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Thursday, April 7, 2011

..of being spoilt

I have a bad day yesterday. Work is normal but when it comes to deadlines plus with annoying people who comes and disturb you, plus they dont understand i-am-super-busy face, its kinda irritating. Even more, after you said STFU (no. i didnt said that)

It completes one whole series of unfortunate events when I have to stay late, traffic jam, inconsiderate drivers (doesn't know how to take turns and be patients), honking and reach home getting a 'welcoming' critics from your husband 'bg salam ke? tak dengar. slalu ckp slow'


Off I went to bedroom, slam myself on the bed and starts to weep. After few minutes, I text (what's app) hubby saying 'can you come and hug me, please?' as he's outside playing his games.

He came and hug. When he starts to ask 'what happen', I cried even more. Hugging is the best medicine, aren't you agree? I started to feel calm after several soothing and cursing session. At that moment, I am so grateful for having a soul mate who is willing to melayan me at times when I am being so melodramatic :P

I blame the hormons.

Therefore, I decide for not to drive and ride with hubby today - which end up he's being late (sorry).

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