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Friday, October 6, 2017


Aqil has been challenging these days and I really hate this phase. The tantrum.. oh my god! Where did he get those energy??

He could spent hourS to throw his voice out loud, and keep continue before he really gives the white flag. It has been a struggling weeks and my heart just hardened. I had enough of spanking and this week I had to start the bathroom timeout, again.

Today he asked me to teman him minum air. Done it once but not twice. I told him he have to do it by himself and he refused. Therefore the drama this morning. I started timing after all the pep talk didnt work.

20minutes in the bathroom with forced shower.

That. Is. A. Record.

The whole building must be cursing me this week 'Again?! Crying?'

Felt terrible at early days but no more. Ibu got to straight you up. Hitting might work faster than timeout but I realized he became more stubborn.

The timeout seems working this week and he has improved. Manja can layan. That, I understand but when he just dont want to give in as well, hence the timeout.

I look at my number three and pray. Please please please no more tantrum from you, just pleaseeeee.