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Monday, April 11, 2011

Lipat kain

I enjoyed clean up my house as much I love do the laundry but the only thing that I hate the most is this!

 Melimpah ruah!

Ya Allah..it takes me forever to fold the baju. Umi always said to hang on the cloth but 'Umi, almari da penuh' Haha. The biggest problem is to keep back the folded baju into the wardrobe - especially my tudung.

Lipat2 taruk dalam almari pastu bile nk gune puas cari sebab slalu letak merata. Selendang and tudung bawal campur tempat yang sama. Tapi skarang, tidak lagi (eceh. rse mcm iklan plak) cause I found the use of these hanger at IKEA!


I am so proud of myself. Tudung semakin mudah dicari! All my selendang hangs here and tudung bawal lipat simpan dlm space drawer. Oh..tudung songkok (the one with the awning) I clip with hanger yg ade sepit tu. Much more organized :)

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