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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Redang Kalong - Day 2

They served breakfast as early at 7AM. I read some review from Redang Kalong saying that they knock on your door and even shout to make some noise for every meal that have. Kinda irritating right? But it's not happening to us. The staff already told us that they wouldnt knock our door for breakfast but only for lunch and dinner. They didn't shout or even make noise for you to realize it's makan time but just a cute 'ting2' to inform meal is ready which I guarantee you woulndt even hear it in your room tp klu you are close to cafe mmg dengar la.

Hubby's breakfast


I tell you, the roti is not cheap roti tau. I think they use high 5. Not the cikai roti mcm Redang Holiday. Haha.

We later have our next snorkeling without noisy Iranian. Haha. Hey, they're just noise but sangat polite to women and even respect other people. They let me have my turns when we queued for meal, to take drinks. They even wake up early for breakfast but I think because they are Muslim - lps Subuh trus breakfast kn.

This time, we went to the famous Marine Park. We went in a small group (I think less than 10people) and arrive the earliest of other resorts.

Taman Laut

Our tour guy throws a bread and look at that!

Marine Park it is :)

From our branch

Our branch for resting

People starts to fill in the place

They have boundaries on how far you can swim. We followed one of the group from other resort and found there's a huge eel in on of the big coral. Our beach bummer told us that they have a huge grouper and even the Chinese couple saw it but we are not that lucky to see it. I think I would scared as hell if I saw one. Haha.

We had a fun time surrounding by those colorful fishes and I am glad Hubby had a great time here :) We always be the last person to get off the shores. Selalu kene panggil. Memang kaki air ktorg ni. Hehe.

Lps snorkel, haruslah makan time kan. 

 They always have fried fish and I like it!!

We have our last snorkel session that evening and I told Hubby, penat la, xnak terjun la but I lied (as always :P) I cant resist myself when it comes to sea :P Hubby bring his SLR this time and I left my phone. Hubby also said he just want to take pictures but we both wearing our wetsuit just in case the place is better than Marine Park.

But hey, I did jump from the boat this time! and even swim without my life jacket. Yeay! It was the best snorkel ever cause I saw huge shark! Hubby didnt see it but I totally get scared and almost scream (but of course I have snorkel in my mouth) I called for Hubby but he's a bit far before I could reach him to see that shark. By the time he turn the shark already gone. Scary time for me though :P

Went back for tea time and spent time on our last evening.

Last tea time

We watch Star Trek for the whole evening and myself take a peak here and there at the resort. I notice there's ping pong table and have my first time play it with Hubby.

Ping Pong

View from Cafe 1: Some room at the back of the cafe but close to entertainment place

View from Cafe 2: Some room

View from Cafe 3: This is where you collect and return your snorkel

They have Astro with channel movie and E! ok!

Tempat barbeque and drinks

Food place

 Ade mahjong room yaw!

Gloomy sket cause I didnt turn on the lights

We have a lot of time that evening, so we spent our time at the deck and take some pictures.

At the deck

Diving equipment

Final night is barbeque dinner. We kinda stuff our stomach but honestly we both cant take it. They served spaghetti as well but too full for even try it. The lamb was nice. Others just so-so.

 Salads and squids

They have fish as well that night

Akibat terlalu kenyang maka kami tidur awal lg. Haha. Hubby is not feeling well that night. He started to have fever and we both take rest for tomorrow plak. We plan to leave early (8.30 AM boat) but the staff knocking our door after dinner saying that they have to cancel it cause no one would come that morning. They have at noon so we can check out at 11AM the next day. 

Kinda ruine our plan to go to Taman Tamadun Islam and visit Masjid Crystal but it's ok lah.

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