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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Random ramblings - Self reflection

It has been 4 great months since I became SAHM. Don't ask if this is permanent cause Im not too sure myself. What I really know that I feel great and infinite happiness with this blessed.

Benarlah kata orang, this is the best job ever, probably a dream to all working mothers out there. Though it sounds great but mind you, stay at home means more melayan-perangai-anak-yang-menguji-kesabaran.

Tipulah kalau tak rindu zaman bekerja. Perasaan mcm tu muncul bile anak buat perangai yang bikin keluar taring. Masa kerja adalah escape time dan masa utk rindu anak so that everyday ada perasaan happy utk looking forward to something that is soo dearest but that moment dissappear in instant bile anak cranky at time we are expecting die behave. Masa ni rse berslh sbb marah anak yg most probably nk attention tp kt duk pikir nak masak/buat other housechores.

Semua working mom ada perasaan yang sama. Bukan x sayang anak, tp sbb sayang lah tinggal-tinggalkan. A person could be a better mom when she is working.

I too myself have that kind of mind set tapi bila sendiri jadi SAHM rasa lain pulak. Kita sebenarnya boleh jadi better person at any condition that we had. It's a matter of choices whether nak choose to be one.

Working mom or SAHM sama je kalau kita sendiri asek nak menyinga dengan anak. Usah pikir pahala lagi banyak jadi housewife sbb itu semua kerja tuhan. Bukan manusia yg duk bagi markah pahala sape lagi banyak. Bantu suami ringankan beban pun pahala jugak kan.

Oleh itu, count your blessing people. Ingatlah masa2 rasa nak klua api kat hidung telinga tu, anak kita kecik lagi, dosa pon xde lg, apa manusia lah kita nak marah2 or tangan2 kan die yang xpaham pape tu. Lagi bagus kalau boleh remindkan diri 'Kalau anak dah takde baru tau'

Banyakkan baca article regarding being a good parents or at least ingat dalam otak 'anak, cermin kita'.

ps: Pelajaran dari alam sekeliling semasa bersosial dengan jiran tetangga. Semoga kita semua menjadi yang lebih baik!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

1 year and 2 months Rauhah

She loves this book so much that I lost count how many times I've read it for the day. I could even read this with my eyes closed as when she brings the book while I'm sleeping. It probably because of it's bright color and quite easy to flip it through for her small fingers.

Like any other normal day, she brings the book to Husband. As he's turning the page of 'Up' and saying out loud, Rauhah suddenly said 'Down'


It was very clear that Husband and I awed so happily - jumping and hugging each other. Wow..this is what parenting could do to you. A tiny little things could brings

We practiced clapping hands whenever she achieved good things like eating her meals or raising hands when we called her name - just to give her motivation :)

This is when I starting to realize 'Teach your baby as early as you can because they absorbs like a sponge. You never know how they surprise you'

ps: There's also another time when she asked me to fixed her broken rattle 'Bu, bekki' (Ibu, baiki). Ganu tak anak aku. Mane die tau bekki tahnye.

Living in Kerteh

Moving here was definitely put a new meaning of life. No more chaos and definitely more peaceful than the city. Love the fact that we are closer to both our parents (Besut and Kuantan) and we already had our landed house here.

Anyhow, the thing is I am glad that Rauhah is so carefree living here, the way that I want her to be raised. Since she's already start walking, she surely need a place for outdoors.

Entah sape punye beskal =_=
Syukur juga punya neighbors yang cakna :) - tahap jerit dari pintu je kalau nampak kelibat. We managed to join a gathering/potluck during Raya the other day. It's a very small community and plus with FB group and Whatsapp, makes all the connections so easy.

I would be lying if I didnt miss KL. I missed the daily chaos when I'm working, missed the moment that I spend with my girlfriends at any time that I want, and missed the you-name-it shopping malls but above all, this decision truly overruled everything that I have before. I don't see this coming so soon but what else should I be grateful when Allah already grants my wish sooner than I expect.

Alhamdulillah :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Breastfeeding Journey 113

It has been 1 year and 2 months on this journey and I wanted to share you my milk booster.

Remember I told you I'm not into looking finding what's mine? I somehow stumble the root cause when I realized I have an excessive milk when I'm at my parents in laws. Rauhah hasn't drink that much lately and I don't have engorgement issue since as long as I can remember but I suddenly had engorgement whenever Im in Besut.

Figuring there must be something that I ate and guess what - IT'S FRESH DURIAN!!!

10 months ago: Magh, masin ah mulut kauuuuu!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Self Ramblings - Missing the other half

Hub is away for a few days and he exported (as what his bos named it) us to my moms. This is the time to reflect how I actually missed him so dearly - a feeling that i haven't taste for so long.

I had a good time browsing through my 500G hard drives full with pictures and videos. I looked those photos that we took since we hooked up and build our life together. That includes photos to all the places we went together - holidays and adventures.

I feel so amazed on how small little things that actually gives a lot meaning back then, like a photo of our empty home or my screwed home cooked or a vid of him having a headache over chinese manual instruction of tv shelves.

Every photo and vid has its own memories and stories. I'm so glad we had it captured and even more blessed that I remember (almost) all those moments.

Unlike any other day for the past three days, I had a very beautiful feeling, despite missing the other half 300km away.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eid Mubarak!

Selamat Hari Raya semua!

Kali ni di Besut with all family around! As far that I remember this is the first time that we get the chase to be together since we get married. Now, with babies and kids. so you probably get the idea. Haha.

Raya food mestilah bermula dengan Nasi Dagang Mama, terbaik dari ladang! Tambah pulak dengan Laksa Penang. The next day Nasi Minyak Umie from Bachok with Ma's added homecooked lauk. Raya ke3 kita makan satay 2 ringgit secucuk sebab gemok2. Haruslah home made juga satay itew. Then esoknya Ma buat Laksa Penang dengan lauk jugak sebab nak balik dah. Bekalan penting lauk-lauk tuh :P

It's also my first time soo crazy into baking. Made Popiah Nestum, Sarang Semut and Kuih Siput. Few others was Butter Cookies with Acik and Uda, Tart Nenas and Cheese Tart with Kimah and Kak Jah.

Popiah nestum yang kene buat 2 kali

Ayah masuk dapur bila tengah buat kuih ni and he asked 'Buat kuih ape' and mulut ringan menjawab 'Kuih sarang kerengga - sebab die gemuk' Tergelak die.

Menyiput sorang diri dan Husband surprise 'Jom balik Besut hari ni'. Nasib sempat goreng sparuh. Dapat la satu balang. Ingatkan boleh sambung kat Besut and surprise lagi sebab lupa simpan doh. Lepas 2 hari baru amik dr kereta dan sekiannn..berkulat segala. Lalu menjadi rezeki sampah lah jawabnya.

Buttercookies - terima kasih Acik dan Uda yang gigih meng-icingkan cookies ni. Kalut sangat balik rumah kejar berbuka kononnye. Sep bek merasa buat sekejap. Hehe.

Kuih yang Kimah kene buat 2 kali jugak sebab sedap gile oiiiii!

Ni kuih paling tak semenggah. Blueberry cheese tart yang takde acuannye, xde proper filling nyer tapi yang penting full with love gitewww. Lame nih nak buat sebab pause main bunga api

I'm sure everyone had their own Raya stories to share with but what matters the most is we had great time with people that we love. It's all that matters :)