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Monday, April 7, 2014

Kuih crazy

My cooking mojo is going down but I went crazy over making kuih traditional. Like pulut panggang, roti jala, seri muka, lompat tikam, karipap, dadar berlauk ... to name a few =_=

Anyway, thanks to God for making me having a good people around our house so that I could always bring all the kuih that I made for evening tea for Mak Mak session :P 

This week overhaul.

 One of the anak Mak Mak. She's two days older than Rauhah :)

You know what I have in mind right now? Kuih Paung! and Tepung Bungkus!

Sheeshh...I really could went overboard on this. Hahah.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Have you ever pray for someone that you never know,never met,never heard of? This is not about MH307, this feeling is different than that - for me.

My neighbor just lost her brother in law this week due to lung cancer. She keep close her relationship with all her family, despite the number of siblings and cousins. Their family once booked the whole Angullia Resort Terengganu - just for a family gathering (itupun ramai xdapat dtg). Imagine how big and close the family are.

I didnt know how to act, nor what to say when she always tell stories and progress about (then) brother in law. I mean, I never met the person and how am I suppose to say or at least make something for her to feel better? So I just lend my ears and wish for the best as I think thats probably what she needs at that moment. Her husband was away offshore, thus explains.

Last night she called me few times, wanted to tell me that he's critical. She's crying over the phone and I decided to go over her house. I have no idea what I'm doing but I think she needs someone to talk to. Luckily Husband understands and I spends quite sometime at her house. I felt nothing and I feel bad about it. Should I be sad hearing all this stories or at least have a pity on her?

To cut the stories short, the brother in law died the next day. I (again) went to her house and saw her with the kids crying in the room. I went speechless and I (again) dont know how to responds but I realized this guy must be a really great and kind man. Before she left for funerals, I gave her a hug and tell her to be strong.

I then went home, continue doing my chores but I feel disturbed. I cant explained myself but I feel obliged to give my sincerest pray to the arwah. Feels like he really deserved a good place at the lifeafter. Betapa baiknya arwah sampaikan stranger boleh rasa mulianya dia. Mungkin juga sebab neighbor ini dari keluarga yang baik menyebabkan rasa terkesan kebaikan arwah itu.

Doa tidak mengenal siapa. Ikhlaskanlah dan hanya orang yang baik menerima balasan yang baik didunia dan akhirat. Semoga Allah ampunkan dosa arwah dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang beriman.