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Friday, July 29, 2016

To start planting (again)

I have been trying to plant few things. Started with daun pandan first. Bought the soils and pot from Mr.DIY. Then I have Sawi seeds that Babah gave me millions years ago :P baru nk tanam.

Daun kari dalam baldi tu hiasan smata ><

Ni after few days, tgn dh gatal nk transfer

Dah la tak reti. Siap wasep Babah tnyr everything about sawi. Lol. 

Tambah pokok bawang. Nak daun je.

Serba sejemput daun kesum, kucai n daun sup. Hmm mcm padat pulak. Nnt alih.

Anak pokok sawi bkn masih malu tp awl sgt g alih dah

Then both PIL came and he checked himself saying my pokok still small to change pot. Haha. Patut la macam bantut je. Anyway I rase ade satu dua yang akan survive. We'll see lah.

Before and After

Babah then changed my pokok pandan to proper place. I am so excited with all these!! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Husband turning 30

He is not celebrative kind of person but I do! I so am. So many plans in head but so many excuses. Hehe. I manage to bake anyway and lucky him, PIL came on his birthday. Lagi lah suka. Soo many foods on the table and we all so kenyang than usual :P

I siap made choc cake in heart shape okay but jadi rezeki his officemates (I told you we have too many foods) Tak ambik picture pon. Yang ada..ni je.

Haha. My cheeky boy lah! Eee lepa sekejap je. Habis cucuk sane sini.

Happy birthday Husband! Semoga bertambah murah rezeki dan berkurang kilograms dengan jayanya :P We love you!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why my kids acting up 1

Because I tested my new tudung. He thought I am going out and not taking him.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Random rants

I was unwell yesterday and Husband is in charge of becoming the nanny and the cook. All the cleaning stuff can wait sebab rumah was out of water since noon.

I feel like he is playing mak mak with the kids. Too cute. Masak nasi dengan telur goreng je. Letak kicap. Itu pun kemain suka Rauhah. She was at first reluctant and was under estimate that her Abi can cook and become the mummy in the house.

After the foodnis served and the tummy is full all she could say was 'Sedapppp abi masak!' and Husband couldnt stop bragging himself all day long. Oh well, layankan jelah.

I am feeling stronger now and dah start clock in. Air dh ada and the first thing is cleaning up the pile in the sink. Aqil tumblers ni isi air je tapi amboi tgk si hitam2 ni benci matakuuu.

Cleaning brush xde and while waiting Dr.Browns ni sampai, kne la hadap masuk cotton dlm tu.

Lidi takde. I tibai straw ikea kerat sikit nk tolak cotton. Gigih sbb geram!

Hadap menda ni lg lama dr basuh pinggan mangkuk yang setimbun tu. Celah sane sini la area loop bottle cap tu la *sigh

Lega matakuuu

Lalu air tak hilang okay. Sile make sure your kids water bottle clean btul2. Skang mcm2 sakit. Starts from home and as parents lets make sure this simple things been taken care of.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Topshop Malaysia

I remember during Uni days, I’ve been eyeing to own this one bag that Topshop Malaysia have. I dont have the picture of it since it was long time ago but the bag was really my first shoulder bag. It's leather, big enough to toss my tutorial papers and the color was so earthy. It was green army.

So when I manage to have my own salary (those were intern days) I quickly went to buy it and luckily they have the last two piece. I wore it most of the time afterwards until it is worn off that I am so sayang to throw it away. I kept it and after years and having kids I dont find it's purpose.

It's time to hunt a new handbag but since I am away from physical store, I need to opt the easiest solution. Online lah! Haha.

I need a tote at least and some of the choices fits me. Tote or shopper bag just a need item for moms, especially. Easy to stuff all the diapers, baby wipes, extra kiddos clothes and what not but still be in style.

Love stitch details!

I always settle for safe colors but Topshop has some other tote bag that quite interesting to me. I never choose suede for bags but here are one of that matched to my style.

As I browse more, I stumble few items as well. Looking on those options, I might settle for some other tops too, just because the color reminds me of my old bag. Haha. Hashtag; women can never settle for one item.

I blame my friend who introduce this brand. I just cant help to just browse for more. I's therapeutic just to see all the designs lays on he screen calling my name. Drama mode on! Haha. Oh did I mention I bought purse as well after the first bag? hen after that few tops and jackets? Yea, it is really addictive ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Expect the unexpected

Husband has been under the weather for the past week. He had major fever, dizziness and nauseas.

Sounds familiar? No? Well, it sounds to me just like another fever or maybe food poisoning.

But his bos apparently have different thoughts. He wondered 'Are you expecting?'

He burst laughing and his collegue added 'Untunglahh kalau ade laki yg mabuk bile bini die ngandung'

He told me about this and I chuckled but just couldnt deny the possibilities that there are those cases. My cousins were 6 months pregnant but her husband who keep on puking the whole time during the first trimester. He said 'Malu kat org je duk mabuk2 kejap g toilet. Padahal bini yg ngandung' 


Ps: In before you speculate, no, we are not expecting :p

Monday, July 18, 2016

The one who missed vaccination

Aqil missed his vaccination since 5 months old. It is all because the shortage that all clinics had and the troublesome of finding one. Blame the parents as well sbb x nak hadap klinik kerajaan.

At first I am just okay je he missed his scheduled vacc sbb dh consult with the doctor. Then the measels starts and I started to get (more) worried. Time tulah nak gigih pergi klinik kerajaan and time tulahhh the vac book hilang :O

Puas dah cari tp x jumpe and lastly during Ramadhan, doa kan mudah makbul kan, so selit jugak doa nk jumpe buku vac tu. Punya la risau. Haha.

Dannnn jumpaaa!!

Dkat rumah Mama. Padahal dah cari before that tau. And then trus je smooth jumpe klinik yg ade stock MMR. Kene la cucukk ini budak. Tak cry pun. Kakak die yg takut lebih. Lol.

Alhamdulillah takde demam. Just that lepas kne shot, die melepek je.

Falls asleep on his own ><

Friday, July 15, 2016

Fool Proof Recipe: Ayam Sambal Bali by Aisha Shukor

I learn this dish from FB. It went viral last year and I get hooked up. I made it few times since the main ingredients (serai and daun kari) is just at the back of my house. I crave it again and I had a hard time because you see, I need to buy and I am cheapskate like that :P

We stop by at our old crib during Raya the other day, sambil2 pergi visit the neighbours. I took the usual ingredients and I made it again! I think this dish is the reason I am so semangat nak start planting again. Hehe.

Husband finish the whole thing and for the first time he asked 'Ni masak ape yang?'

I was like =_= and he praise the good food on the table today. 'Sedap' he said. I told him I cooked it few times dah but he dont recall and I suddenly doubting myself if I only cook this dish whenever he's not home. 

Ah well, since he mention die suke, boleh la I buat selalu. Takde la asek ayam kicap boring tu je :P

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Little organic in me

One of my resolution this year is to plant. We had a small space to plant and it just big enough to have serai, daun pandan, lengkuas, pokok kari. It was fun, although I am not the one who start all the planting. Babah, PIL who plant serai, lengkuas, halia and kunyit. All survive except kunyit. Halia tu pun suddenly shows up after more than a year. See how neglected I was during early days staying Kerteh? Haha.

The day when I have to start over

Serai pun after a while it died and I have to start over. Pandan pun also died sebab I tak siram and I dont know, kinda manja. Lengkuas is the survivor of all.

The halia yang suddenly muncul :P

Daun kari ni dah besar skarang. Branak pinak plak tu

So I start over again with serai and daun pandan. Daun kari took from Umi's and wow everything just magically alive whenever I plant after that.

I started planting nenas as well but it died during the heat season where we left home for almost a week. I had daun kesum too. Tak banyak but just enough whenever I want to use it.

That..was history. I am so sad and kind of not in the mood to start again after all the love that I gave to our old place. This is one of the main reason I cook more since we stay in Kerteh, other than not working kan. 

But since I hate the idea of having to spend money over the things that I can grow previously, made me change my mood. I start over and this time in a pot. One of my neighbour told me that I can get cheap pot at Kedai Eco. It's RM2 shop and we had it near at our house. Bought all the stuffs needed and hoping I shall bring the green thumb again at this new place.

ps: All photos taken on January this year. I couldnt be bothered to take the latest photo since dah jadi semak. Gardener dah pindah kan.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hair cut

I stop going to hair salon for a hair cut since Rauhah was born. I do it on my own, just a straight cut whenever the long hair bothers me.

So I did it again few days back at night. I tought Rauhah already realize but I was wrong. It happened she only notice the difference the next day on the afternoon.

She said 'Wah..Ibu dah hair cut?!' while her eyes beaming. I thought my haircut was so neat that I finally can be a hairdresser.

'Yes. Since mlm td lg lah Rauhah. Cantik tak?'

Her replies 'Cantikkk..

... macam Dora!' with so much happiness on her face. Haha.. so much of perasan lah myself boleh jd hairdresser takat gunting mcm Dora.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Centre of attention

I cant believe I am using this picture for the second time in this blog =_=

Mark those slippers.

We went to the mall the other day and this little fella was wearing his shoes. Obviously because he cant really wear those slippers yet. He keep on putting in and out, playing as it is another toy. So we left the slippers at home, letting him walk and run whenever he like at the mall.

He was walking carefree and suddenly he stop and look aside. Something interest him, I think. He then walked towards a chair and I was 'Ohh no he is going to brush off someone again from the chair' but no.

He saw similar, the exact pair of his new slippers under the chair that is belong to a kid who is sitting at the bench. He run and grab the slippers as it was his with the mad looking face to the boy.

Oh no.

No. I said but he refuse to let it go so there goes a loud crying and me being apologetic to the kids and their parents. The family was just laughing and the kid looking clueless. You can imagine a boy who is crying out loud and the mother bow while the father carry him away for distractions. Yeap..that is our turn that night.

It took him a while to settle down. Soothing and distractions didnt work but ignoring does. So he probably cried out loud for a good 5minutes =_= There goes our first time being the centre of fame in the mall. The hashtag? #ignorantparent :P

Monday, July 11, 2016

Breastfeeding Journey 202

Aqil is turning 19 months and alhamdulillah he is still nursing directly. It is getting thougher since he has more teeth.

Masa Rauhah kalau die start biting, I'll just press her nose kasi die tahan nafas and she'll stop after several reminder. But this little boy just dont know that his mom is in pain whenever he does that. He actually tought I am just playing rough and he'll bite again.


Marah lagilah tak jadi kan. So the last resort is to give the flat face like nothing happen. Aa..susah nk make the poker face when it hurts so bad T.T luckily it works! Totally worth tahan sakit. Haha.

He doesnt show any sign to wean off lagi, altho he eat like a normal kid. Still need the milk whenever he feels like it, especially when bedtime. Another few months to go baby. Soon Ibu will wear the koyak kaftan again. Soonnn!

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Selamat Hari Raya everyone! 

We balik kampung on evening before Raya with lot of stuffs at the back in our car >< Baju Raya takyah cite la. It's kuih, cakes and extra big fruits from PIL and neighbours. Kiddos were fine, slept half way and dah start cranky dalam stgh jam lagi nak sampai. Sabar jelah.

This Raya wasnt as fun as it used to be. Kiddos were down with slight fever and flu, little brother warded for dengue, dear cousins also warded 2 days before raya, few close friends lost people they love during Ramadhan and on the Raya day itself, that includes a baby that I learn who is my friends niece. I pray hard for Allah forgives our sins and the people we lost, granted them the highest jannah. Amin.

Raya so-so je. Missing Angah sebab die raya PIL die. Umi only cook on the first day Raya which Nasi Impit, Sambal Ikan, Kuah Kacang. She tempah ketupat and Ayah make Daging Rendang, on the very last minute. I also packed my Rendang, cooked a day earlier to freeze. The second Raya makan apa yang ada je. Reheat few meals masa puasa and thats it. Umi and Ayah went balik kampung on the third Raya leaving just us siblings at home. I made burgers and cook Ikan Patin tempoyak for that day. All cleared!

Most of the days during Raya pergi to closest cousins home je. Dh happy enough sebab bukan selalu dapat jumpa. Tu pun ade jugak xsempat pergi. The time mostly spent preparing for Acik's engagement this coming weekend. Buat hantaran and few pelamin deco. All buat sendiri since it wasnt hard enough sbb dah penah buat mase Angah last year.

We dont have extra cuti, so the four days habis macam tu je. Itupun dah syukur sebab dapat movie date with Husband, thanks to awesome family tolong babysit the kiddos. Bought present for Rauhah birthday jugak sbb we plan to celebrate Rauhah birthday this year. She (of course) didnt know we are planning but since she loves the idea of surprise birthday (selalu pretending surprise us with her imaginary cake), thus the excitement we are doing it this year.

Eventually, Raya is getting better sebab little brother got discharge just in time for everyone to have meal together. My cousins pun get discharge at the eve of Raya. Had a good food at Mak Andak's house (cookies super sedap we try to stop ourselves from finishing the whole bowl) and Rauhah makan beriya sangat sane. Maybe sebab the setup and sumeorang pakat makan ramai2. Selera lebih :P Looking forward for whole family gathering this weekend for Acik's engagement.

..but now nak menghadap kain baju =_=

Ade 2 trip lg dkat ampaian. Tabahlahh..

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fool Proof Recipe: Semperit Coklat from FB

I almost give up with shared or viral recipe from FB sebab most of them wasnt as good as what I expect tapi yang ni exceptional because I am eager to know what does combination of butter and margerine will make.

It was delish!! Still semperit tapi the texture a tiny bit crunchy which I like any cookies yang crunchy ni. My SIL give it a try pun says so. Sedap!

I share kat sini for my reference :)

150g mentega Anchor in room temp
100g margerin Buttercup in room temp
150g gula icing
120g tepung gandum
170g tepung jagung
60g tepung ubi kayu
25g serbuk koko
1/4tsp garam (I omit sbb dh guna salted butter)

1. Combine mentega dan margerin in mixer
2. Masukkan gula icing. Pukul in high speed sampai kembang
3. Masukkan semua tepung. Adun smpai sebati jd doh.
4. Masukkan dlm acuan dan bentukkan
5. Bakar at 160degree for 20min (mine was 150 at 30min)

My son buat hal lagi this time. I left my oven on for the final 3mins and went out skejap. SKEJAP JE! and suddenly I smell something burning. OMG panic kejap tgk asap okayy. Hitam habes biskut I!

I ingtkan my oven buat hal sbb I've been baking since morning rupenye Aqil turns the temperature to highest degree! The oven is within his reach and he is at the phase copying everything that he saw.

I am so speechless and dont hv the heart nk marah die. Husband take over and be the bad cop but Aqil kihkihkih je. Haihh naseb baik laa tak get worst. Haduii.. Aqil..Aqil...

Fool Proof Recipe: Kek Gula Hangus by Azlita

This old school was never my favorite but since Raya is coming and suddenly I wanted this but couldnt find it in store. So I give it a try to make on my own.

Nervous gile nak buat takut tak jadi. I read a lot of people trying making this but tak jadi. Ade tu sampai 5kali. Gigih kan mereka. I salute. 

Resepi ni kene peram. Mine was 3 hours. Buat tak susah tp kalau x kene gaya, x jadi. Xtau mne dtg teori lubang semut tu spaya jadi but this is what I did:
1) I derhaka pegi kacau gula lepas letak air panas. So die berketul. I stir bersungguh la kan nk suh gula tu cair balik. So I ingat dah tak jadi.
2) I read that jangan kacau sangat masa mixing all the ingredients, just stir to combine je. So mmg I nk kacau sungguh2 telur, susu pekat, butter and gula tu pun takut2. Instead, I takut kalau trlebih kacau and tepung tak sebati, I tapis je. 
3) Perap tp I x sure main peranan ke tak but resepi suruh peram, ikut je.
4) I follow the instructions to bake api bawah for 40min and 5min api atas bawah. Kek tu mule2 naik pastu die kluar bubble while cooking inside then turun balik when dh nak masak.
5) Doa banyak2 :)

The result? 

Ada lubang yeyyyy. Masa potong tu dh dpt rse spongy and the texture is just what I expect from this cake. Toing2 and sweet enough to my liking. Thank you to the owner! Smangat I lepas ni nk buat lagi tp gune loyang kecik la sbb tgk katik je kek i guna loyang besar. Haha.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Aqil and eczema

He didnt have eczema until he turns one. It just came and he started scratched himself to bleed. I notice it started masa musim panas gile tu. His skin mmg dry since birth unlike his sister. So mse musim panas tu skin die lg senang dry so I didnt tought it was eczema. I changed his soap, put on lotion and it didnt goes away. Few lotions heals for a while but it came back. I did watch what he ate and come to conclusion that he cant eat eggs, kicap and some seafood. Stop using Johnsons especially because it just did nothing. In fact I started to blame Johnsons.

Earlier days when we start using the meds cream

My SIL knows eczema well, so I learn a lot from her. Had few tips what to eat and what recommended lotion/cream to put on. We also went to two clinics and both said the same thing. Even one of the doctor laugh when I mention I put Cetaphil sebab those are for early eczema phase je. Aqil punye dh teruk doc kata.

So I applied these med once at it straight away gets better. In fact, I started think Aqil seems outgrow eczema sebab he can slowly eat eggs. Not until he ate mee goreng that I put little kicap with no meats. Then he straight away garu.

The usual place. Nih dh getting a lot better.

So everytime die start garu2 tu I applied je any of those skali sapu je, tak lame he stop garu. Esok trus elok. I pun kne watch what I ate sbb yesterday I had sotong and this morning he start scratching himself again. Dulu boleh la pakai socks to prevent, now dah pandai bukak sendiri. Mmg kne always watch out this little fella.

Ni dh kire ok. Tgl parut. So maintain je using Cetaphil.

Oh I think the shower cream that he used plays important role jugak. Either he is outgrowing eczema or the cream really works (which I rarely used, so far tak sampai 5 kali sapu in total) but Bodyshop Shea Shower Cream ni mmg I guna everytime die mandi. The promoter from Bodyshop told me that one of her customer always buy this because it works for her kid, so this is the first time I give it a try and alhamdulillah kulit die pun getting smooth. A lot of improvement I notice lps pakai this cream.

Tak sampai sbulan dah licin and I need to buy a new one sbb tak jumpe Bodyshop lagi at this area. So in the meantime I opt for Johnson Milk+Rice baby bath. Ok je so far but I prefer Bodyshop lg sbb lg wangi and kalau I tak apply Cetaphil for a day pun x pe. His skin still moist sbb tu I suke Shea shower cream tu.

I stumble on page about baby eczema. Omg..what Aqil has is nothing compared to them. Sedih I tengok. I pray that all the kids get better and the parents stay strong looking for the right solution for their kids. Aqil mcam ni pun I dah heartbroken, imagine if I were at their place. Ramai share tips and everything. It's a good reading to for me sebab this is the first time I am handling this.