning) 8 months Aqil

Above all, he checked cord, toilet and cats. No sign of stuffing things to his mouth which probably explains why he still have no interest with food. He ate some but only when he wants it, like Durian the other day (even the sister dont eat it)

Had started standing-up attempt and climbing our sofas. Falling and wobbling is normal these days, and with the separation anxiety kicks in, I hardly done anything. Or if I did, that is when he is either in Boba or I am wearing earplug while doing dishes :p

Still an easy baby but need more of me (or anyone) to be with him. Am so happy that he is sociable that I can have my me time whenever I have someone else at home, unlike the sister last time.

Loves water so much that he'll cry if I bath him not long enough. Toilet pun dah tau and he'll move as fast as he could whenever someone open the toilet door. His two favourite doors were toilets and entrance door because he knows the entrance door will bring to outside home. Dpt duduk dlm stroller kat porch pun happy enough dh.

Thats all for now. Am typing this while he is sleeping. Better move before he wakes up. Hehe.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ganglion Cyst

I didnt notice when I had this small lump on my left palm. If I could guess it properly, maybe during my pregnancy with Aqil. It doesnt hurt but I sometimes I feel numb when I'm peeling fruits (eg: mango) or bawang especially, thinking maybe the position but I dont think it is normal kalau baru start peeling sebiji dua dah rase kebas kan?

mine wasnt visible at my palm but kalau tekan mmg ade the lump

I've done several massages but meh, doesnt go away. Husband jenis tak percaya urut2 ni so he advised to go for a checkup. Meet Dr.Sharifah (I love her!) at Twin Tower MC and she said it is a cyst. No surgery needed but probably a therapy. I've been scheduled to meet Dr.Samsudin but I am not sure if I could make it.

Since dah tau it's a cyst so trus google and found that it can disappear over time. Sebab tu tak serious nak proper check up bagai. Will do, but most probably not KL lah kot sebab jauh tapi I love the services, how *haih

Monday, August 10, 2015

Review: Penang Old House

I feel obliged to review this bed and breakfast hotel because it is SUPER clean! This over qualifies my bnb hotel type with its unique interior.

It is double storey house with full facilities needed for bed and breakfast type. The floor was properly cleaned and was all shiny that I dont mind my 3 year old rolling on it. It's 80 years old wooden house, so we have to be very considerate to walk slowly and controlling the kids (us too!) to slow down the voice.

I honestly feels (more) like home and it gives a different meaning of staying places called bnb. There are bikes provided okay! Husband found it at Airbnb apps while looking for place to stay overnight at Penang during our wedding trip.

The owner was friendly and very helpful to us. He is so polite that I told him it was indeed the cutest hotel Ive ever seen! Feels so welcome when I just stepped in the house.

We stayed at Purple Room with my PIL. Have heater and soaps too! Few reviews said about the aircond and it was indeed true that it hardly cold on a hot day but the room gets cold enough when close to morning.

I love the setting and interior, something different that I would do in my own house. You can read all the facilities at the site. I would recommend this bnb, despite the trouble of the parking area (well, it's Penang, what do you expect :P) Would come back, definitely!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Husband was late for work this morning while I was doing some laundry. He went down and upstairs looking for his wallet.

H:Sayang nampak tak my wallet?

Me:Entah. Tak nampak pulak.

H:Mane ha..

And there he goes looking here and there. He didnt asked for help but I already have this feeling 'nak kene aku cari jugak nampak gaya baru jumpe ni'

So I told him to find at the usual place that he always put but no avail. Until he start playing blaming games. Stendedlah bini rajin ngemas ni, memang slalu jadi mangsa. Luckily I checked his pants before basuh last night. Kalau tak naya gak basuh wallet die (lagi). Haha.

Anyway, since he couldnt found it, I leave my laundry stuff and went upstairs. Cari tak sampai satu minit, aku selak je buku 'Nihhhh!'

You know what he said 'Sah. Sayang memang ada hantu'

Thanks Hamka. Aku dah kantoi. Haha. Episod ni banyak kali dah occured to us. Sebab tu selalu kene tuduh.

But this time Husband kata bukan hantu yang tolong cari, hantu yang sorok wallet die. Eh eh ehhhhh.