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Saturday, December 31, 2016

A little summary

2016 is closing in a few hours and here are few updates on what has been happening for the past months.

We moved again. Different city and guess what? We are back in KL! Haihh bes dah duk East Coast and now back to this ? =_= A lot to complain but we just have to get used to it (again)

We live in an apartment so I kinda miss the land where I can plant and pick my own greens whenever I want. The last garden was just blooming as they should be and boyy the next tenant should be glad when they see them.

I plan to get a job back and I take it at ease. No rush. Plan to send the first born to kindy next year but since I am still at home, so we kinda hold it first.

By the way, number three is coming next year. We just had our confirmation when I'm at 16weeks. Lambat gile I know. Buku pun x buat sebab the appointment with the doctor is when I'm at 26weeks. Tabah jelah. So right now just check up at the nearest clinic je.

The first trimester wasnt a joy ride. I would say it was the worst. Nauseas wasnt that bad but the gassy and headache was terrible. Couldnt smell the raw chicken meat and husband had help a lot with it. Cooking was dreadful and we always tapau or just called food delivery.

The first scan was with kiddos and they both were excited to see the whole scanning process. They are so involved and Rauhah already asked the gender. She wished for a twin..and a girl. Aqil on the other hand just digging whatever the sister is talking about.

Now I'm at 18weeks and most of the sickness had gone away. Just easily get tired and restless. Tp kalau ajak keluar terus gagah je. Haha.

With the new baby coming along, next year gonna be hectic because the closest cousins, my sister and brother gonna get married. Hope 2017 gonna be a smooth year for all of us insyaAllah.