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Monday, April 4, 2011

Masak Lemak Lala

Umie, please be proud of you daughter. She cooked the santan meal! Haha.

Well, as usual, all my cooks is based of what I want to eat. Hubby never request any specific meals from me, except the spaghetti which is that was the first month we get married. This time, my mind is thinking sedapnyer masak lemak lala. Tp mne mau cari dahhh..so the only place is Chow Kit!

We find one plastic bag of Lala. I think it's 1kg. I just use half of it and buy some other ingredients (serai, halia etc):

Oh..gambar lala xamek :P

Hubby is not a fan of sayur, so he dont mind if there's no vege in his meal but I myself tak leh la plak xde sayur kn. I kept thinking what sayur that can comes with masak lemak but all the idea seems like 'tak sedap' la ape la so end up I add that kacang panjang and the carrots.

This is my first time try to cook masak lemak all by myself. I'm so afraid the santan turns out wrongly or the kuah is too spicy for hubby. He can turn himself to Red Wolverine when he taste any cook that is so pedas, especially the one is made from me. Haha

Santan mahal la skang. Ishk..this quarter santan cost RM1.60. Soo sikit okay!

It's an easy course but need to always kacau the santan. I learn this from my granny, Wan. She's an excellent cook when it comes to Malay dishes. I learn a lot from her actually :) So I remember she said 'kene kacau selalu, nnt kuah die tak cantik, tak sebati betul' 

I googled the recipe but seems not like the way Wan use to cook. So basically I just campak all the things I know and remember based on my childhood memory (I lied. Google help me to check I didnt miss any of the ingredients). Haha. Luckily it turns out great!
I cooked this while hubby was sleeping :)

The lunch :)

Hubby bangun je, trus paksa rasa. Lompat peluk2 suke sbb kne puji. Cheezy tak? Haha. I straight away MMS Umie the picture and look what she said:

 Umie, he finished the whole lala in the pot! Haha. It's okay B. I happy bile tgk you finish it all. Bangga jap 8) Oh..it just makes me more passion to cook!

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