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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

22 June 2010

Disebabkan future bride ini tak boleh tdo ini malam maka ada la ini post (Da tdo tp tak smpai 2 hours da bgn - Jet lag kah?)

Sampai umah trus Umi bg update on wedding preparation. Fuh..pantas. Tak sempat salin baju and all but sempat selerakkan my baggage and dinner.Hehe.

Here we go..

Catering done by Taj. Da book for nasi beriyani, ayam goreng, acar, emm tak ingt ape lagi but for sure no daging from Taj sbb nk amik lauk daging opor (btul ke eja?) ngn pak cik yg did my catering during my engagement. Drinks ktorang buat sndri - sirap selasih ;)

Props food done by another boutique. Erm..cant recall what's the name. They will provide pinggan, gelas, kerusi and meja guest. Oh..and also 6 table for VIPs with 12 waiter to handle. So no hassle for my family nk kemas and prepare for the kenduri. Umi said we will do the desert which is fruits of course, but not sure about the VIPs, maybe ade cocktail for them.

Lauk guest da setel but not pengantin. This one will be discuss with Amy.

Umi already choose my pelamin nikah and I like it! Me on the other side da prepare for pelamin reception but after see some design in newly book (ah..again tak ingat ape tah bnyk sgt megazine pengantin Umi beli) I have more choices and maybe ammend sket pelamin that I want and combine with what I like in the book (clap2)!

Hantaran ade changes sbb Umi said Mr.Fiancee already give me Al-Quran, so intead giving him another one, we will replace with kain samping songket which Umi da blikan. Lolz. Thank God it is nice color AND design which something that Mr.Fiancee can wear it with any color of his baju melayu (hint - not black!) ;)

Baju family for girls pon da beli during balik kampung. For the boys TBC sbb Umi pon nak bli kain laen (kate mak pengantin kan :P) and I pick the design from the book! Oh..cantik! I want one too for emm..xde occasion but nak jugak :P Umi and Ayah will have same color - might be slightly different from the other family. Nak nmpk tuan punya Nurul Ain before married la kononnyer. Hehe~

PA system will done by i-dont-know-how-to-put-this-but-i-will-just-said-it's-coming-from-police-band-or-something-cause-Umi-yang-handle-this-one :P Kompang to be inform later sbb she need to ask them again.

There's might be changes on the aturcara majlis during reception cause his family wants to end awal - nak straight balik to home after the wedding. So, sanding time tu maybe ade changes, before zohor I guess. Ayah will need to confirm Juru Nikah for us, so date kawen TBC  T__T

Maybe ade additional bunting to replace penanda arah and this will need to be discuss with LH creative.

Handbouque will be roses for nikah and tulips for reception OR combine both flowers OR lily, still indecisive. haha! Doorgift pon same. Tak confirm lagi sbb too many choices and havent made my mine on which one for VIP, normal adult guest and kids. But the kids would be lolipops ;)

HIV test buat this Friday and we will start home hunting this week. Fuh..banyak kije. Ttyl!

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