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Monday, February 28, 2011


Wishes comes true - but in a dramatic way :P

See how it turns from hideous look to perfect shape?

Attempt no 1: Clowdy shape and I already said 'Do I need some loyang or something?'

 Attempt no 2: Ok. I think I need to be more gentle.

 Attempt no 3: OMG! How to turn this without ruin it?!

 Attempt no *unknown*: Cried for Hubby and he helped with it. I have to make sure that I use small heat and the upper part of it a bit cooked before turn it over. Haha :P


Not that hard though. Cewah :P But for sure will do it again :)

Friday, February 25, 2011


Yeay! Berjaya!

I went home early today and straight away go to groceries down our home. Bought the ingredients (half chicken, daun limau purut, cili padi, lengkuas, serai, batang saderi) I love to buy it here compared to Jusco/Cold Storage/Carefour. You know why? Because I can bargain of how much of every ingredients I want. Like 'Kak, saya nk batang saderi ni 1 je boleh?' or 'Kak, saye nk daun limau purut ni 10helai je boleh?' The answer is always 'Boleh!' Haha.

Klu kat supermarket boleh nk bargain2 mcm tu? Tak patttt. Haha. It's kinda my second options after Chow Kit.  

Mangsa sebelum masuk dlm frying pan

Selamat sudah.

Dinner kami :)

This time around, it doesnt give me the ultimate satisfaction sbb ngelat disitu, gne rencah adabi. Next time gune rencah buat sendiri plak.

Well, as you can see there's a lot for two actually kn? But in actual we do eat a lot of lauk instead of nasi. So klu g memane tu, ktorg duk amek lauk setambun tp nasik ciput je :P

Okeh. Tomorrow morning is Pancake time!

ps: Hubby is playing NFS while Im blogging. It's how we spend our Friday nights :P Happy Weekands!

Perihal Memasak

I am not a fond of cooking and I need mood to do it but ever since last week I have this temptations to try several recipe. Not that I am a bad cook neither a chef but cooking is not really my thing compared to clean up mess or doing laundry. Btwy, successfully cook Ikan Siakap Masak Stim last Sunday using Umie's receipe :)

Ituh rupe belom masak. Rupe lps masak ialah setelah masuk perut. Haha. Seriously forgot to take pictures before we eat because both of us was drooling looking at the fish :P

This week craving for Tom Yam plak and havent get the change to do it since it weekdays.

I called and ask several friends about the recipe but non of them successfully or at least ever done it. *Sigh* Dont want to ask Umie again. Konon nk buat without her knows la. Ceceh. 
Tom Yam pon belom buat dah berangan nak buat Pancakes plak. See the additional list at the bottom left?

Lalu dengan semangatnyer turun Coldstorage looking for the ingredients.

I get the recipe from si kasut tinggi kaler pink. Unfortunately buttermilk was not available, so gotta have to mix the yogurt and milk. 

Pancakes for tomorrow morning but tonight is for Tom Yam!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We tried to take the advantage during Air Asia promotion but unfortunately all the Hot Dates are sold. We plan for Pulau Manukan instead but the ticket is too pricey for the dates that we want. So that plan have to hold.

It's okay because we plan for Redang this April ^__^ Hubby never been to Redang even his kampung at Besut (booo!) So it's kinda a plan for him actually but this wifey yang terlebih excited. Haha.

Last time I stayed at Redang Holiday with my beloved girlfriends during April 2008, but not a recommend place to stay, unless you prefer the beautiful beach with lousy room. This time, we choose Redang Kalong. It's gonna be 3 days.

Aaa...cant wait!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Work In Progress

It may takes months, years to finish this but I will bug Hubby to finish it asap!

At first, I told him we can ask our friends to do it for us (we have a lot of talented photographer and some of them really make it as part time job) but Hubby insist to do it on his own. Give more sentimental value agaknyer :P

We already asked all our friends to give us the raw pictures. Some of them already give it to me, that includes my officemates and family. Need more before we start this but Hubby did some screen through to include in the album.