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Saturday, January 4, 2014

17 months Rauhah

My toddler is 17months today!! Alhamdulillah sihat walafiat dan terhindar dari musibah (kecuali yang ter tu rahsia kita je lah ok?A reminder for me especially) Demam menjengah kala nak tumbuh gigi. Tapi cepat baik. Syukur. She had four teeths and a lot more coming up from her gum. I could see it will shows up real soon.

Loves camera and watching her own photos/video =.="

Current favourite food is anything in noodles like laksa/bihun sup/mee goreng/spaghetti. Dah jemu nasi dan bubur but still love her greens. She eats almost everything except things that is soury (yogurt and any berries fruits)

Her days mostly needs activity or else we both end up cranky the whole day :p but alhamdulillah we can manage it very well by entertaining her with toys while I'm cooking or letting her making a huge mess while I'm having my rest on the couch.

Ini ketika sedang menggosok baju.

I saw so many activities that you could do with toddlers and we had tried few such no 4,9,12 and 19 from here. Unlike other kids, she hates playdough and refuse to even touch it when I made it for her the other day. Maybe I'll try it again some day. There are few other reference like this one that been shared by Angah.

She is now understand a lot of instruction and a very good helper when asked in a plain language, such asking her to wipe her mouth after eating. We already started spelling for things that we dont want her to do at the moment. Like spelling H-I LIMA for Hi5 when we are talking about it while watching our fav movie cause we dont want her to start asking us the show on tv :P

Still a big fan of books and pools. Now, she is currently enjoying new fun things to do - to jump from higher place such our couch to the floor. Dah la landing sbelah kaki dulu. Hadoi. Testing the gravity ey?

Thats all for now and here's a short video for your amusement :) Aku tak paham ape yang die tak puas hati dengan any gambar kucing dalam buku. Nasib baik dengan kucing betul die pet baik-baik.

ps: Doaku semoga kau senang selalu. Amin.


Unknown said...

ain..ko dh blk kl ke? kat mane ko beli fridge magnet ABC tuh??suka plak aku tgk si rauhah ni main..comel je..hahaha km slm ngn rauhah k..

The wife said...

kat kerteh la yang. tah husband aku beli. ko nk ke? nnt aku tnyrkan. rauhah jwb wslm. hehe.

tash said...

Tumpang tanya the pool picture is it the place where you guys live now? Our family will be relocating to Kerteh sp tengah sibuk cari rumah over the internet (Mudah dan sewaktu dengannya) but there isn't many choices.

Could you give heads up? Thanks and appreciate it!
Jazakallah khair

The wife said...

Hi Tash,

Unfortunately the pool was at our hotel which is not Kerteh at all. Sorry to tell you that there's no house/apartment nearby that provide pool but there's one pool provided at Rantau Golf Club that you can pay at any visit.

Rumah mmg susah nak cari dekat Kerteh but there's a lot at Paka. I hope by the time you read this, you already find suitable house nearby :)