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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bieber fever

Do you have it?

Most of my circle of friends is a BIG NO fan on him but his songs keeps playing on everyone's head and (dont lie to me) they know his songs very well! Was talking to hubby about it and he looks how he reacts. Over tau :P

Honestly people, what's wrong with Bieber? I am no fan either but Fly FM have this tweet asking what is the thing that annoys you about Justin Bieber. I am reading all the retweets and must agree most of it quite true!

Some of the reasons:
- his hair
- his fangirls
- overrated popularity-ness
- baby baby baby ohhhhh...doesnt that annoys you?
- the way he flips his hair (SANGAT AGREE!!)
- his chipmunk womanly voice and the fact that his music is being shoved down our throats so we have no choice but to like him

Haha. So many retweets but he can dance! Ok what?! (no?)

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