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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pap Smear

My Pap Smear turns out negative - Alhamdulillah :)

The doctor is still suggesting to do the Hysteroscopy because we never know for sure that there's no Polyps (its a growth of tissue in your womb lining). Doctor said that we cant see polyps exist in the scan test, so that's explains the surgery.

Friends ask what cause the surgery and what is the necessity. I said for me - I mean normal people - would take it as 'alaa..bleed sikit2 je. tak teruk' but dont you ever wonder why it's not happening to normal women? Normal women (by the book) would only have her menstrual at most 15 days and stops until the next cycle came. But no. It's not happening that way for me.

I have this small brownish and sometimes really red blood coming out of my vagina in between of my menstrual. It comes on and off but I never missed my period. It is my concern and hubby's as well since we are expecting a baby and of course we don't want any issue's occur during the pregnancy.

Therefore, we proceed with the surgery on this 19th April and that depends on my period. It's kind of late this month. I don't think I am pregnant btwy, cause I still have the period cramps and tiny brownish stain on my panties but it only twice since yesterday. If let say, I am pregnant, then the doctor said 'We can call the surgery off'

I wish she's right :)

The doctor prescribed me with this pills to insert my vagina - in depth. Scary isn't? Haha.

It's two tablet as small as panadol's size.

The surgery schedules at 8.30 AM which means I have to puasa that night and insert this pills at 4AM. The purpose is to make my vagina and cervics becomes tender.

She showed me the size of the Hysterscope and it's very small with diameter of 2mm. Still scary for though cause it's going to go from the bottom there. Wuwuu..

It's gonna be like this. Taken from Bupa


Ps: I still have this questions in my head now, what cause the problems? my hormons? my eating habit?

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