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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Breastfeeding Journey 114

I had slowly started the weaning since Rauhah was 18 months. It seems easy when she refused the smell, look and taste of tamarind and I decided to use it as the trick.

At first, everything seems possible when I just ignore her tantrum but it's hard to remain sane and patience with this little human. She'll cry for as long as she could until she falls asleep which I think it is not good for her growth. Although hugging will soothe her for a while, she still cry her hearts out until there's a point my heart melt. Then it comes to a hassle when I have to clean off everytime I use the tamarind *sigh*

The thought of 'letting it happen naturally' starts bothering me when she keeps doing the tantrums trick. So thats what happen until today. She'll turn two in less than two weeks and no sign of stop breastfeeding.

Tapi... Cehh nak jugak tapi. She only needs it before her nap and bedtime. Ok lah kan? She rarely wants my milk the rest of the day and boleh faham bila dahaga, she can drinks plain water or any colored water that she likes. Tawar xpe, janji ada warna. Kids...

We had introduced fresh milk but she'll refuse plain water terus. Macam2 nak suruh weaning off. Progressing tapi macam susah je. Or ke sebab mak die yg sedih jugak nak let go? Haha. Nak kene stop jugak ni by this year, nnt lagi banyak hassle pulak. Wish us luck!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rare request

Husband ialah orang yang paling susah nak request masak ape. So when we went out to pasar last week, we saw perut kitab while buying the meat and he asked me to buy it - cook anything with it.

I never cook perut my entire life, eventhough I enjoy eating it. I was soo cluelesss at the point on how to even cut it =.= Teruk betul.Therefore, Husband did all the ground work and I start looking for the recipe. The closest that I could think of is kerabu perut. But to my surprise, Husband start requesting his list.

It all started with 'Alaa.. Rebus je. Cicah dengan air asam'

Then he added 'Air asam macam mama buat tu. Cuka dengan lada je kan?' and of course I dont know T.T

The plan doesnt goes as plan that day cause we have so many food for berbuka when the neighbours gives few dishes for us.

So he then changed his mind, 'Esok berbuka dengan nasi goreng perut ok gak dear'

I was 'Haaa.. Really?' I actually google the recipe tapi tak dibuat orang. Hahaha. I refused the nasi goreng but cooked something else. Luckily he's okay with it.

While thinking what's for sahur, I suggested maggi sbb semua easy food dah habis and he said 'Boleh tapi letak perut tu ok?'

Ya Allah, nak nye lah makan perut tu haaaa. Ok. Layanlah sahur tu maggi perut for him. Mine maggi kosong je.

At last, I made him kerabu perut from Chef's Wan recipe that I altered and turn out heavenly good. He seems satisfied (although ade sikit bitter from daun limau purut) and we rest our story of perut lembu after 4days.

I was once complaining to him, 'B susah nak mintak me masak pape kan?' and I remember his answer 'Ha, kalau dah mintak nanti, tak terbuat kang'. Today, he just proved that he was totally right indeed T_T

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

That four things

Was listening to Ustaz Kazem the other day and heard that a women can go to heaven through any gates that she like when she takes care four things; her prayer, her fasting, guard her honor and faith to her husband.

Dalam banyak2 tu, I think paling susah ialah solat even Ustaz pun explained the same thing. Like, tengah solat anak datang kacau merangkak tempat sujud; kan ke susah nk khusyuk tu. Then teringat those moments when Rauhah do the same to me, which almost every prayer except times when she's sleeping.

There's a day when she was playing with small basket and put it onto her head, trying to see me through the holes. She keeps on shoving her face and talk to me but mane bolehh; tengah solat kot!! Then she put the basket into my head while I was duduk antara dua sujud. Tu tak include yang die twirl my kain solat while baca al-fatihah sambil menyanyi in her own songs T.T Kne sembur dengan penyembur air pun ade. Basah kain solat T.T

Banyak funny stories tp yang tak funny pun ade; bile tahiyat akhir, die putuskan my pearl bracelet and try to put the pearl into her ears. Gelabah kau!! Nasib baik selamat. Tp solat tuh..hmphh...selamat jugaklah.

Agak2 kalau ade markah utk 4 perkara ni, I think markah solat la paling sikit. But to think back, anak pun amanah Allah jugak. Suatu pinjaman besar dan huge investment for akhirah. Teringat pesan anon, buat yang terbaik dalam semua perkara sebab bukan kita yang menilainya :) Allah menilai sekecil2 usaha manusia, berdoalah minta keampunanNya, InsyaAllah syurga untuk kita semua.

Salam Ramadhan and lets try to use it to the fullest. Amin.