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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

22 September 2010

Ok. Saya sudah rse ke-bridezilla-an saya! Fuh..

I hardly sleeps last night. I dont know whether this is a symptoms of nervous of something. I dont feel nervous at all, infact I am soo happy looking forward for my big day. But I started to feel uncomfortable when I got the same question after every 5minutes. Lolz.

Td Amy dah call asking whether he can start decorating the dewan on Friday. Umie need to check on that but I guess, its okay je sbb xde orang gne dewan pun this week.

Hurm..what else penyebab ke-bridezilla-an saye terjadi. Oh..perihal bedroom set saye. They did come on Monday but they left few parts which my bedroom xsiap pon lagi! Ngaa..they promise to come back on Thursday for the new stock came in. Hopefully, they keep their promise la.

Okay. Malam ni facial session and both of my parents dah amek leave hari ni. Going to meet Mr.Fiancee untuk kesekian kalinya before this Saturday. Last day kije and I started to feel excited! Wheee~ Doakan majlis kami berjalan lancar yer ;)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

19 September 2010

Fitting session bersama Amy Bridals boutique was canceled due to Amy's assistance cuti sakit. Amy plak busy dkat kenduri kahwin. According to him baju dah siap semua, just tinggal nk fitting je lagi. So Im back to his kedai this Thursday.

Majlis solat hajat pun canceled and postpone buat hari ni sebab dkat rumah ade buat majlis doa kesyukuran. So if buat jugak mlm smalam, xsempat la orang nk dtg 2 majlis. Plak tu my majlis plak nk bincang2 psl kenduri semua. Mau sampai tgh malam kan. Hopefully xpostpone lg la malam ni :|

Rse mcm semua mende plan hari sabtu tu xjdi. But I manage to service my car! Haha..finally :P

Ouh..and segala electronic maintenance pon da settle. Aircond da pasang!!


work in progress..


Cehh..cite macam sekejap die buat kan. haha. It took him 2hours jugak la nk pasang mende ni. Then he went to Umie's room to check aircond bilik die plak. Pastu mintak tolong die pasangkan remote kipas kat dapur. He did a very good job tau. Cermat je die buat. 

Mase nk pasang aircond ni, he asked for plastic sampah for him to tadah the habuk2 yg die drill utk pasang aircond tu. Bukan letak atas lantai, but he cello tape kan plastic tu dkat dinding. Bagus kan die. In the middle of ime die buat2 kije tu I already went out for raya session with my friends and came back tnyer Ayah pkul brape die balik. Ayah ckp dkat maghrib jugak la. Impressed skejap sbb die datang around 2pm. Huhu..lamenyerrr...mmg puas hati. Not sure which kedai Umie beli aircond ni and its Panasonic!

Bilik saya *eh salah, bilik pengantin kurang bedroom set je lagi. Chandelier da pasang lame. This one beli dkat Eng Lai. Hundred something je.

Oh..i like this one very much :) Simple yet cantik!

Bedroom set, insyaAllah sampai hari isnin ni klu xde aral melintang :) Well, looks like its not a bad day for me after all :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

16 September 2010

Having our last date together hari ni. We had our quality time at Midvalley to bring Mr. Fiancee for lunch at Delicious. 

It was his first time and the purpose should be a special dinner/lunch on me (he always be the one who paid the bills but this time dah agreed everything should be my treat :P) but turns out to be an iPhone tutorial. haha.

Later on we just walking around Midvalley to kill time we have before my facial appointment. Turns out we came across Kenko Fish Spa. We stood there watching the fish nibbles their customers feet and kinda thinking on whether nak buat ke tak. The last time I've done this was last year but I think I kinda swear that was my last time :P Hehe.

So I kinda insist Mr.Fiancee to give it a try but he said he wont do it unless we do it together. Ngaa...lame fikir okay but thinking of I love to give him his all new experience makes me do it twice. I swear I cried while doing the fish spa. It tickles till you cried. But I think Im better at it sebab Mr.Fiancee took almost 20minutes to actually let his entire foot in the tub. Haha :P

All in all its a special day for us. Been looking forward to more new experience with you. Thank you, love.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15 September 2010

Uhuk...post pertama from iPhone. Hehe. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya smpai ke tgn kami and ohhh..i love it very much!! Alamatnyer mmg taruk kotak je dlm hantaran. hehe. Ok. Till next post!

ps: edit btulkn nme iPhone. ejaan slh yer td ;p

Sunday, September 12, 2010

12 September 2010

Dah xde ape nk update. Maybe after this update on Iphone, bedroom set, hantaran and fitting baju. Ouch..fitting baju this weekand. Kne work hard this whole weekdays. Chaiyok!

InsyaAllah this Friday night buat bacaan Yaasin and Solat Hajat kat umah for my parents to discuss on what the arrangement on the coming events, not to mention for praying His blessing and barakah for the wedding to come.

Kurma pun dah beli. Tunggu container datang and delivered.

Food for malam Solat Hajat, malam nikah, and reception pun da almost settle. Umie pon da bayar deposit for kenduri besar. The other two nights tu, ktorang just masak je. Mak Ndak will do the lauk pengantin.

Soon to check is on:
- packing doorgift malam nikah
- finish up VIP doorgif (to add pulut manis and lollipop, ouh..Umie beli this one sebab die ckp kiut.lolz)
- put on ribbon at lollipop since ade bnyk ribbon lebih
- adult doorgift (check with Mak Ndak)
- cake and chocolate hantaran (check with Mak Ndak)
- reminder call OP a day before nikah
- confirm again with Amy on when did the inai session
- facial? hurm.. ni xtau bile or sempat ke x buat tah
- baju his side pick up 2 days before the big day
- amek his ring to cuci (penting ni!!)
- collect bunga pahar with Kak Lin before went home for long holiday
- my baju kurung for hantaran

Less than 2 weeks before I become a married women.
Less than 14 days before I officially his ;)

Nervous tu tak sangat but I know that I am soo happy the day will come soon.

Ya Allah, pemudahkanlah segala majlis yang akan berlangsung pada minggu hadapan. Moga semuanya berjalan lancar dan diberkati olehNya. Amin :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 September 2010

Yaasin untuk nikah. Kaler die mmg kaler air bandung kan? Nyum2.

Ayah da hantar borang nikah. Alhamdulillah. Takde issue. Menghitung hari jelah ni. Hehe. Lollipop pon da amek the other day after work. Meredah jam segala and alhamdulillah sampai right before 6 :) Thank you yer dear teman g amek (hugs!)

Esok balik ke Kuantan lg but this time with my dearly Fiancee sebab nk fitting baju. Umie pon ikut skali for discussing with Amy regarding the arrangement of flowers and the color. I'll bring back the hantaran as well since Mr. Fiancee ikut skali.

Skang musim menjemput and card da almost 80% sent. Risau macam tak ckup. Huhu. Facebook ade kn? Hehe.