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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The arrival of number two

I have been nesting at Umie since 36weeks of pregnancy, expecting this shall be another early labor like the sister. It feels years waiting for the baby to come out when I'm home and I never felt time was moving this super slow previously.

My AFL reading was low during 37week check up makes me more cautious when it becomes closer to EDD. I had cramps most of the time during this week until the week after. Some blobs also starts to come out during this week. Hmm.. I think thats the only major sign of Im getting near to labor day.

The cramps becomes severe each day until the night of 19th December. I had stomacahe the whole night and after several trips to the toilet, I finally had the real contractions at 4.30am. I knew I will deliver the baby anytime during the day but I wait since I still can hold the contractions. Lagipun ade check up that morning with my gynae.

So around 10am after breakfast with nasik lemak and seketul roti canai, Ayah drop me and Umi at the hospital - just like another day of check up. Luckily, I just waited for 15minutes before my turn and I told Dr.Suraya regarding the contractions that I had. She asked for a scan and checked that the baby already engaged. She then checked the opening and I already 6cm dilated. She rushed me to the labor room and there I was lying on the bed waiting impatiently while the nurse prepare all the necessary things.

Rauhah witnessing all this with anxious face, like she knows something wrong with me. Alhamdulillah theres no drama from her that morning and she just okay for everything been asked for. Ibu so proud of you, big sister :)

Oh husband wasnt around and he jokingly said 'Dont wait for me ok. Just push when you need to'. Hamboi.. Ingt sakit beranak boleh tunggu ke b. Haha. Luckily he managed to arrive before the doctor broke my water.

There was three nurses in the room and I've been informed that I'm the only person who is going to deliver that morning. The nurse was super friendly and I could see that they are making an effort for me to have a happy delivery as possible. Such a cheerful team :)

As usual, CTG didnt trace my contraction and I didnt really feel the same pain that I had at home. I even had a slight fever from last night stomachce and baby heartbeat started to increase which forcing the nurse to insert hormones in my blood for faster delivery. The doctor came later, broke my water and here goes the real pain. I also took happy gas to ease the contractions.

Introducing Aqil bin Muhammad Hafiz :)

Alhamdulillah, after the third push, I safely delivered a healthy 3.64kg baby boy at 11.45am on 20 December 2014.

Husband said the delivery was faster than Rauhah.Belum pape, dah ckp boleh la lg 6. Hamboiiii kan husband I. I told him the pain was more excrutiating and probably remember the pain for quite some time. Hehe.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Third pregnancy

Hmm.. how do I start this. Susah la pulak nak ingat how I discover this pregnancy. I remember I had my first period after the miscarriage and as usual it was late but couldnt bother much sebab normally it'll go ting-tong kan. Konon nak keep it cool x nak test tapi aih.. ingat senang ke duk pikir 24jam mende ni. Haha. So there I was, beli pregnancy kit kat Guardian dan test.

Pergi confirm test dekat Klinik Badaruddin Sg Isap tp bukan dengan UPT sebab dokter rilek kata, kite scan terus lah. Wahh klinik ni ade scan lah. Tp tak harap sgt nk nampak baby sebab the two experience mmg xnmpk masa awal2. Surprisingly, nampak dah baby tu dengan blinking heartbeat die. Masa ni memang terbeliak mata because I wasnt expect to see the baby just yet and I must say this pregnancy keeps on surprising us afterwards. I am at 6th week of pregnancy when we confirm this and I pray hard to have this baby safe.

Week 23

Dah 23 weeks baru nak cerita progress but I try to put as much as what I can remember. Kire summary from start lah senang.

Weight gain

Ni isu nombor satu. hahaha. I started 2kg less from the first pregnancy and the weight gain wasnt really kick off due to the nauses that I had during the first trimester. Habis first trimester,terus Ramadhan dan Raya baru berat naik dengan cemerlang. Now I already gain total of 6 kg with baby weight at 666grams.


This time was far worst than the first pregnancy. I cant cook, have trouble with most cooking smells and I throw up a lot. I cant even properly enjoy my meal sebab lepas makan confirm rasa nak muntah balik. Ktorg bnyk mkn luar masa ni and I only cook Rauhah bubur je.

Baby progress

We found out the gender at week 11 check up. It was totally unexpected sebab masa Rauhah, we only could see it after 5 months and this time it was really obvious. I also could feel the movement after week 12 which is so early and right now, the baby was moving actively inside, unlike Rauhah yang susah sangat nak feel the kick - nak masuk thrid trimester baru betul2 rasa.

Week 27

We had our regular check up at Kuantan Specialist this time under Dr. Suraya. It was so far a very professional experience with her and probably because this is not my first experience. She keep it simple for every check up that we had. Fast but yet satisfied. Dah, ko nk ckp ape lg kan, scan baby ok, sume ok, cukuplah. Ade soklan, tnyer. Gitu.


Sudah 2kali minum utk kali ini sebabnye my first MGTT result was 7. Blame Raya at that time. Hoho. Alhamdulillah, the second MGTT was far way better which is 5 (happy face) Lega betul!

Pregnancy craving

Takde yang pelik so far, mcm Rauhah dulu suke makan ais tapi skarang tak. Memang xde yang ngidam sgt. Baby ni rilek je. Tak tau la kalau tetiba masuk third trimester baru tunjuk kan.

Mommy's activity

Dah ada toddler ni, mmg mencabar la tapi alhamdulillah everything is fine for both of us. Memang ada masa si bakal kakak ni menduga kesabaran dan kelaratan Ibu mengandung dengan nak mengempeng 24jam.

Week 35

Wah 3rd trimester was really challenging. I had terrible stomachace for two weeks that caused me external hemerhoids T.T Talked about this to my gynae and she said the pressure of the baby that caused it to happen. Thank God xde bleeding or whatnot.

And there's this excrutiating pain down there during week 30th where I cant sleep and weep. I almost thought the baby wana come out sebab sakit gile. Not sure if it was Braxton Hicks or what. Masa Rauhah dulu memang takde sakit mcm this time around.

Baby was moving super actively that I could wake up from my sleep because it's summersault :p A joyful kick from the inside. The baby growth was normal but I could feel that I walked wobbly mcm berat gile perut and the truth is, sakit sangat kalau jalan/duduk lame2.

Pregnancy kali ni sgt berhati2 sebab baru je lepas miscarriage and I am very traumatize from what had happen before. This involve a life we're talking about and I really hope this baby is always healthy and God knows how I tried to keep the positivity in mind this time around. May this delivery is smooth as Rauhah last time and as healthy as he/she can be. Amin.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The hunter strikes again

Macam biasa la pemburu Big Bad Wolf kita, musim ni pegi lagi dan as the same reason like always is nak beli buku anak. He spent the whole day yesterday and even had his sleepover kat surau before continue searching for the books. Gila, I know :P

Here's the haul this time around tapi sangat over bila siap beli buku Maths and English up to 10 years old =_=

He bought the whole year series

Ni pun dalam category budak besar punyer buku jugak

Rauhah just been introduced with sticker and luckily ade these item sold with the sticker book. As usual, one is not enough.

Another few fun items that caught his eyes, like these paper models and origami which I have to hand these over him when the time comes. I can read her books 100th time but bab skill yang ni bagi Husband buat lah, die memang minat.

Story books harus tak lupa - adding to her collection last year. Kali ni pop up book yang age appropriate sebab hard paper, unlike yang dulu. The one that Husband bought last year masih dalam simpanan sebab fragile sangat. Tunggu la another year nak bagi die explore.

Rauhah is about to turn 3 next year and we both excited to seriously start schooling her. Some basic for a start, mostly tracing:

These two are tiny books and die buat macam building block pulak, main susun but luckily sambil main tu die belek jugak the page and sebut the items inside.

The most exciting items was this one - Diary on Wimpy Kid art set. She spent hours dengan coloring set ni. Quality agak huduh since production tahun 2010 kan but boleh la bagi die seronok ngn set ni. RM18 je.

Pastu dok scribble atas buku ni

How about ours? Dalam pada restraining ourselves beli sebab ade few books at home tak baca lagi, ada jugak la seketul dua :P

Disclaimer, this is not mine. Husband is very artsy you know. Sewing nih!

Mine! I probably finish this while nesting at mom this month ;)

The sale last for two weeks and they restocked new items everyday. Husband ni pergi pun sebab die purposely reschedule his appointment. If we were still in KL, I think he'll go there everyday kot. Haha. Pergilah kalau berkesempatan. Im sure you'll grab at least one :P

Friday, December 5, 2014


Sneezing is uncomfortable for the person who had to bear it for god-knows-how-long, especially when you dont know what might caused it. Husband had this issue for as long as I know him but we both didnt really look the matter seriously - probably the weather ke or lately we've notice maybe the lack of rest that he had. Yang penting, tak selalu kan, so macam takdelah worrisome sangat.

He used to have asthma tapi masa kecik je. Husband ni jenis sneeze yang tahap kuat boleh gegar rumah tau. When Rauhah was born, I always give him these cold gaze whenever he's about to sneeze. Kacau baby tido tau. Tapi lama2 Rauhah pun dah immune bunyi Abi die bersin tu.

Husband has been gone back and forth to the clinic but nothing seems answering the cause neither provide the ultimate solution (drugs) for his sneeze. So he took it to the specialist and went for further check up. He had done physical check up and nothing suspicious about it. The lung was clear and even he had no issues with sinusitis pun! Konon nk tuduh resdung tapi takde. The next step was he had to take the blood test and waited for a month for detail result. 

And now, we finally had the answer that he actually had allergies to dust mite. Off charts lagi weh! So no wonder when we moved to Kerteh, die jarang bersin macam dulu. Probably the air is cleaner and plus since I'm not working, so rajin la buang habuk and clean the house.

Ade few things lagi yang he's allergic to

We had a long chat about this and it means more chores after this. Rumah kalau tak berkilat lagi xtau lah. Luckily I'm the kind of person who loves doing laundry - so xde masalah kalau takat basuh cadar, towel every 2-3 days but bab nak menjemur and vacuum bagai tu, humph... doakanlah kerajinan dan kekuatan tu lebih ye. Amin.

Doctor had suggested few solutions macam gune dust mite net or controller that cost RM300++ First time dengar such thing and harga pun hmm-hmmm :P For internal use boleh consume Znet tapi temporary jugak la. Kalau dah allergies ni, memang kne banyak control, nak hilang permanently seems impossible. At least now, we both know what to avoid and who's our enemy is ;)