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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aras Bayu Melati

Such a classic name for a girl.

In case any of your kids dating her, you would have asked 'Who is your girlfriend?' and there goes 'Melati'. You would get ready to meminang her right away! At least I would! Haha!

 In her cradle

Look at Melati's face. It's like 'Urghh' Haha.

Me and Fiza (plus Din) visit Linda after giving birth to baby girl. The moment we arrived Linda's house, both of us were like 'Ok. Where's our camera? Let me get the baby and you snap' The only thing that allows us to do this is because Linda - is our GOOD FRIEND and she don't mind if we don't ask how she's doing (of course we did! but after take her baby and snap photo).

Sit tide for a second and she starts crying (cause she don't want to put down)

We bring Melati into her stroller and snap photo. Put her in bed and pose. Let her have her drinks and we pose again. Everything about babies is that whatever they did is so cute!!


Sleeping on my lap after milk

We talked a lot on Linda's condition and how's her life going on. She even showed her video giving birth to Melati and it makes me tears looking how hard she pushed herself, surrounding with people she loved. Her husband at her side giving her all supports that she need and right after the baby was born, we could see her husband's face was relieved and hugged her mom tightly. Aw... touching jap.

Look her awkward position at the first time

Fiza was afraid about how fragile Melati is and have been so reluctant to hold her but me and Linda keep giving her face and drop the baby to her. She don't have a choice and see.. she could handle her well okay.

Then bam! Maternal instinct kicks in :)

There's a moment where I glimpse us back and see that three of us was all alone years back at the same company. Now, Linda with her baby, Fiza and Din, and myself also married (Hubs wasn't around as he went to Bintulu). 


Time really running fast and I wish I always make time to these people so that I won't have the moment 'Mom, I want you to meet Melati's Mom, Linda' and I'll go drama that we've known each other but lost contact. I want my kids to know all the great people I met and for them to have awesome friends like me. 

You know why? Because we gonna get old together and shared all of our experience to learn and keep each others on the ground :)

ps: edited due to harsh words been used. sorry Fiza. It was meant to be funny but I guess I put it in the wrong way. please love me because I LOVE YOU!


orggilacinta said...

masa ni baju pink tu melati pakai longgar je lagiii.. skang dah ketat weh.. mehla dtg umah aku.. tgk melati dah debab sgt2..

The wife said...

aku teringat2 si melati ni, skali ko da komen. mesti da berat kan die. eeee..geram2!