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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Aqil turns one

I plan for few things on his birthday. Bake a cake and make few snacks for kids to enjoy later that evening. I senses that his Atuk and Nekmi will surprise us that day and plan on baking later on. My guts was right and he had his special day celebrated with his grandparents.

I end up didnt make any on my plans because we had too much food that day. His grandparents loves him too much that they bought cookies and candies which end up in my tummy more than the birthday boy himself. Haha.

The grandparents spend the rest of the day with us and it was all about chilling on the couch kind of day. Alhamdulillah for everything and may they been grant with more barakah in life.

Atuk gave him a loud rattle that he enjoys playing until he bangs it off and break it later that evening. Haha.

He already started walking that time and is healthy happy boy. You had bring so much amusement in our life. Ibu, Abi and Kakak loves you so much darling. Happy birthday love!!