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Monday, November 19, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 106

Breastfeeding needs a lot of patience. It wasn't easy. Honestly, you need a lot of determination. Support also essential but sometimes, not everyone is lucky to have people supporting what you do, which includes your parents and even your husband.

Alhamdulillah, I am truly blessed with supporting husband who knows more about breastfeeding that I do. Hehe. My parents also wasn't fussy about this but there's a few things that I need to fixed about their ideas of breastfeeding. For example, giving plain water to babies and how to handle EBM. I also done a lot of reading and always sharing the knowledge to my dearest.

Things might seems easy for me but the truth is it's not. I already tell about the pain I'm going through on 101 post. That doesn't include the sleepless night when Rauhah wants to be fed through out the night. Backache, dizziness and not to mention my all-the-time hungry tummy.

Therefore, be grateful with whatever outcome from your boobs, stay positive and be happy, always :) InsyaAllah, rezeki untuk anak itu sentiasa ada. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Medela Freestyle Review

Upfront note: This is review for US Medela Freestyle. 

I've been using this daily and I'm satisfied with the usage. Bought it from emumsdadshop which gives complete whole package and she's been a very nice seller! We bought it COD at Gombak at RM1350. Gives free 6 bottles jingle jungle, a romper, baby bips & fruit storage. This lady provides good service when the ice pack that we bought from her cracked and she replace it with the new ice pack, together with new cooler bag. The cheapest I found online and in Malaysia.

This pump has served me well enough that I shall review based on what I love and hate about this product.

1. Light and easy to carry
2. Easy to assemble.
3. Several suctions phase that you can choose based on your suitability
4. It's hands free! I can do other things while pumping. So far doing it while blogging, eating and washing dishes! There's this one day that I am so sleepy and sleep while pumping in the office surau the other day. Hahaha.
5. Easy for tandem feeding
6. Suitable for most of the bottles that I have, except Avent.

7. Double pump!
8. Time display that I can check how long I've been pumping
9. Rechargeable battery

1. Loud sounds when using high level suction. Satu surau boleh dengar okay.
2. Narrow parts of breast shield connector that needs detail cleaning. I usually take ample time to brush that narrow parts to avoid that black thing inside the shield but sometimes it still happen when I don't brush it thoroughly.

Not sure if this can be avoided if you sterilize daily.

Cleans it with cotton bud and wet tissue.

Comes clean :)

3. It's US plug socket (not that troublesome once you buy the converter)

The thing when you pumping in the office is that you could see so many styles an technique to pump with different tools. I once saw this lady using manual pump until she sweats while pumping the milk but I am amaze with her result. A full bottle in less than 10 minutes. Superb! I also envy with those silent breast pump that people hardly notice but most of people who using that kind of pump normally hiding under their telekung. 

Therefore, another plus point for Medela Freestyle is one breast pump that you could you at ease and relaxing, without sweat or hiding yourselves while pumping :) Yeah, it's pricey but totally worth it for me :D

3 months Rauhah

We are late for Rauhah 3 months jab by 10 days. Sorry darling. Your parents really caught up with 'stuffs' since we come back from Kuantan. The appointment scheduled at 12.15pm and I wake up at 11am. Rushing myself to shower and luckily this young lady already wake up, so cheery as usual. Take her for bath and prepare two bottles EBM in case she needs it in the car. So its just me and Rauhah to PCMC. Alhamdulliah, our journey in in the car was at ease. She sits in the car seat comfortably, looking outside to see moving cars, (most of the time) play with her hands and sometimes checking her mother who is driving.

We arrived sharp at 12.20pm and straight away weigh her in, measure her head and heights. I tought it's just a short appointment or at most half hour, so I didn't bring her carrier nor stroller. Unfortunately, we have to wait for two hours (i assume the doctor has emergency operation or something) and aduhai, lenguh mak nak.

Rauhah at 6.8kg with 64cm height

The good thing is Rauhah is not cranky about it but she's getting flu, probably the aircond that caused her so. She's very happy baby and cooing whoever passed by her. Only cries when she needs her milk and after bf her, she falls asleep.

Her name finally been called at 2.40pm and she's awake when she heard my conversation with the doctor. Her look was like 'Oh boy, it's THE doctor!' with wide eyes suddenly open. Funny expression that I almost chuckeld myself while having conversation. Dr. Anthony was so friendly and he explains the vaccin that Rauhah going to take. He then asked about when Rauhah is taking her solid food which I plan to give her when she's 6mo. He briefly explain that nowdays some mothers choose to feed their baby when 4mo but it's okay because their bowel are well functions to process the food.

After that, I put Rauhah down and he starts checking her reflections from her hands (gasping), her knees and leg. He touched her tummy, abs area and checking her lung as well, afraid for phnumonea. Alhamdulillah, everything was fine and he gives the shot. She gives one loud cry and stops when the nurse quickly take and hug her. That is some baby psychological that I love about this hospital. The hug gives comfort to baby,telling that they are okay :) Way different from Al-Farabi Kuantan.

It's just 15 minutes session and I'm very satisfied with the doctor. Paid the bills and later meet a nurse when we heads to the lift. She saw Rauhah still wearing her mittens and advice to stop doing it cause this is the time she needs to feel my skin and touch things. I told her that Im afraid she would scratch herself (well, actually I dont know how long a baby should wear mittens) but she said I shouldnt worry as long I make sure I dont let her nails too long. She said baby only wears it for a week after born and we should let then learn to touch right away. Point taken and I'm happy that I can now always see the cute plumpy fingers!

Bye bye mittens!

Rauhah is yet to lie downward. Few attemps been made and infact, she tries it very hard but only manage to do it half way. She then would scream, like angry with herself. Haha. It's okay sayang. Cube lagi yer. Sleeping pattern still okay, sleeps through out the night and sometimes wake up just for feed (with closed eyes) Hardly sleeps during the day, even if so, it would just be more or less than half hour. The rest of the day would be her play time, gooing and gurgles a lot, especially when people around.

Poo poo? Well, I notice she takes her time to poops since she entering 3mo. The longest she ever hold her poops is a week! Could you imagine how relief I was everytime she poops? I've checked with the doc and it is fine, as long she's bf, no constipation and happy ;) Tapi bile skali berak, memang BOMlah kan. Kene terus mandi sbb banyak sngt. Haha.

See, I have to write down her berak schedule to remind myself on the last time she poops

Sudah pandai pilih direct bf rather than EBM bottle when I'm around. She would drinks through bottle but that would be time consuming cause she keeps on rejecting after few suction. I had bought few teats to replace medela teats which overdue (teats need to be changed every 3mo) but couldnt find the same teats like it. She loves the medela teats so much that there's one point she would prefer drinking from bottle rather than direct feeding. Yeah, teats issue probably also the problem with bottle feeding nowdays. Her babysitter also said the same thing- she prefer medela teats rather than avent teats.
I couldnt find medela teats sold in KL so far, if yes, it's only in Manjaku Kuantan that sells together with the bottle (it cost a lot too and thats why I didnt buy it before this cause I assume I would get it cheaper elsewhere. now Im regretting myself not buying it. sigh)

Anyway, are you still reading this? Haha. This post are more to our notes for her progress but thank you for reading the whole ramblings. That's it for now.  I leave you with Rauhah new distraction, Pocoyo (she would stay still if she see this, probably because it's one item moving, highlighted color and it's communicates) Enjoice!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Breastfeeding Journey 105

I had pump party everyday in the office, did you know that? Haha. At least there's three or four people in Surau when I came in :P That's in HQ but back in my real office, there are four similar faces who'll be using the mini Surau that we had at our floor. It's kind of fun actually when you have person who you can talk to on breastfeeding. You know, stuff like 'my breast is hurt because this and this' or 'did you know that you can apply your own milk to heal nipple crack?'

Changing knowledge and experience while pumping is like two in one package. Wait, three if it includes resting time :P

I manage to pump 19oz the first day I work and I ensure that I had pump twice a day in the office, at least - morning/after lunch/before go back. Then the amount decreasing the next day and I realize that's the max I could get so far. In average I could only have 15oz per day and that is sufficient for the next day fresh stock for Rauhah.

I usually rotate my frozen stock one bag per day. So she'll have one bottle of milk from frozen stock and the rest are all fresh milk. I hope I could continue keeping this phase of pumping session and please Tuhan, I want to bf my child until she's two. Amin.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fabulous Mom

I heard about this store for the first time when Along mention it for me to find Rauhah's baby carrier. We are in need of the carrier since we think having a stroller is quite troublesome for a short shopping spree at supermarket.

We went to their branch at Puchong, located next to IOI mall. To be honest, I really love FM compared to BBstore. It has more variety in terms of products like baby carrier, breast pump, poncho, bra's, milk storage etc. What I love the most is their helpful sales assistance that willing to let customer try on any stuff that we want and tested ourselves. 

The store is so convenient that they have changing rooms, nursing room and rest area that also provides water, several toys and rocker for parents who wants takes a short break with their kids, like what Hubby did. Rauhah is a bit cranky cause it's her nap time and thankfully, the place is really comfortable that Hubs can sit and gives her milk. I, on the other hand could have my time to check out stuffs that I need. 

Lots of items to find!


Fitting Room and Nursing Room

Nursing Room (inside)

Rest area

We haven't done much research on baby carrier, so we asked for help for the sales assistance and she had explained the product that they have, Ergo and Boba. We tried Ergo at first but Rauhah seems uncomfortable and cried when we put her inside. Then I tried Boba. She's a bit cranky at first but not long after she starts to sit quietly inside and falls asleep. Haha. Hubs tries it on as well and he also loves it more than Ergo. We saw it's on 10% discount, so, up for grab! I think we had spend time for almost one hour in the store and Rauhah continue sleeping inside the carrier until we went off to IOI mall :P

Sleeping, with her daddy's heartbeat lullaby.

Oh, I forgot to tell that FM has sales until 1 Jan 2013. It was crazy and I almost spend like I have thousands in my account. Haha. Well, it was really a good bargain, like Jingle Jungle milk storage 10% discount and BB disposable breast pad 36 pieces, buy 1 free 1. I also had wasted my RM5 for this bracelete. Hey, it's one for RM6.90 and three for RM5. It's a MUST BUY! Haha.

Now I have a reminder ;)

I think FM is focusing on parents need and therefore, I love, love Fabulous Mom. Hurry up peeps. Grab the hot items before it sold out ;)

Breastfeeding Journey 104

We went out on Saturday when I'm at Kuantan for Rauhah circumcision and decided to shop a bit at ECM. I already spared my EBM, warmed and it last till we went home. It's 3 hours outing and she had around 6 or 7 oz. This is not the first time we went out with EBM.

We had travelled from KL-Tampin-KL-Kuantan in one day and my stock last through out the day. We don't have warmer, so what we did was keep EBM chilled and bring thermos to warm the EBM when needed. Old school, ey? :) I even could pump my milk in the car and Hubs don't even notice :P

I don't find it's hard to entertain her with EBM and I even direct breastfeed her once we went out to buy groceries the other day. I could bf provided with my Poncho (Thanks Ude for giving this!). I don't think I need nursery room to breast feed her if I don't bring my EBM bottle.

What could possibly goes wrong with breastfeeding, right? It's saves money and baby are more healthy than having formula milk ;)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcome to reality!

I'm back in the office since last week. Yeah, welcome to reality. The first two days was great, in terms of energy and level of tiredness. I have a collegue who is breastfeed, working and no nanny to handle the house chores. Everything is at her own and she told me that she usually straight went to bed after work. I once tought how tired lah kan it would possibly be?

I mean, come on, it's just work and a baby who knows nothing to make you feel tired. But man, I was wrong. Completely wrong! I collapse right after maghrib and will dozz off with Rauhah while breastfeeding her. I would rather sleep in growling stomach due to the tiredness. Could you imagine how pathetic it was? Breastfeeding and baby really could worn you out but I realize I shouldn't make this an excuse. I just swore myself that I want to be a good mother and wife as what I see in my mother. She's a working mom when she have 5 of us. Our house never really a mess and she ensure that everyone having meal, homecooked, even just a simple nasi goreng.

Therefore, I start making a routine. I sleep early and wake up around 2 or 3 am to clean Rauhah's bottle from babysitter, packing her bag for tomorrows day, ironing Hubs cloths, eat and pumping (shall not leave your breast full with milk cause engorgement could lessen up your milk production) I would then continue my sleep again until Subuh and I could choose either to continue back to sleep or pumping then straight away get ready to office. Cooking is possible but I need to ensure it's a very quick and easy meal, like sardine and vege, under half hour. Memang bersilat la kat dapur. Hubs is not fussy about dinner and to think again, he never asked me to cook when he knows there's cereal or fast food that he can call 24/7.

Clean up will be done normally at times after I have my sleep, but there's this one day, Hubs helps me with the chores - cleaning Rauhah's bottle. Ahhh... if only the moon is always blue :p but syukur Hub's trully understand and helping me entertain Rauhah when my hands is full. Plus point, he would do whenever I asked for his help - with no complains, which includes yesterday that I asked him to clear out the space at one corner. The instruction seems vague to him cause there's so many things (boxes, laundry basket, iron board, baby cot) and he asked again 'What do you want me to do?' then I told him 'Well, you can move the iron board' and guess what, he literally only moved the iron board, leaving the iron on the floor. Hahaha. Still, thank you Husband ;) I would possibly gone hair wire if you are not around.  

Motherhood is a blessed that I think, one should not complain but embrace :) I'm at a phase where I have everything in the world - happiness.

Syukur, alhamdulillah.