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Monday, April 4, 2011

Unclaimed banner

Old story! I know but still want to show you the banner that my friend to me in this post.

So the wedding is happen to be at Bangi yesterday with yellow theme. Oh..kaler ni sangatlah daulat ok. Mmg Raja Seharilah mereka. Ok. Back to the banner:

This is actually the first draft based on my email and suggestion that I googled. She combined the image that I gave and this is another draft of her:

The white box is our name in grey font

It didnt impressed me much cause she's actually just add the image that I gave to her. I need effort please. Lolz. As a fussy customer I am, I ask for another alterations:

Our name in pink font plak.

Another rejection from me, and I give some suggestion here and there turns out another No from me. So we both end up give up and didn't replied to her last mail. 

She also dont even bother to follow up. I guess tired of trying. Plus its free from LH. So not a waste for neither both parties. Haha.

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