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Friday, September 30, 2011


As the name sounds, the cake is so vain. Rephrase. Ruined!!

No crisp crust. The meringue didn't cracked. I touched it and it bounce back. No hard crust like what the recipe saids. The whip cream didn't turns out foaming nicely.

THE RECIPE ARE ALL LIARS!!!!! (OK. I'm on denial here)

Ni baru letak for 10 minutes and it already shows it's not going to be Pavlova.

Well, at least I get the soft sweet marshmallow. Hehe.

Let me guess what went wrong. You see, the instruction says 1/2 Tspn cornstarch. TABLEspoon or TEAspoon? Haa..jawab.jawab. Jangan gune short form boleh tak? Ee..amarah betul. Ade beza tuh. (To read back the menu, there's capital T and small t. Padan muke sbb tak notice the difference) So what I did was just toss the corn flour as much I feel like I wanted it to be.

Number two is probably I didnt use white vinegar. Our home never use vinegar for cooking so far and luckily Angah bought apple vinegar for herself to drink (who drinks vinegar anyway?) but she said can be use for cooking as well. Makanya, amek aje ape yang ada dan gune.

Number three is...erm....I bought thickened cream. To my defense, the picture at the box shows whip cream. How the hell am I suppose to know there's a difference? Garrrrr!

No cream. Taruk strawberry nak suh jadi rupe Pavlova (denial detected)

Fine, Pavlova! I will make sure I make it next time - sooner or later!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Demam kek

Pavlova cancelled. Today is cheese cake day!

Kek Batik semalam for a officemate

I was shopping some stuff for Pavlova but instead, I bought cheese cake ingredients as well. Straight away call Senah (thank you Husna for the guide!), googling for the recipe, refer some pictures here and there through my iPhone (thank you technology!) and I spent almost one hour at Coldstorage just looking for the right whipping cream.

..yang halal of course. None of the brand has halal logo by JAKIM so I have to read the ingredients and dig from Google what is non-halal emulsifiers. Guest what, all of the whipping cream has E407 and it's not halal. This includes product by Emborg, Alra, Elle & Vire (or some name like that), President, and what else tak ingat but I am not sure about Anchor brand cause KLCC Coldstorage didnt sell Achor whip cream. The only two brand that I saw no E407 is Paul and Betty Crocker but I choose Paul cause they have halal logo by Australia.

You can refer the list of halal emulsifiers here.

Ok. Back to the topic. There are so many ways to cook cheese cake. Some use eggs and some not, some add lemons, use mixer or they have none, they'll cook the cheese on hot stove. The hard part is getting the halal gelatin. Senah bought it online and I found some gelatin sold here but I doubt the ingredients. Therefore I replace the gelatin with agar-agar. Same function but might a bit tricky to those who don't know how to estimate the agar-agar cause it will make your too solid. Cheese cake kan lembut di atas ;)

Anyhow, here are the ingredients:
Serbuk agar-agar and gula kastor not in the picture :P

Balik kerja terus semangat nak buat cake. It's easy though. The base are made of McVitis and butter. Crush the cookies as much as you want and heat the pan to melt the butter. Try not to boil the butter, just melt it and add the crushed cookies. Mixed them well and put it in container. 

Hancur dalam mangkuk tapi tadah dalam besen. Tgk..comot..

Melt the butter

Add the cookies

Mixed them well and put it container. Kasi padat tau. Leave it in the fridge.

The base part was easy. I could do it for 10 times! Haha. Then comes the top layer. I mixed the whip cream, put a side then mixed cheese with sugar, agar-agar (I use one tea spoon and half cup water but end up put it only 4 drops of it) and strawberry jam (this one is optional). Later baru add the whip cream. I followed this instruction. At the same time refer to this person. Adjust sesuke hati. Ngeh2.

Mixer sbelum comot (Inside is the whip cream)

Ha..comot bekas. Tu tak tgk keliling wayar la ape la. First time gune mixer la katakan.
(Put aside whip cream and mix other ingredients)

Combine all the mix stuff and put it in the container. Leave it in the fridge.

I planned to put strawberry on top but forgot sebab meratah lebihan cheese. Sedap wooo. Tapi cake xtau la stay keras ke tak, sebab agar-agar letak sikit sangat. Dah siap baru Angah cakap 'Letak banyak xpe' (=_=)" My cheese cake might end up melting after few minutes come out from the fridge (=_=)" I was fasting today but I am so eager to make the cake and only drink water for berbuka. Masuk Isya' mule menggelupur lapar. Sep bek Angah buat dinner. 

I request begedil since yesterday and Angah being so nice to do it for me us

Siap buat Mee Sup. Aww...I love you, Angah!!

See..this is what sisters do. We cook each others meal but normally Angah will cook what I want to eat. HEHE. Pavlova? Esok laaa..esok laaa... Malas nk layan oven. Cecehhh...alasan :P Alamak esok B balik! Pavlova ganti cheese cake lg sedap kannn? kann??

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kek yang dibatikkan

Skip KK update untuk kesekian kalinye. HAHA! Panjang la. Weekdays ni. Pendek2 sudeyyy :P

Suddenly rase nak makan kek since last week. Angan tinggi nak buat Pavlova tapi apekan daya, keteringinan kek batik lagi memuncak. Hehe. Tapi nak marah sebab beli susu manis kat kedai bawah RM3! Aaaa!! Is it just me or memang susu manis da mahal? Apsal rse dulu beli RM1.20 je. Cis cis.

Ok. Abaikan price tersebut tapi investment kek batik memang agak mahal. Nak makan punyer pasal, takpe lah (pejam mata bayar kat kaunter tp menjegil gak la kat Ane tu and siap tnyer skali lg harga susu)

Heat the butter

Add Susu Pekat (1 and half cup) and keep on stirring.

Add Milo and taste the sweetness based on your preferences. I only add 3 spoon full. 
Kacau rata and add Biskut Marrie. I used Munchy's.

I read/saw some people add cocoa or eggs or water which I dont know why. Let me guess. Does it makes more moist? Yes? No? I just add those four items and walah - sedap (self disclaimer) Haha. 

Err..the actual look of the cake is yet to be revealed. Dalam peti tunggu sejuk lah. Later la post. Next project is Pavlova. Semangat sampai pegi Mydin beli mixer. Muahahha. 

Harap sempat buat before Hubby balik Kerteh ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Food and gath

Cerita KK belum habis tp nk cerita pasal open house :P

You see, this weekand is the last weekand for of Syawal and we have plenty of open house to attend with. We planned for our own open house as well this year but didnt manage to do so due to over whelming activities for the past few days/weeks :P I already bought 6 cans of Preggo! but takpe. Maybe we can plan something later.

Yesterday is for Yatie's wedding, Fiza's open house and SS house warming. You could imagine how many food that we stuffed in. Both Hubby and I choose to wear our Raya outfit. Mood Raya la katakan :P Kenduri this time sedap (as always) dengan karipap, kek, bubur kacang but we really take it easy on the first house. We bumped into Uena and we have quite a chat on her wed prep. Looks like both Hubby and I going to spend our weekand on Penang next month - means another holiday!!

I think I saw this somewhere..

It was almost Asar by the time we heads off from the wedding, so thinking might as well drop by to Fiza's house. She insist we come over at night since her Pandan's clan (her ex-housemates at Pandan Indah. We know each other when I always stay over their house during bachelorette days :P) and Linda will be there at that time. But we already have SS open house planned earlier, thus we come crash at the evening.

Cakap nak buat satu je.

Kuih pun ade (and bekas kosong :P)

We used to work together at the old company and very close till today (and many more to come). Plenty of stories to shared and chit chat with but it's almost late evening. Sekejap je lepaking and by the way, we bought the same baju kurung for Raya!! HAHA! The same exact design but different color. Besties sokmo gitu kan?! 

Oreo cheese cake yang nyummayh! Recipe copied!

Tuan rumah and their baby guest. I just love this candid photos!

Balik rumah, solat for Asar and Maghrib then head to SS's crib for barbeque and you know what, both of Hubby and I forgot to bring some potluck! Tak malu sungguh! Luckily Mekarian je :P SS just bought his house at D'Alpinia, Puchong. Gorgeous house, plus it's end lot! 

Ni rumah depan die

SS, other half, cooks and gardener :P

Some of food no 1

Some of food no 2

Some of food no 3

Some food no 4..and 5

We had so many of foods that night and we 'have' to stay quite late to finish it all. Ok. I lied. We stayed late cause we played cards. No. No. Not poker. (so called) more civilized cards - monopoly deal. It takes some time to understand the whole rules but at the end, we all get used to it. To think back, it took almost one hour or more to finish one round. Deal breaker la. Some birthday girl/boy yang satu bulan ade doploh kali la. Haha.

Burn them all!!!

 From Durrus

Mushroom cheese yang nyummayh!!

Ibu mengandung merehatkan perut

Gardener pun ade Galaxy Tab tau

Alhamdulillah, so far, we never failed to keep it touch and makes small/big gathering even it's been 3 years since graduating. Some of us already have family and kids but we still close like the old days. And Thank God that all of my course mates spouses are so cool having quirky friends like us :P

 In the name of IT, everyone at the back, leave your gadget aside!

..and played cards :P

Ice cream sponsor

Hartawan kira duit :P

Although each and everyone have their own commitments and priorities, we tried to make time for each other - catch up some stories..but most of the time, teasing each other :P 

'The bond that links a true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each others life'
- American Writer

Today, we have another open house at Senah's and again dapurku tak berasap lg. This time, more familiar faces from previous company. We reached almost end of the day and leave after Maghrib. Senah had new pet anyway and knowing how much she hates cats makes me wanna laugh hard. Most of my friends who hates cats end up stuck living with them or at least cats would chase them for food :P

Additional pet. This one veryyy manjaaaa.

Oh, this time we bring along Acik and Angah. Yesterday both of them went out to shop and buy some stuff. They went out early in the morning (or Hubby and I wake up late :P) leaving us at home for the rest of the evening. Angah da penah datang rumah Senah during Puasa last time, so she pretty know most of my ex-officemates so far ;)

Gigi baru tukar kaler


Tenkiu Tuan Rumah! Perut Mek Tur interframe :P

Senah siap tapaukan food for us to bring back home and bakal menjadi menu dinner utk malam esok. Haha. Mek Tur and Jaja pun take away. Ngan Lilin skali kne paksa tapau. Haha. Mala, Ewin ngn Yew Shuen balik a bit early with Azhari and Shahir. To list their name here reminds me that all of us working at Brunei project last year. Boleh panggil Brunei clan ar. Haha.

Semoga bertambah rezeki kawan-kawan yang buat open house Raya ni. Yang tak buat tapi datang pun murah rezeki jugak sebab dapat makan free ;))

ps: Thank you Allah for all the happiness around us. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kota Kinabalu

I always have vacation trips with my girlfriends since Uni years. It started with Pangkor (2007), PD (2008), Redang (2009) and Perhentian (2010). We have this conversation on the last trip where one of them mention that I wont be joining their trip anymore since I'm going to get married the next year (2011). We were all arguing when I asked 'Why not??' and they all come out with answers that Hubby wont let me go or I wouldn't have the heart to leave him alone while having holiday with them or I am pregnant or already have kids.

But hey, 2011 comes and we have the vacation that we used to have and this time I bring Hubby along ^__^ Aren't they are so cool?! Hehe. Well, my Uni girlfriends is Hubby's friends also. So can scratch the awkward part. Lol.

This year we have it at The Land Beyond The Wind. Mane lagi, KK lah! Haha. It was a plan for CLIMBING KK but unfortunately everyone was super busy with work and none of us found available package for the date that we picked. It's either fully booked or couldn't to find a pack of four. Oh, we are all six person together this time (including Hubby) but another two person don't want to do climbing.

Anyway, I am now writing on the second day of the trip. Laju tak update? Haha. We went yesterday with AirAsia which the flight was scheduled at 12.10 noon but rescheduled at the very late notice which 4.25PM. We are all ready to check in our bags till the lady at the counter said it was resceduled. No SMS/email notification from AirAsia..until it was 12.15noon. Lambat betul!

Heading to LCCT with KLIA transit

So we spent the whole hours waiting at LCCT, having our meal and played cards. Arrived at KK around 8PM and straight away take cab that cost RM42 for five person. Unfortunately the cab only could stop at one place, so we choose my girlfriends area to drop.

Nak drop bag lah kononnyer

Oh, we stayed separately by the way. Hubby and I stay at Kampung Air and meanwhile the girls stays at Gaya. It's just 500m away. Reason? We plan our trip together but separately. Geddit? :P Haha. It's just a crash planning. Bought the same date for ticket but nothing major for planning. Sape nk buat ape, die buat sendiri. Aktiviti sendiri2. Bilik pon sendiri2 tp all the girls tak leh sendiri2 la plak book bilik kan, kang mahal lak nk blanje :P Real activity planning pun baru ade the day we arrived. Ha..tak ke betul2 crash vacation. The only thing we still make this happen is because all of us already bought the flight ticket. Haha.

Back to the story on the first day of arrival. After checked in, we all get our dinner and playing cards and at the same time looking at the brochures for the activity. The girls have their own plan and both Hubby and I have our own. Raja wants to dive on Friday leaving Shima and Hazirah do their own plan which are River Cruise while Hubby and I wants to spent time together at Manukan Island. Saturday we all back together for Kundasang trip. Sunday, the girls will go to Manukan while Hubby and I will go some city trip. Monday are yet to be confirmed.

Dinner and cards..as always

Today is Friday and as planned Hubby and I went to Manukan Island. Before that, we stayed at Impiana Mutiara on the first night but the room was in unacceptable condition. Room too small - Fine. Towel koyak - OK. No Hot shower - still OK. Bathroom water too slow and tiny - hmm..oookkkkaaayy. Bukak selimut atas katil and saw the bed was half covered. Cadar tu separuh je. Whaattt?? Slimut pun tak bersih. Aduyaii...malam tu tdo dengan berlapik towel. Hari Sabtu trus tukar hotel sebelah. Hotel Iskandar. Same price. Bigger room. Air shower pun laju tak kedekut macam sane. Eishh..bed pun a lot better. Service pun so friendly tau.

Ok. Back to Manukan Island. We just walk to Jesselton as it's just less than 1km from our place. We saw there's a package of RM170 per pax for Manukan and Sapi Island with lunch, snorkel equipment and return ticket. We think it's just too expensive so we just bought it separately. Return ticket RM17, snorkel equiment and life jacket is RM20. Baru RM27 per pax. We both didn't take lunch cause we already took heavy breakfast (Roti canai, Mee goreng and Hubby have his Nasi Putih lauk ayam goreng) We are full the whole day. We only bring mineral water to avoid dehydration. Jangan lupa juga sunscreen :P

Jesselton ticket hall

Heading to Manukan (gegar2 dalam bot)


It was less than half hour ride and the place was almost full with people. There are already 400 visitors by the time we arrived and it's just not yet 12! The place is quite nice actually but we found it's not as good as Redang. Yes, you can snorkel but nothing much to enjoy beneath. Fish hardly seen and it's better to see them at the jetty cause all the pretty fish is there but unfortunately the jetty is a restricted area. So we spent our time lazying near the beach, lying down beneath the tree while playing Cooking Dash. Haha. It a really relaxing time for us.

Solat jangan lupa ;) We rent the mat for RM3. They charge at RM5 if you dont bargain.

Happy face :))

We plan for kayaking but they charged RM75 per kayak which wayyyy to expensive. The price there is too much for us. One thing that I never knew that Malaysia offers sea walking here in Manukan! Macam cool gile tapi price mahal wehh..RM250 woooo! Dalam laut takde la cantik sangat kan but I bet it is one of the thing that you want to try but not for us, at least here in Manukan. Sea walking tempat lain ajelahh.

The boat only available until 5PM and you have to keep or at least remember who is the person bring you there or the name of the company that sells your ticket. Else, no boat will bring you back to the land. There are quite scene that I saw where most of them are foreigners that asking the boat to bring them back but they refuse unless the foreigner said 'I pay you'. Hubby asked our boat guy in between two island, Manukan and Sapi, which one is better cause we think Manukan is overrated. He said Sapi is much better and beautiful than Manukan. 

Waiting the boat

Sampai Jesselton around 6PM and we plan to wait for sunset but the weather is already dark and it started to rain heavily. Luckily we have Hubby's towel and we cover our head with it until reach hotel. While walking, we saw Maxis broadband sales person showing thumbs up to Hubby and while approaching, he said to his friend loudly 'Kamu kalau mau girlfriend, cari yang begini. Sanggup berhujan!'

Ewah..bangga tapi kelakar. Haha.

Dinner KFC je malam ni. Konpem sedap dan senang :P Hubby already snores next to me. Penat agaknya berehat :P The day will start early tomorrow. Gotta sleep early! Nites!