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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The arrival of number two

I have been nesting at Umie since 36weeks of pregnancy, expecting this shall be another early labor like the sister. It feels years waiting for the baby to come out when I'm home and I never felt time was moving this super slow previously.

My AFL reading was low during 37week check up makes me more cautious when it becomes closer to EDD. I had cramps most of the time during this week until the week after. Some blobs also starts to come out during this week. Hmm.. I think thats the only major sign of Im getting near to labor day.

The cramps becomes severe each day until the night of 19th December. I had stomacahe the whole night and after several trips to the toilet, I finally had the real contractions at 4.30am. I knew I will deliver the baby anytime during the day but I wait since I still can hold the contractions. Lagipun ade check up that morning with my gynae.

So around 10am after breakfast with nasik lemak and seketul roti canai, Ayah drop me and Umi at the hospital - just like another day of check up. Luckily, I just waited for 15minutes before my turn and I told Dr.Suraya regarding the contractions that I had. She asked for a scan and checked that the baby already engaged. She then checked the opening and I already 6cm dilated. She rushed me to the labor room and there I was lying on the bed waiting impatiently while the nurse prepare all the necessary things.

Rauhah witnessing all this with anxious face, like she knows something wrong with me. Alhamdulillah theres no drama from her that morning and she just okay for everything been asked for. Ibu so proud of you, big sister :)

Oh husband wasnt around and he jokingly said 'Dont wait for me ok. Just push when you need to'. Hamboi.. Ingt sakit beranak boleh tunggu ke b. Haha. Luckily he managed to arrive before the doctor broke my water.

There was three nurses in the room and I've been informed that I'm the only person who is going to deliver that morning. The nurse was super friendly and I could see that they are making an effort for me to have a happy delivery as possible. Such a cheerful team :)

As usual, CTG didnt trace my contraction and I didnt really feel the same pain that I had at home. I even had a slight fever from last night stomachce and baby heartbeat started to increase which forcing the nurse to insert hormones in my blood for faster delivery. The doctor came later, broke my water and here goes the real pain. I also took happy gas to ease the contractions.

Introducing Aqil bin Muhammad Hafiz :)

Alhamdulillah, after the third push, I safely delivered a healthy 3.64kg baby boy at 11.45am on 20 December 2014.

Husband said the delivery was faster than Rauhah.Belum pape, dah ckp boleh la lg 6. Hamboiiii kan husband I. I told him the pain was more excrutiating and probably remember the pain for quite some time. Hehe.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Third pregnancy

Hmm.. how do I start this. Susah la pulak nak ingat how I discover this pregnancy. I remember I had my first period after the miscarriage and as usual it was late but couldnt bother much sebab normally it'll go ting-tong kan. Konon nak keep it cool x nak test tapi aih.. ingat senang ke duk pikir 24jam mende ni. Haha. So there I was, beli pregnancy kit kat Guardian dan test.

Pergi confirm test dekat Klinik Badaruddin Sg Isap tp bukan dengan UPT sebab dokter rilek kata, kite scan terus lah. Wahh klinik ni ade scan lah. Tp tak harap sgt nk nampak baby sebab the two experience mmg xnmpk masa awal2. Surprisingly, nampak dah baby tu dengan blinking heartbeat die. Masa ni memang terbeliak mata because I wasnt expect to see the baby just yet and I must say this pregnancy keeps on surprising us afterwards. I am at 6th week of pregnancy when we confirm this and I pray hard to have this baby safe.

Week 23

Dah 23 weeks baru nak cerita progress but I try to put as much as what I can remember. Kire summary from start lah senang.

Weight gain

Ni isu nombor satu. hahaha. I started 2kg less from the first pregnancy and the weight gain wasnt really kick off due to the nauses that I had during the first trimester. Habis first trimester,terus Ramadhan dan Raya baru berat naik dengan cemerlang. Now I already gain total of 6 kg with baby weight at 666grams.


This time was far worst than the first pregnancy. I cant cook, have trouble with most cooking smells and I throw up a lot. I cant even properly enjoy my meal sebab lepas makan confirm rasa nak muntah balik. Ktorg bnyk mkn luar masa ni and I only cook Rauhah bubur je.

Baby progress

We found out the gender at week 11 check up. It was totally unexpected sebab masa Rauhah, we only could see it after 5 months and this time it was really obvious. I also could feel the movement after week 12 which is so early and right now, the baby was moving actively inside, unlike Rauhah yang susah sangat nak feel the kick - nak masuk thrid trimester baru betul2 rasa.

Week 27

We had our regular check up at Kuantan Specialist this time under Dr. Suraya. It was so far a very professional experience with her and probably because this is not my first experience. She keep it simple for every check up that we had. Fast but yet satisfied. Dah, ko nk ckp ape lg kan, scan baby ok, sume ok, cukuplah. Ade soklan, tnyer. Gitu.


Sudah 2kali minum utk kali ini sebabnye my first MGTT result was 7. Blame Raya at that time. Hoho. Alhamdulillah, the second MGTT was far way better which is 5 (happy face) Lega betul!

Pregnancy craving

Takde yang pelik so far, mcm Rauhah dulu suke makan ais tapi skarang tak. Memang xde yang ngidam sgt. Baby ni rilek je. Tak tau la kalau tetiba masuk third trimester baru tunjuk kan.

Mommy's activity

Dah ada toddler ni, mmg mencabar la tapi alhamdulillah everything is fine for both of us. Memang ada masa si bakal kakak ni menduga kesabaran dan kelaratan Ibu mengandung dengan nak mengempeng 24jam.

Week 35

Wah 3rd trimester was really challenging. I had terrible stomachace for two weeks that caused me external hemerhoids T.T Talked about this to my gynae and she said the pressure of the baby that caused it to happen. Thank God xde bleeding or whatnot.

And there's this excrutiating pain down there during week 30th where I cant sleep and weep. I almost thought the baby wana come out sebab sakit gile. Not sure if it was Braxton Hicks or what. Masa Rauhah dulu memang takde sakit mcm this time around.

Baby was moving super actively that I could wake up from my sleep because it's summersault :p A joyful kick from the inside. The baby growth was normal but I could feel that I walked wobbly mcm berat gile perut and the truth is, sakit sangat kalau jalan/duduk lame2.

Pregnancy kali ni sgt berhati2 sebab baru je lepas miscarriage and I am very traumatize from what had happen before. This involve a life we're talking about and I really hope this baby is always healthy and God knows how I tried to keep the positivity in mind this time around. May this delivery is smooth as Rauhah last time and as healthy as he/she can be. Amin.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The hunter strikes again

Macam biasa la pemburu Big Bad Wolf kita, musim ni pegi lagi dan as the same reason like always is nak beli buku anak. He spent the whole day yesterday and even had his sleepover kat surau before continue searching for the books. Gila, I know :P

Here's the haul this time around tapi sangat over bila siap beli buku Maths and English up to 10 years old =_=

He bought the whole year series

Ni pun dalam category budak besar punyer buku jugak

Rauhah just been introduced with sticker and luckily ade these item sold with the sticker book. As usual, one is not enough.

Another few fun items that caught his eyes, like these paper models and origami which I have to hand these over him when the time comes. I can read her books 100th time but bab skill yang ni bagi Husband buat lah, die memang minat.

Story books harus tak lupa - adding to her collection last year. Kali ni pop up book yang age appropriate sebab hard paper, unlike yang dulu. The one that Husband bought last year masih dalam simpanan sebab fragile sangat. Tunggu la another year nak bagi die explore.

Rauhah is about to turn 3 next year and we both excited to seriously start schooling her. Some basic for a start, mostly tracing:

These two are tiny books and die buat macam building block pulak, main susun but luckily sambil main tu die belek jugak the page and sebut the items inside.

The most exciting items was this one - Diary on Wimpy Kid art set. She spent hours dengan coloring set ni. Quality agak huduh since production tahun 2010 kan but boleh la bagi die seronok ngn set ni. RM18 je.

Pastu dok scribble atas buku ni

How about ours? Dalam pada restraining ourselves beli sebab ade few books at home tak baca lagi, ada jugak la seketul dua :P

Disclaimer, this is not mine. Husband is very artsy you know. Sewing nih!

Mine! I probably finish this while nesting at mom this month ;)

The sale last for two weeks and they restocked new items everyday. Husband ni pergi pun sebab die purposely reschedule his appointment. If we were still in KL, I think he'll go there everyday kot. Haha. Pergilah kalau berkesempatan. Im sure you'll grab at least one :P

Friday, December 5, 2014


Sneezing is uncomfortable for the person who had to bear it for god-knows-how-long, especially when you dont know what might caused it. Husband had this issue for as long as I know him but we both didnt really look the matter seriously - probably the weather ke or lately we've notice maybe the lack of rest that he had. Yang penting, tak selalu kan, so macam takdelah worrisome sangat.

He used to have asthma tapi masa kecik je. Husband ni jenis sneeze yang tahap kuat boleh gegar rumah tau. When Rauhah was born, I always give him these cold gaze whenever he's about to sneeze. Kacau baby tido tau. Tapi lama2 Rauhah pun dah immune bunyi Abi die bersin tu.

Husband has been gone back and forth to the clinic but nothing seems answering the cause neither provide the ultimate solution (drugs) for his sneeze. So he took it to the specialist and went for further check up. He had done physical check up and nothing suspicious about it. The lung was clear and even he had no issues with sinusitis pun! Konon nk tuduh resdung tapi takde. The next step was he had to take the blood test and waited for a month for detail result. 

And now, we finally had the answer that he actually had allergies to dust mite. Off charts lagi weh! So no wonder when we moved to Kerteh, die jarang bersin macam dulu. Probably the air is cleaner and plus since I'm not working, so rajin la buang habuk and clean the house.

Ade few things lagi yang he's allergic to

We had a long chat about this and it means more chores after this. Rumah kalau tak berkilat lagi xtau lah. Luckily I'm the kind of person who loves doing laundry - so xde masalah kalau takat basuh cadar, towel every 2-3 days but bab nak menjemur and vacuum bagai tu, humph... doakanlah kerajinan dan kekuatan tu lebih ye. Amin.

Doctor had suggested few solutions macam gune dust mite net or controller that cost RM300++ First time dengar such thing and harga pun hmm-hmmm :P For internal use boleh consume Znet tapi temporary jugak la. Kalau dah allergies ni, memang kne banyak control, nak hilang permanently seems impossible. At least now, we both know what to avoid and who's our enemy is ;)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Breastfeeding Journey 115

Rauhah's finally weaning off! Yeay!!

It has been 13 days since the last direct feeding and it feels great! The most important part is I could wear my kaftans yang dah buruk tu back!! Baju kelawar memang favorite ok! Selfish punya mak :p

It didnt happen naturally of course. I decided it's about time when it started to sting me whenever she latch and I couldnt bear it anymore. I told her she cant have her bak anylonger because she is big enough and she could have drinks from her cup if she is thirsty.

Of course it always ends in tears everytime she wants it but I always hug her tight and clench my teeth so that I could bear the tantrum. Haha.

Alhamdulillah, it works magically after the third day that she slowly understand when she said her self she couldnt have bak because mine was filthy and it would makes her mouth dirty that lipas will bite her lip when she does it (in a her words - bak, syek, mulut, lipas, eeee)

I made up the story of course! Kalau tak, payah la nak distract oii. Macam2 dh buat cerita but she buys that one the most. Hoho.

So the nightsleep always ends her in my arms where she would cuddle until she falls asleep. We had our pillow talk in pitch black and she slowly dozz off. It such a wonderful feeling when she does it without tears and I could feel she is happy before closing her eyes to bed.

Nowadays, she dont need the story and pillow talk anymore. When she needs to sleep, she just take my arms wide open to cuddle, then fall asleep in no time.

Ok now, please excuse us. We have a graduation ceremony for our Master in 2 years of breastfeeding.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Salam Aidiladha everyone! We didnt balik kampung this time around. I was disappointed when Husband decided to Raya at home and I literally praying that Allah soften his heart so we could celebrate it either Kuantan or Besut. I also prayed that we dont break our parents heart and soften all of our heart as well, including myself.

I dont get his idea of wanting to rest at home during festive season - Raya kot!! I wanted to argue but I kept silence because we always balik kampung pun lately and in few weeks time nak balik lagi.

I understand that he became restless of travelling every weekend but he can also have his rest at kampung kann. This is the man part that I dont get.

Husband wasnt the type of saying he miss us whenever he's away but he suddenly did this time around.

Then it hit me that he actually want to spent time with us (just Rauhah and me) and God had answer my prayer that He soften my heart to understand his. Much drama for raya this time but I'm glad that I try to keep cool and only speak to Him because only He knows best :)

So basically we are at home on Raya for the first time ever! It still felt like normal Aidiladha even we are away because PIL decided to stay overnight a day before Raya, bringing the goods from kampung - rambutan and dokong. Such a blessed!

Plus, our closest neighbour was around. They had makan-makan and I already feel like a family when spending half day at theirs on the first Raya.

The next day was at Zac's where we makan banyak gile. Tak tipu dan tak malu. Haha. Siap tak puas rase nak buat lagi sup daging esok tapi mengenangkan daging pasar ni, trus mati selera. Tapi tetiba rezeki datang dari jiran bg daging korban. Whoa.. That silent prayers.

Things arent always bad when we tend to do out of norm and I must say this Aidiladha teach me to be more tolerant and patience on what God had planned for us. The key is always have a good thoughts on everything that has happen. May your Eid gives another meaning to your life as well as what it does to me ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Nappy rash

Umur dah 2 tahun pun kene nappy rash lg ey. Rauhah hardly had nappy rash and as far that I remember she only have it not more than thrice. Tapi lately tetiba wujud pulak. Probably sebab die banyak membuang sampai naik ruam.

At first I applied Pureen Medicated powder tu tapi tak nampak macam nak reda je lepas 2 days. Time ni terus teringat ubat mujarab that I got it for free from PCMC goodie bag lepas discharge from Rauhah's delivery.

I bought it from Guardian and they dont have smaller size. Lgpun malas nak cari tempat lain sbb dah tengok dekat Aeon Big and Giant tp xjual. I know that Mothercare sold this type of brand too. Probably you can check it out there.

Kalau boleh beli size kecik je sbb this cream really works after the first apply. Tak sampai sehari, rash Rauhah dah hilang. Sapu nipis je. Kalau botol kecik tu memang tak terpakai. The one that I receive for free to pun dlm brape gram. Tu pun I throw it away sebab Rauhah pergi contaminated dengan bendasing. Hoho.

Ni pun apelah kesudahan 60g cream ni. Harapnya bertahan lama sebab expiry 2019. Maybe adik,adik dan adik Rauhah pun boleh pakai lagi >"<

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The fourth

Two of my favourites down with cold on our anniversary this year. Husband was busy since couple of months and havent had proper rest which might be the cause of it. Rauhah on the other hand had cold after long swimming the day before.

Thus, no celebration and nothing fancy happen because we are all not in the mood and I only cook chicken porridge that day. But I try to reminiscence how we've come this far and I must say that Allah had blessed us in so many ways that I am humbly thankful for His gracious.

Four years mann, FOUR! Cepat betul and I hope this number grows forever. Thank you Allah for the awesome experience and I do hope everyone will have the same happiness (or even more) as I do :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

25 months Rauhah

I think Rauhah is at her best age of all these 25 months living with us. She understands plain instructions and more interactive than ever. There always a thing about this age where she just innocently making funny gestures or response to our questions playfully.

Like asking 'Sayang Ibu tak?' and she would answer 'Shayang'. Then if we asked 'Banyak ke sikit?', she would normally repeat the last choices which in this case 'sikit' tapi skarang dah tau pilih 'Banyak' or sometimes saje jawab sikit sebab tahu her parents would react funnily jugak and asked her to change her answer :p

Her character pun dah start developed, nampak jenis pengemas dan pembersih, although tak suke sikat rambut skalipun. Haha. Kalau makan, die xsuke tumpah and if she does, she'll swipe off out of her eyes. Sampah pun tau, kene buang dlm dustbin.

Social skill dah improved sikit especially with people yang biasa die jumpe. Dengan stranger pun ok la, takde la nangis tapi she would shyly head down whenever adults greets her tapi kalau ada kids around, she'll slowly makes friends with them.

Not a fussy eater till now, tapi dah pandai pilih tak nak greens. Humph.. luckily boleh sneak the greens when I feed her. Kalau makan sendiri, die akan buang greens off her plates. Nak makan sayur yang tak hijau like carrots and tomatoes je.

There are few things that I need to do now; potty train and wean off (yes! she still latching when she needs her sleep, although this happen occasionally) I'm now at the phase of not bothering much to do these two sebab believe it's still early tapi bile reading articles that we can start doing these at this age and reading few success stories, making me wanting to do the same. But heh, malas and tak kuasa nak berperang dan strict at this moment.

Right now, I just want to enjoy and embrace her life as it is by trying to let things happen naturally. As far as things tak crucial, biarlah hidup stress free sikit dalam bab membesarkan anak ni. Barulah bertenang dalam facing them everyday. Walau die nak tantrums pun kite rilek je. Haha.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I always love jewellery, well, who's not? I tend to buy these jewellery when I went out for holiday, just for the sake of reminiscing the good memories (although we already know that is not the obvious reason. Women buy just because the like it.lol)

I even kept it nicely in musical box which I adore so much after I bought it. Everything was in place until Rauhah invaded my treasure box at one fine day. She had harassing my precious and most of my sentimental jewellery (given from friends) been rope off. Ahh..the price of growing up T_T

Now, I already have solid reason to find new jewellery for replacing it, right? :P Luckily Zalora Malaysia offers these items at affordable price! Just look at some of these eye candy. Be prepared to buy more than one! Don't tell me if I hadnt warn you, ladies :)

By the way, I have plenty of plain tops to match these charms to make a statement (justification alert to husband :P)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pizza Addict

We already had pizza twice this week. Melampau sungguh. Ni semua nafsu! Cewah tapi hari ni still nak makan pizza lagi. I once tried pizza recipe somewhere but it didnt turn out as what we hoped for. So I tried another recipe from HERE and boyyyy my pizza dough was better than Pizza Hut's. hahaha.

I followed all the steps but my dough still sticky before I decided to stop kneading. Burn it to 240degree for 5 minutes and reduced to 220degree for 15minutes.

Dah nama pun belajar, test la kan ape lagi but wohoottt the dough is fluffy,gebu and sedappppp! I just need to improve on the topping sebab hari ni I just simply used Kimballs Spaghetti sauce - gile malas nk properly cook with onion bagai. Tambah button mushroom, capsicum, sausages and plenty of cheese!

Husband puji melambung and Rauhah pun habis one big slice, maka this is totally worth trying for newbie and I'll definitely use this recipe again :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Turning two

It was Monday and coincidently Husband supposed to be in KL for a night. I decided to tag along, in case we could celebrate it somewhere that day. Tapi mestilah tak. 5 hours journey after work and reach around 10pm, semua kedai dah tutup. Nak tgk water fountain pon xsempat.

Luckily Umie suggested to celebrate her birthday last Saturday evening. Kebetulan all of our siblings at home and it was the 6th day of Raya, boleh ajak orang dtg makan terus.

We have errands to run that morning and everyone have their own things to do, leaving me and Acik to start the prep around 1pm. We invited the guest at 3.30pm and you-know-how crazy we are in the kitchen. Padahal nak goreng bihun dengan ayam je. Haha. Alhamdulillah things went smooth but the birthday girl havent had her nap, so die dah out of battery petang tu :p

Thank you for her Tok saudara, auntie's and uncles's friend yang memeriahkan majlis. Makanan semua licin sampai kene topup skali lagi. Birthday girl kembali ceria lepas tdo sejam. Tu pun Nekmi die kejut nak ambik family photo.

Dear Rauhah, happy birthday sayang. Thank you for teaching us the meaning of parenthood. You had give us so much thing to look up to and we pray non-other than all of the happiness in this world and hereafter. Ibu and Abi loves you so much!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Breastfeeding Journey 114

I had slowly started the weaning since Rauhah was 18 months. It seems easy when she refused the smell, look and taste of tamarind and I decided to use it as the trick.

At first, everything seems possible when I just ignore her tantrum but it's hard to remain sane and patience with this little human. She'll cry for as long as she could until she falls asleep which I think it is not good for her growth. Although hugging will soothe her for a while, she still cry her hearts out until there's a point my heart melt. Then it comes to a hassle when I have to clean off everytime I use the tamarind *sigh*

The thought of 'letting it happen naturally' starts bothering me when she keeps doing the tantrums trick. So thats what happen until today. She'll turn two in less than two weeks and no sign of stop breastfeeding.

Tapi... Cehh nak jugak tapi. She only needs it before her nap and bedtime. Ok lah kan? She rarely wants my milk the rest of the day and boleh faham bila dahaga, she can drinks plain water or any colored water that she likes. Tawar xpe, janji ada warna. Kids...

We had introduced fresh milk but she'll refuse plain water terus. Macam2 nak suruh weaning off. Progressing tapi macam susah je. Or ke sebab mak die yg sedih jugak nak let go? Haha. Nak kene stop jugak ni by this year, nnt lagi banyak hassle pulak. Wish us luck!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rare request

Husband ialah orang yang paling susah nak request masak ape. So when we went out to pasar last week, we saw perut kitab while buying the meat and he asked me to buy it - cook anything with it.

I never cook perut my entire life, eventhough I enjoy eating it. I was soo cluelesss at the point on how to even cut it =.= Teruk betul.Therefore, Husband did all the ground work and I start looking for the recipe. The closest that I could think of is kerabu perut. But to my surprise, Husband start requesting his list.

It all started with 'Alaa.. Rebus je. Cicah dengan air asam'

Then he added 'Air asam macam mama buat tu. Cuka dengan lada je kan?' and of course I dont know T.T

The plan doesnt goes as plan that day cause we have so many food for berbuka when the neighbours gives few dishes for us.

So he then changed his mind, 'Esok berbuka dengan nasi goreng perut ok gak dear'

I was 'Haaa.. Really?' I actually google the recipe tapi tak dibuat orang. Hahaha. I refused the nasi goreng but cooked something else. Luckily he's okay with it.

While thinking what's for sahur, I suggested maggi sbb semua easy food dah habis and he said 'Boleh tapi letak perut tu ok?'

Ya Allah, nak nye lah makan perut tu haaaa. Ok. Layanlah sahur tu maggi perut for him. Mine maggi kosong je.

At last, I made him kerabu perut from Chef's Wan recipe that I altered and turn out heavenly good. He seems satisfied (although ade sikit bitter from daun limau purut) and we rest our story of perut lembu after 4days.

I was once complaining to him, 'B susah nak mintak me masak pape kan?' and I remember his answer 'Ha, kalau dah mintak nanti, tak terbuat kang'. Today, he just proved that he was totally right indeed T_T

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

That four things

Was listening to Ustaz Kazem the other day and heard that a women can go to heaven through any gates that she like when she takes care four things; her prayer, her fasting, guard her honor and faith to her husband.

Dalam banyak2 tu, I think paling susah ialah solat even Ustaz pun explained the same thing. Like, tengah solat anak datang kacau merangkak tempat sujud; kan ke susah nk khusyuk tu. Then teringat those moments when Rauhah do the same to me, which almost every prayer except times when she's sleeping.

There's a day when she was playing with small basket and put it onto her head, trying to see me through the holes. She keeps on shoving her face and talk to me but mane bolehh; tengah solat kot!! Then she put the basket into my head while I was duduk antara dua sujud. Tu tak include yang die twirl my kain solat while baca al-fatihah sambil menyanyi in her own songs T.T Kne sembur dengan penyembur air pun ade. Basah kain solat T.T

Banyak funny stories tp yang tak funny pun ade; bile tahiyat akhir, die putuskan my pearl bracelet and try to put the pearl into her ears. Gelabah kau!! Nasib baik selamat. Tp solat tuh..hmphh...selamat jugaklah.

Agak2 kalau ade markah utk 4 perkara ni, I think markah solat la paling sikit. But to think back, anak pun amanah Allah jugak. Suatu pinjaman besar dan huge investment for akhirah. Teringat pesan anon, buat yang terbaik dalam semua perkara sebab bukan kita yang menilainya :) Allah menilai sekecil2 usaha manusia, berdoalah minta keampunanNya, InsyaAllah syurga untuk kita semua.

Salam Ramadhan and lets try to use it to the fullest. Amin.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kuih crazy

My cooking mojo is going down but I went crazy over making kuih traditional. Like pulut panggang, roti jala, seri muka, lompat tikam, karipap, dadar berlauk ... to name a few =_=

Anyway, thanks to God for making me having a good people around our house so that I could always bring all the kuih that I made for evening tea for Mak Mak session :P 

This week overhaul.

 One of the anak Mak Mak. She's two days older than Rauhah :)

You know what I have in mind right now? Kuih Paung! and Tepung Bungkus!

Sheeshh...I really could went overboard on this. Hahah.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Have you ever pray for someone that you never know,never met,never heard of? This is not about MH307, this feeling is different than that - for me.

My neighbor just lost her brother in law this week due to lung cancer. She keep close her relationship with all her family, despite the number of siblings and cousins. Their family once booked the whole Angullia Resort Terengganu - just for a family gathering (itupun ramai xdapat dtg). Imagine how big and close the family are.

I didnt know how to act, nor what to say when she always tell stories and progress about (then) brother in law. I mean, I never met the person and how am I suppose to say or at least make something for her to feel better? So I just lend my ears and wish for the best as I think thats probably what she needs at that moment. Her husband was away offshore, thus explains.

Last night she called me few times, wanted to tell me that he's critical. She's crying over the phone and I decided to go over her house. I have no idea what I'm doing but I think she needs someone to talk to. Luckily Husband understands and I spends quite sometime at her house. I felt nothing and I feel bad about it. Should I be sad hearing all this stories or at least have a pity on her?

To cut the stories short, the brother in law died the next day. I (again) went to her house and saw her with the kids crying in the room. I went speechless and I (again) dont know how to responds but I realized this guy must be a really great and kind man. Before she left for funerals, I gave her a hug and tell her to be strong.

I then went home, continue doing my chores but I feel disturbed. I cant explained myself but I feel obliged to give my sincerest pray to the arwah. Feels like he really deserved a good place at the lifeafter. Betapa baiknya arwah sampaikan stranger boleh rasa mulianya dia. Mungkin juga sebab neighbor ini dari keluarga yang baik menyebabkan rasa terkesan kebaikan arwah itu.

Doa tidak mengenal siapa. Ikhlaskanlah dan hanya orang yang baik menerima balasan yang baik didunia dan akhirat. Semoga Allah ampunkan dosa arwah dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang beriman. 


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Husband normally go back home for lunch during lunch time at work. His routine would be lunch-nap-go back to office within one hour. On the days that I hadn't finish cooking by the time he reach home, he'll make sure that he had his nap, even it's just for 15 minutes.

Today he texted that he wont be home and I normally replied OK but I spiced it up with what he'll be missing over lunch today.

... JE 

He arrived minutes later and Rauhah started to bug his daddy. He lift her up while heading straight to kitchen for his plate. I saw he's in rush so I took Rauhah from him for some distractions. I noticed he put another round of rice before going back to office. Seems like someone is enjoying his meal today :p

I laughed silently but happy that he had proper lunch. Another sense of achievement unlocked for a housewife like me. Small yet so meaningful :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I already draft a blog to announce my second pregnancy but of course Allah is the best planner of all.

I bleed on Sunday and it took me three days to find the right doctor which includes after went to three clinics and two hospital that I found out the baby didn't grow as what he/she should be. The size was 6 weeks where he/she should be in 11 weeks size.

I've done my first scan at Klinik Kesihatan Kerteh but the doctor told me she didnt see anything. It was very fast process and I saw the she was very rush during the whole scannning process. Thinking it was too early to detect the baby, I kept quiet and told myself that the doctor probably was right.

Things were different when I met Dr.Suraya at Kuantan Specialist when I told her my experience in Klinik Kesihatan. She said the doctor could already see the baby and the heartbeat by six weeks on obstetric scan. I told her that I have the same experience during the first pregnancy where the doctor couldnt see the heartbeat until I did the transvaginal scan at 3 months.

She then starts the obstetric scan and we could see the baby and the sac. I was happy and start to feel relief but I heard nothing. Dr.Suraya keep the positivity by saying 'See, ada ni baby. The sac is here. Ada je. Ok kita check dengan transvaginal scan pulak,okay?'

Again, no sounds of the heartbeat and Dr Suraya explains about the baby size and the whole thing. This may sounds weird but I felt relief after knowing what happen to me. The DnC was smooth, painless and I have my good rest at Umie's until the whole pantang ends. Pantang without a baby is sad when you already experience the actual pantang is.

Devastated sounds overrated but Husband and I learn a lot of things this time, expecially handling the services in Kerteh. No more waiting game and lets hope next time will be easier for us. Amin.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Sekarang adalah musim taknak masak. Kalau masak pun, kesudahannya aku makan nasi ngn telur goreng je. Lauk lain tak sentuh. Hari semalam dah hari keberapa makan luar. FYI, kos makan sini (utk 2 org) sama je kalau homecooked atau kau makan luar sebab tu xheran tp benci jugak bila fikir terkena time xsedap tu. Dengan anak sekali makan kat luar. Hari ni baru timbul perasaan bersalah. Maafkan saya.

Dan petang semalam meroyan terus buat carrot cake. Lepas tu teringat ada few resepi fynn jamal yg aku nak try. Tapi naik menyampah sebab #resepirumahkokping dah banyak sgt sampai aku lost. Ade blogger yg share few recipes tp aku nak jugak yg asli - gitu. Disebabkan aku gigih scroll, akhirnya jumpa fav aku - si sheperds pie.

Nah. Aku siap screenshot sbb aku dah xnk cari lg.

Pagi ni , KPI cemerlang sikit sbb buat breakfast dan tapau utk Husband pergi ke laut. Tgh hari plan bubur lambuk, senang Rauhah boleh mkn sekali. Mlm baru buat si sheperds ni.

Nak warm up mood mabuk mknn sendiri kne amek masa. Kita mulakan yg simple dulu. Sekian, cerita housewives first world problem hari ni.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Apple crumble and love

I never like apple crumble. I dont like anything that is cooked using apple as main ingredients but ironically I rather cook it when I gets tired of having so many Fuji Apples in our fridge.

I just baked one evening within less half hour and leave it for dinner outside.

Came back and my apple crumble is ready for my first time ever taste of that sweet savory snack. To my surpised, it tasted heavenly good that I told Husband about it.

Me: B, not to brag or being baised cause it's my cook but I swear it is soooooo gooood.

Husband: Tak nak. Tak suke.

Me: Try la B. I dont even like it either tapi siyes sedap!!

Husband:: Hishh..memang tak suke la cooked apple.

Me: Semulut je B. Seriously, you SHOULD try. Tak kenal maka tak cinta.

Husband: Tak pe. Tak payah kenal. Memang tak suke

Still insisting, I said 'Same macam kalau you didnt know me lah. B cinta Sayang tak kalau B tak kenal Sayang?'

Husband: Cinta!

Wahhh..confident kau! Teruk betul tak nak rasa apple crumble sampai kne argue pasal cinta. Haih..

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

17 months Rauhah

My toddler is 17months today!! Alhamdulillah sihat walafiat dan terhindar dari musibah (kecuali yang ter tu rahsia kita je lah ok?A reminder for me especially) Demam menjengah kala nak tumbuh gigi. Tapi cepat baik. Syukur. She had four teeths and a lot more coming up from her gum. I could see it will shows up real soon.

Loves camera and watching her own photos/video =.="

Current favourite food is anything in noodles like laksa/bihun sup/mee goreng/spaghetti. Dah jemu nasi dan bubur but still love her greens. She eats almost everything except things that is soury (yogurt and any berries fruits)

Her days mostly needs activity or else we both end up cranky the whole day :p but alhamdulillah we can manage it very well by entertaining her with toys while I'm cooking or letting her making a huge mess while I'm having my rest on the couch.

Ini ketika sedang menggosok baju.

I saw so many activities that you could do with toddlers and we had tried few such no 4,9,12 and 19 from here. Unlike other kids, she hates playdough and refuse to even touch it when I made it for her the other day. Maybe I'll try it again some day. There are few other reference like this one that been shared by Angah.

She is now understand a lot of instruction and a very good helper when asked in a plain language, such asking her to wipe her mouth after eating. We already started spelling for things that we dont want her to do at the moment. Like spelling H-I LIMA for Hi5 when we are talking about it while watching our fav movie cause we dont want her to start asking us the show on tv :P

Still a big fan of books and pools. Now, she is currently enjoying new fun things to do - to jump from higher place such our couch to the floor. Dah la landing sbelah kaki dulu. Hadoi. Testing the gravity ey?

Thats all for now and here's a short video for your amusement :) Aku tak paham ape yang die tak puas hati dengan any gambar kucing dalam buku. Nasib baik dengan kucing betul die pet baik-baik.

ps: Doaku semoga kau senang selalu. Amin.