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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I found this online site when I am looking for my unborn SIL daughter's (which end up not buying anything cause I am more interested with Snuggbaby's diaper clutch) Despite the different decision, I still buy something from BBstore for my friends' (oh..I remember back then, there was so many people that are close to me is going to have a baby)

This time, I went for their store's at Jalan Kuchai Lama cause I found it's easier and faster since the place is just 5 minutes rides from my home. Went this evening with hubby and bought the same thing (again) this time.

The store is located at the second floor of at the lot shop. So you might want to look up when finding it ;)

It's upstairs people.


I must say the place is quite small but yet very organized and everything is well placed. The sales person is very helpful and not the kind you-mcm-xde-duit-mesti-saje-dtg-tgk. haha. But honestly they are really nice and try to give your space and ask if they found you kinda lost of what you looking for :)

Online shopping is not really my thing unless there's no other option. Do I need to mention why? Haha.

See these bouncer and rocker. Too cute to resist and I almost buy it but hubby said too expensive to give for a friend - anak sendiri tak pe. Cheapskate! (so we can buy that rocker for our baby yeh?) Haha.

..and I end up buying the same thing again which is the bottle drying rack.

I already bought this last time for another friend.

So if you want to find something else, other than normal baby gift, BBstore is a place that you want to search something different :) They have user friendly online site where you can find from how old the baby for till the type of baby stuff you want, either a toys or baby equipment. Go there yourself and you might end up planning to buy for your baby even you dont have one :P (like me!)

Baby stuff too cute kan? ^_^ I would love to give all my friends who's going to have a baby. The moment I know they are pregers, I already start looking for the gift but normally I ask. Even said so, most of them prefer not have another botol susu. See..That's why I bought the drying rack! Haha.

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