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Monday, May 23, 2016

Potty training what?

*ALERT! Entry might be gross 8)

Guess who is nappy free now?? YES! My daughter finally off her diaper!! YEAYY!!

It was so sudden because we hadn't see it coming. We did incepting the idea on how good sister she is when she is not wearing diaper but we didn't really rush about it. Until last week, I purposely let her naked after shower (It was almost noon and I was busy cooking, plus it was a very hot day)

Suddenly she said 'Ibu!! Awah nk sheeshee(pee)' The sounds of it really surprised me but have to maintain cool and let her do her business. I wanted to look but she said I have to look away. So I eavesdrop and heard the golden sound. She is so happy that she yeay-ed herself and was very proud when she finish doing it. After she was done peeing, she called me to wash her, dried herself and not even a minute she rush back to the toilet saying she want to poopoo. Seconds later she came out and said 'Eh..tak. Awah kentut je' and I burst laughing! Haha.

I am so proud of my girl. Gosh, now I really understand why every mother making a huge deal of out potty training. Hahah.

She has been a week without diaper during the days. Well, she actually insisting of not wearing the diaper during the night as well but I still don't have the trust so I wait till she fall asleep and put it on her.

We learn a lot for the past week that:

1) She really can hold her pee and she WILL accidentally peed herself while watching her cartoons or playing with her friends if I don't remind her to pee. I sometimes have to tell her to pee after 2/3 hours even she said she didn't feel like going but she always end up peeing when I told her too. See.. this kid. Kalau x suruh mmg eksiden punye.

2) I forgot that she's off the diaper while doing errands at the mall the other day. She didn't say that she want go but she keep on saying 'I want to go back home' for 100th times, resulting she accidentally (again) wet herself right before entering the car. After few talks, then I know that she didn't know that she can use public toilet if she wants to. My bad for not telling her that she can do her business when outside home as well.

3) After learning No.1 I told her she has to wear back her diapers and she just said yes. It was tiring day and she peed herself 4times already that day. Then I feel bad about it because I read that we shouldn't be cynical to them (It is bad parenting and I've done it several times it becomes a habit :() so  I braced myself talking to her slowly and pujuk her wearing her panties again. Alhamdulillah it worked :)

Memang kne sgt bertabah for the past week, the cleaning part especially but I couldn't be more proud of her. She is an easy kid and I have to remind myself that how blessed I am to have her as my child.

And now she want to go to school and can't wait to make more friends. Huuu.. this is suppose to be a happy post but why I am sad laaa like this. Kids want grow up pun kenot meh T_T

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fool Proof Recipe: Pandan Gula Melaka Cupcakes

I love everything that is made from pandan, especially when it comes to cake. I saw people selling this cuppies and wonder how it taste, so I googled for the recipe. Some put coconut flakes for the filling or mixed ir with the cream on top but me dont like coconut flakes in my cake so I opt for Azlita's recipe.

The taste was amazing that I have mixed feedback from my fan (read: kiddos around my area and their mothers :p) It taste like Kuih Bakar in cake version; Pandan Cake with Caramel; green cake with rich butter cream.

I made this few times this week due to birthday celebrations or just another tea party that us Mom did on evening chat.

Will put note that the original recipe is too sweet for my liking, even the others who tasted mine agree. I have tried reduce it to 150g sugar and still sweet. I also tried replacing santan with full cream milk but santan version was a lot better.

Recipe copied from her blog and few edits for my notes.

Pandan Cup Cake
Resepi Oleh : Bitter Sweet Spicy

200 gm tepung kek
1/2 sudu teh baking powder (I use normal baking powder)
125 gm salted butter - lembutkan
1/2 sudu teh garam
1/2 sudu teh esen vanilla
150 gm gula halus ~ boleh kurang lagi
2 biji telur saiz A ~ suhu bilik
75 gm santan pekat + 25 gm air
2 sudu besar jus pandan ~ 5 helai daun pandan kisar dengan sedikit air ambil jusnya
sedikit pewarna hijau

Panaskan ketuhar 15 minit sebelum di masukkan kek pada suhu 170C
Sediakan muffin pan atau cup cake secukupnya
Satukan tepung dan baking powder kemudian ayak ~ ketepikan
Satukan santan, air, jus pandan dan pewarna hijau dan gaul rata ~ ketepikan

Dalam bekas pemutar, satukan butter, esen vanilla dan garam dan pukul sebentar
Masukkan gula halus dan putar 3 minit hingga lembut
Masukkan telur sebijik demi sebijik dan putar rata
Masukkan tepung berselang seli dengan campuran santan ( mulakan dengan tepung dan di akhiri dengan tepung ) putar atau kaup balik hingga adunan sebati
Tuang dalam cawan kek 3/4 cawan penuh sahaja
Susun dalam loyang muffin dan bakar selama 25 minit
Setelah masak, sejukkan atas redai

Gula Melaka Italian Meringue Buttercream

50 gm gula Melaka
1 helai daun pandan
1/8 cawan air

Satukan semua bahan di atas dan masak hingga gula larut
Kemudian sejukkan

80 ml air
150 gm gula halus
1 biji telur
1 biji kuning telur
1 sudu teh esen vanilla
250 gm butter tanpa garam ~ di potong dadu
1 sudu besar caramel gula Melaka ( adunan gula Melaka yang di masak tadi )

Satukan air dan gula dan masak hingga pekat dan suhunya mencapai 117C.

Jika tak ada jangka suhu anda boleh gunakan garfu. Celup garfu dalam larutan gula. Bila anda angkat garfu, larutan gula akan terbentuk macam kaki itik. Itu bermakna gula tu dah cukup pekat.

Kemudian tuangkan caramel gula Melaka tadi , gaul rata biarklan sekejap ia pekat.
Sementara anda lihat gula dah didih dan dah terbentuk kaki itik tadi, baru putar telur dan kuning telur dalam mesin pemutar hingga kembang, bila dah kembang terus tuang gula yang panas-panas ke dalam telur tadi sambil terus putar hingga sebati
Bila dah sebati, simpan dalam peti sejuk dengan pemutar dan mangkuk pemutarnya sekali ( ingat !! bukan mesin pemutar ya, hanya mangkuk dan alat pemutar sahaja )
Bila dah betul-  betul sejuk (I let it cold for 1half hours)
Putar semula dan masukkan esen vanilla, dan  butter satu persatu sambil putar hingga kembang dan halus.
Kemudian masukkan dalam piping bag dan paipkan atas cup cake tadi


Adunan untuk kek padan tadi hanya dapat 12 cup cake sahaja
Adunan Italian meringue pula untuk 24 cup cake ~ 30 cup cake
Jadi untuk seimbangkan anda kena buat 2 atunan untuk cup cake
Untuk caramel gula Melaka .. kalau tak nak 2 kali kerja, masa buat caramel gula Melaka untuk frosting, anda boleh lebihkan sukatan buat terus 2 adunan. I just the left overs from the buttercream and add a bit water to drizzle,