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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Aqil turns one

I plan for few things on his birthday. Bake a cake and make few snacks for kids to enjoy later that evening. I senses that his Atuk and Nekmi will surprise us that day and plan on baking later on. My guts was right and he had his special day celebrated with his grandparents.

I end up didnt make any on my plans because we had too much food that day. His grandparents loves him too much that they bought cookies and candies which end up in my tummy more than the birthday boy himself. Haha.

The grandparents spend the rest of the day with us and it was all about chilling on the couch kind of day. Alhamdulillah for everything and may they been grant with more barakah in life.

Atuk gave him a loud rattle that he enjoys playing until he bangs it off and break it later that evening. Haha.

He already started walking that time and is healthy happy boy. You had bring so much amusement in our life. Ibu, Abi and Kakak loves you so much darling. Happy birthday love!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

10 months Aqil

Biggest milestone this few feeks is that he wants to stand up straight and prefer crawl like a spiderman, without touching his knees. It amused me so much that I would just laugh staring him doing it.

He had his first step last week and had climb up the stairs quickly whenever I forgot to close the stair gate. Unlike his sister, he climbs and climbs. Pantang tgk benda yang die boleh panjat. Pastu cried for help when he couldnt go down by himself. Haha.

Hates slimey food like bubur. Thus explains why he didnt wants his own food. Soft potatoes and carrots are fine for him. Fruits pun same. Cookies? Major love. Probably for his itchy gums. Still bf but not that much after I found out his food preferences. 

Still loves bath time and sleeps through the night. Able to throw stuff and my floor full with that small plastic balls whenever he is inside that playhouse.

He already started to show his frustuation if things doesnt goes his way. He'll bite or grab anything that he could, like hair and pull it at all his might. The frequent victim? The sister lah. We told Rauhah to just ran away je when this happen. So far working well, although sometimes it will end up Aqil chasing her back and there goes 'catch-me' game. Haha.

Totally normal

Since this post has been in draft for weeks, I am about to post few update at his age turning 11 months. He now manage to clap his own hand. We never teach him to do so but I guess he probably seeing and observing what we've been doing.

He's been pulling stuff out of place as he already master in standing up. He took our Roti Boy that I put at our dinner table and helping himself eating the bread on the floor, silently. The other day, he opened my kitchen cabinet and spill off my beras. He'll be in a happy mood everytime he did this kind of thing.

Mangsa 186: Keropok

A challenging guy la this fella. I've been running most of the time when doing chores, saving the mess or most of the time, saving him from harm. It's a new experience sebab Rauhah tak mcm ni. Or at least I dont remember panting taking care of a baby. Haha.

He's a bit under the weather today. Check temp x demam but badan ada panas. Probably nk toothing kot. Thats all for now. Next update probably 1 year pulak. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2015


I need to let it out. I need to be reminded about this.

I witnessed women been abused, been neglected and been hurt emotionally/physically. What makes me wonder is that what holding them? Anak? Social stigma? Or just pure reason; menjaga aib suami?

And why that these women didnt tell anyone, not even to their closest family/friends about how they feel?

Sebab kita, perempuan, bertahan selagi mampu. Walau bertahun.

Sebab kita, hati perempuan, hanya Tuhan yang tahu. Dia empunya segala.

Dan semoga kita, perempuan, dikurniakan kekuatan untuk tidak menjadi bodoh untuk lemah pada tika kita buntu.

I told my friend 'Ingat Allah' when it happen to her. All she said 'Ingat selalu Ain. Tapi..' while tears running down her cheek.


Sebab kita perempuan.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

(Turning) 8 months Aqil

Above all, he checked cord, toilet and cats. No sign of stuffing things to his mouth which probably explains why he still have no interest with food. He ate some but only when he wants it, like Durian the other day (even the sister dont eat it)

Had started standing-up attempt and climbing our sofas. Falling and wobbling is normal these days, and with the separation anxiety kicks in, I hardly done anything. Or if I did, that is when he is either in Boba or I am wearing earplug while doing dishes :p

Still an easy baby but need more of me (or anyone) to be with him. Am so happy that he is sociable that I can have my me time whenever I have someone else at home, unlike the sister last time.

Loves water so much that he'll cry if I bath him not long enough. Toilet pun dah tau and he'll move as fast as he could whenever someone open the toilet door. His two favourite doors were toilets and entrance door because he knows the entrance door will bring to outside home. Dpt duduk dlm stroller kat porch pun happy enough dh.

Thats all for now. Am typing this while he is sleeping. Better move before he wakes up. Hehe.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ganglion Cyst

I didnt notice when I had this small lump on my left palm. If I could guess it properly, maybe during my pregnancy with Aqil. It doesnt hurt but I sometimes I feel numb when I'm peeling fruits (eg: mango) or bawang especially, thinking maybe the position but I dont think it is normal kalau baru start peeling sebiji dua dah rase kebas kan?

mine wasnt visible at my palm but kalau tekan mmg ade the lump

I've done several massages but meh, doesnt go away. Husband jenis tak percaya urut2 ni so he advised to go for a checkup. Meet Dr.Sharifah (I love her!) at Twin Tower MC and she said it is a cyst. No surgery needed but probably a therapy. I've been scheduled to meet Dr.Samsudin but I am not sure if I could make it.

Since dah tau it's a cyst so trus google and found that it can disappear over time. Sebab tu tak serious nak proper check up bagai. Will do, but most probably not KL lah kot sebab jauh tapi I love the services, how *haih

Monday, August 10, 2015

Review: Penang Old House

I feel obliged to review this bed and breakfast hotel because it is SUPER clean! This over qualifies my bnb hotel type with its unique interior.

It is double storey house with full facilities needed for bed and breakfast type. The floor was properly cleaned and was all shiny that I dont mind my 3 year old rolling on it. It's 80 years old wooden house, so we have to be very considerate to walk slowly and controlling the kids (us too!) to slow down the voice.

I honestly feels (more) like home and it gives a different meaning of staying places called bnb. There are bikes provided okay! Husband found it at Airbnb apps while looking for place to stay overnight at Penang during our wedding trip.

The owner was friendly and very helpful to us. He is so polite that I told him it was indeed the cutest hotel Ive ever seen! Feels so welcome when I just stepped in the house.

We stayed at Purple Room with my PIL. Have heater and soaps too! Few reviews said about the aircond and it was indeed true that it hardly cold on a hot day but the room gets cold enough when close to morning.

I love the setting and interior, something different that I would do in my own house. You can read all the facilities at the site. I would recommend this bnb, despite the trouble of the parking area (well, it's Penang, what do you expect :P) Would come back, definitely!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Husband was late for work this morning while I was doing some laundry. He went down and upstairs looking for his wallet.

H:Sayang nampak tak my wallet?

Me:Entah. Tak nampak pulak.

H:Mane ha..

And there he goes looking here and there. He didnt asked for help but I already have this feeling 'nak kene aku cari jugak nampak gaya baru jumpe ni'

So I told him to find at the usual place that he always put but no avail. Until he start playing blaming games. Stendedlah bini rajin ngemas ni, memang slalu jadi mangsa. Luckily I checked his pants before basuh last night. Kalau tak naya gak basuh wallet die (lagi). Haha.

Anyway, since he couldnt found it, I leave my laundry stuff and went upstairs. Cari tak sampai satu minit, aku selak je buku 'Nihhhh!'

You know what he said 'Sah. Sayang memang ada hantu'

Thanks Hamka. Aku dah kantoi. Haha. Episod ni banyak kali dah occured to us. Sebab tu selalu kene tuduh.

But this time Husband kata bukan hantu yang tolong cari, hantu yang sorok wallet die. Eh eh ehhhhh.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Meatballs and Jem

I am one of the fan of Ikea meatballs but not until I tasted it again for the last time that went 'urghh'. I am disappointed that the taste is not the same as it used to, in fact it is getting worst. Dont let me start on the cleanliness that I saw in their kitchen that everyone could see while queuing for food.

There are so much recipe that been shared over the net but I never had the time to fool-proof it. Not until I found Tahrunnisa's FB that been shared by many in my FB timeline. So I bookmarked and decided to try it during puasa.

I made it during the day and had it for our sahur. Kemain kan? It was actually meant for our buka puasa menu but I dont have anything fast enough that I could make when there is less than 20minutes before Imsak. Everything is ready by just heat up the meatballs and the gravy, add some St.Dalfour raspberry jam and uhhh my best sahur so far! I cheat a lot in this recipe but it's already taste soo good! Next time, kene buat lebih for frozen pulak. I wanted to share it here for a keeper, you should try!

I copied back from her FB and make few amendments based what I did
Swedish Meatball Sue Norrman
Meatball homemade 
Bahan2 :-
500 gm mince beef
I dont think I used that much. Lesser I think.
1/2 biji bwg besar - cincang halus (*) I used bawang besar biasa - not Holland onion
1 sdm butter. (*)
3/4 sdt lada hitam- powder
1 sdt kryddpeppar@ mixed spices
1/3 serbuk kayu manis- saya tambah

1/3 sdt gula
1-1/2 sdt garam
2 sdm bread crumb- blend halus
30 ml fresh milk.
1 biji telur 'c'- 
cara :-
1) tumis yg bertanda (*) keperangan dan ketepikan.
2) satukan bahan2 selebihnya dan sebatikan rata. masuk bwg tadi sekali dgn butter. uli lagi sebati dan bulat2 kan ikut besar mana yg kalian suka.
3) guna non stik pan, masuk kan sikit butter dan masak api sederhana. tutup pan supaya masak rata dan balik2 kan kejap hingga masak.
p/s .- butter dlm pan gn di buang. di guna utk membuat sos.
Sos Gravy
butter lepas masak meatball.
2 cwn chicken stok
I used 2 cups of water with 2 cubes on my frozen chicken stock
2 cwn whipping krim (*) I only have half cup of whip cream and add the remaining with fresh milk
1 sdm kicap cair
1 ketul kiub ayam Ade half cube je. Haha.
lada hitam sikit - powder
1/2-1 sdm tpg kentang bancuh dgn air sikit utk memekat. Used tepung jagung instead
garam/gula- tambahan kalau kurang rasa.
cara :-
1) satukan semua bahan kecuali yg bertanda (*) dan bancuhan tpg kentang.
2) didihkan dan rasa secukupnya baru masukan (*). didihkan lagi dlm seminit dan kecilkan api masuk bancuhan tepung sikit2 . jgn terlalu pekat.

I dont have food processor. Gune hand mixer je, provided takde urat daging. Penah try grind skali ngn urat. Sakit jiwa I tell you sbb payah hancur. It must whole meat and only meat. Panas gak ah hand mixer aku kerjakan. Haha.

Half cooked to be stored in the fridge. Tak froze pun sbb nk mkn within the next day.

Sorrylah takde the proper picture of the whole set. Makan time sahur terkocoh2 mane nak pikir gambar dah. Haha.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ramadhan 1436H

Nak story pasal menu berbuka je actually. Amende lagi nak cite kan pose2 ni. Nak2 setiap kali Ramadhan azam tak nak beli food kat bazaar. This time around masih bertahan until today. Husband pun buat dunno je I hint malas masak. 

Happy enough dapat rotiĆ 

Rauhah punye food, depends. Die tak cerewet. Janji ade. Like I could give her lots of fruits and by the time I siap masak lunch, die dah taknak. Petang baru mkn berat, which normally menu berbuka ktorglah (I cook whenever I can. Tak suke perang nk berbuka. Petang nk rilek je) Breakfast selalunye mende2 senang like roti telur ke, goreng potato wedges or sausages.

Anyway, I dont take daily pictures of the menu. Slalu luper. Ni ade lah seketul dua that I took recently. I dah rotate 2 kali Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong. Rase kerap pulak.

Sepatutnya Laksam tapi at the evening, tak kuasa nk hadap pengukus tu. So rebus mi lidi je. Haha.

Ketam conflict sbb takut my salty egg crab tak jadi. Luckily sedap.

Again, conflict tp ni conflict interest sbb Husband tak suke udang. I nk mkn pedas berapi punye masak lemak, skali cili tak pedas pun. 

Banyak menu simple this time macam Nasi/Mee goreng and bihun sup. Western mcm Spaghetti ke Pizza ke tak buat langsung. Mood ke laut sikit.

For desserts, I made kuih yang dah penah buat. Tak kuasa nk eksperimen new things skarang. Usual is Kuih Bakar, Poppiah, Ketayap, Donut and hari ni Karipap. Dah buat xreti sikit. Kadang bagi kat jiran. Ckp sori siang2 kalau tak sedap. Haha. Yang boleh keep frozen mcm Poppiah and Donut tu, I save a bit for us later. Dlm list berangan nk menCendol. Tak jumpe pulak cendol hijau tu jual. 

Ada satu hari berangan nk bukak puasa kat Surau, so I didnt cook. Last2 nk dkat berbuka tu Aqil meme'el pulak nk tdo. Dah mane nk kejar ke Surau dah. Luckily Husband jenis asal ada food, OK. So buatlah burger je and goreng donuts. 

I would say this Ramadhan sangat simple for me. Tak berkejar nk masak itu ini, janji makan ape yg ade dlm fridge tu. Ade ayam, ayamlah. Ni ayam dah habis. Rase nk makan ayam rempah so kne pendam rasa buat ape yang ade je. Daging kicap it is for today - smlm padahal pikir kari daging tp dh berLaksa santan berbuka td, so cancel kari. Nk buat for Husband je sbb td termasak Bihun goreng for Rauhah bnyk pulak. See, so malas nk layan tekak sendiri. Janji my fridge takde simpan2 stok makanan. 

May I keep this life as simple as it is because wasting is really not good and I always feel bad throwing food away, thinking so many unfortunate outside. Hopefully this small steps brings me (and you) closer to Him at this Holy month. Amin.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

My doughnuts journey

I am a big fan of doughnuts (well, who is not?) So this is indeed in my have-to-make list. I am so ambitious that I borrow Angah's doughnuts cutter which it took me half a year to actually make it at home.

(tutup muka)

The first time, I used this one recipe and since I always have the bad luck with dough, I altered here and there, follow my I-dont-know-if-it-works-but-probably-it-might guts. It took me half a day to finish it due rolling the dough, place the cutter and what not. Sigh..so much work of making this food. Hence, my dough turns soggy and well, with some help at home, I didnt throw it and somehow get to eat my own doughnuts but the taste, bolehlah. Haha.

I am bit challenged when it didnt work for the first time. So I tried different recipe from non other Azlita's. It almost didnt turn to as perfect (actually not even half perfect pun.hehe) as hers but few tips from my Bruneian's mom help this time around. My KA helps the kneading, so I must say it is quiet easy.

My 3 years old love it to bits and I could only feast my own eyes because these father-daughter-doughnuts monsters finish the last batch. Thus I just need to do it again but since today I am at Umie's, I need to used my bare hand and knead for half hour (I started to miss my KA after the first few minutes).

Alhamdulillah my dough is getting better. In fact, I dont need a rolling pin and I dont even use cutter pun. I fried half of the dough and baked the rest. The verdict? I prefer fried ones of course. Texture much softer than the baked ones.

Thank you for this life saver recipe. I think I gain my confidence with dough. Next on my list to make the sugar bun (roti paung) sbb dh 3kali buat tp it's not the same as what I want. I'll give her recipe a try later on. But first, the little monster is galloping her doughnuts now and Im enjoying what I see at the moment :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

6 months Aqil

Aqil is such a cheerful baby. Generous with smile and laugh. Not much a cry baby like his sister at this age. Nak bawak pergi rumah orang pun senang. No crazy screams whenever stranger holds him.

Dah boleh meniarap. Laju dah and started to crawl which I found he is getting into it. Dah ade 2 rangkak ke depan but falls down whenever he tries to move forward with his hand. Ade attempt nak duduk jugak sekali just now.

Solid food dah started but Ibu wasnt that seriously prepare for it. Had made oats+raisins/dates and porridge+chicken stock+carrots but he didnt fond of them. He ate mangoes better than the rest. I notice he loves something squishy and juicy. Hmm better try with pears or apples but I doubt he'll like it.

Sleeping pattern still the same. 10pm and he is out to dream land. Sleeps through the night and only wakes for milk. Nap time ade sikit trouble sebab he wants to feed for hours before he could be in deep sleep. Yes, thanks to him, everything needs to wait. Haha.

A big fan of his sister, as small as 'hah' from Rauhah can makes him giggle hard. Alhamdulillah for such beautiful bond with these two. Rauhah pun being nice at times I couldnt handle him (probably while Im in solat or shower) by giving him a pat or singging her own 'Dont cry adik' song. Funny thing is, the song always work. I told you Rauhah has that magic with her brother. Bab toys kne tolerate and watch lagi sebab the sister is so garang bile adik grab her toys while she's playing it.

In terms of health, alhamdulillah. Nothing major and I hope this shall continue forever. Stay cheeky my little caliph. We all love you tonnes!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


You know there's always a small ride like cars or horses in those malls, like this one in KLCC? So, we were there few days back and there's this one ride that can occupy 3 kids in 3 cars.

Like always, Rauhah wanted to ride on but we never insert the money (It's such a waste of money over simple goes around but no where. Haha)

I let her had her time enjoying herself, probably imagining driving her own car. She's already happy with that. Then I saw another kid at her age also enjoying his time on a different car that is next to her. So I thought, well, best jugak kalau mende ni pusing. See the price and said ok lah.

The parents kid alerted but I said it's okay and I paid. Thinking of doing random kindness. Luckily Rauhah was fine when it is about to move and the kid was giggling - just a pure happiness. Ahh the smile of blessing.

After that it is all done, we went to other places and somehow we are at the same area of that car ride. Again, I let Rauhah play with it.

Not long after, another kid wants to ride on it and the parents let the girl play like Rauhah did. I was in my dreamland while watching Rauhah and the next thing I know the pakcik (probably the grandfather of the girl) ready to insert the money and asked if it is okay if he paid it all. Of course I am okay but Rauhah is not because she wants to stand on while the cart is moving around, which I am totally fine with that but the mother of the girl  just trying to help, afraid Rauhah might fall off. Rauhah became alerted and sulking over stangers touching her. Tah pape. So tak lah naik nyer but the pakcik still pays for it.

My point is, when you do good, Allah will always reward you good or even better. I'll probably have someone paying over my lunch if I were that sincere again, who knows?!

I was watching Semanis Kurma this morning when the guest mentioned about a verse in AlQuran which I cant exactly remember but understand that He promised in His Book that whatever good deeds, big or small, will have highest return. All that matters is you need to be sincere and always have a good faith on what ever you do.

InsyaAllah, may all of us always bring more good things to others and to ourselves. Just a random thoughts in before celebrating our Holy Months. Ramadhan Kareem everyone! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Buckle up!

Play deaf.

Stop the car. Put them outside. Threat to leave them there.

At least that we have done to keep them safe, after the tragic accident. It takes a while for the sister fully behave with the belt on -.-" Nak ke belakang lah. Nak sleep with Ibu lah. Kids..

We need to find proper seat for the lady. Any idea? She's outgrown her car seat dah. Legs too long already.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tefal Actifry Preview

Bought this from barangmurahuk at price RM699 without the basket. Months after I deposited the amount then there is warehouse sale at Citta Mall, the exact same price (-.-)"

Barangmurahuk showed the sale in their FB last November, paid everything and it took 5 months to arrive in my kitchen. Seriously, no fussy buyer with this seller.

Anyhow, I still have yet to receive my snack basket so my review just based purely on 1.2kg tefal actifry. Snack basket RM84 and beli dengan the same seller. Snack basket ni senang bile nk fried without paddle. Takde la nk kene balik2an food dalam tu. The food will be cooked evenly and nicely gitew.

I had (of course) fried fries and nuggets using this. The verdict? Well, it definitely taste exactly the same. Ive tried with and without oil and found out that I have to put an oil to make sure it wont become dry. Boleh la nak gune olive oil takat one spoon je. Maka, mari makan fries and nuggets tanpa bersalah.

Then I cooked ayam. Kalau stakat sketul, xpayah. Bazir letrik je. Tariff da la mahal skang. Lg cepat kau panas minyak sikit dan goreng ayam sketul tu. Cakap berdasarkan pengalaman. Haha.

Better fried chicken in large quantity, and it taste more or less the same but definitely healthier version. Ayam tak gune minyak takpe. Still Ok. Ayam rempah pun dah try tp tak dapat that crunchiness, better still it wasnt a disappointment. I shall try it again with longer time. Oh, I cooked ayam without the paddle. So just balik2kan bile one side dah masak.

Pastu goreng ikan. I purposely make little crisp for ikan masak kicap. Ater yang berkuah jangan ler ditaram gune actifry. Name pun actiFRY - geddit? Lame jugak nk dpt the same crisp like goreng dgn minyak tu, about 20min. Kalau nk cepat better masak gune minyak je. Ikan mmg wajib letak spoonful oil or else it'll dry and probably taste the same macam gune pemanggang ajaib tu. Ikan goreng actifry gune olive oil mcm biasa.

Then I fried my sayur campur for 5min je. Put garlic for a minute, then carrots for about 2min and the last was the broccoli. Siap! Tak letak minyak and I just use bekas goreng ikan tadi. Although it is a little bit dry, same jek rse ngn cooking atas dapur.

My SIL dah cooked keropok lekor and turns out nice. I have yet to try. I made doughnuts the other day but forgot to use actifry sebab my dough didnt turn out nicely which luckily Husband saves the day and fried using oil instead.

The downside? I just wish that it has auto turn off because right now, although the timer dah timeout, it still fried the food inside. Hari tu entah macam mane ralit buat menda lain, aku boleh boo-layan je bunyi timer die. Nasib x rentung fries akuh. Jd crunchy and dry la pulak. Hoho.

Pastu lagi bes kalau actifry ni ade menu selection, ayam, ikan, nasi ke vege ke. Takde la asik nk kene agak brape lame nk masak.

Cooking wise mmg berbaloi utk org yang gemar fried food ni. Banyak jimat masa dan minyak.

I have a lot of list to try with this actifry and this is why it is called preview sebab tak habis ganyang lagi this gadget. Will do another write up when I tried different cooking but as for now it is satisfying items in my kitchen!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Homemade gone wrong.... not!

Today I feel so ambitious that I feel like making homemade bolognese. I asked Angah how she made her tomato paste.

Get the how, boiled, peel the skin and blend. Done. Easy peasy.

Next, grinding the fresh meat. I looked at the meat. Oh my. Banyaknye urat. Oh well, hand mixer ade. Tried grinding them but heh, it took hours to make sure the meat minced perfectly. Liat gile urat ni *sigh

Ah give up. Xpelah ketul2 sikit. Ok, ape pulak. Oh yes, the onions! Rummaging my onion rack and saw only one holland onion. Umph, xpe. Tambah jelah bawang besar satu. Add few garlic. Hmm.. Blend instead of chopping pun ok gak.

There goes the prep. I still feel ambitious about my homemade bolognese. So I heat up olive oil, put the onions, minced meat and tomatoes. Add bay leaves, salt and pepper. While cooking, I finally realize this shall turns a disaster. Hahaha.

Just look at the color. What would you guess?

Laksa? Kuah kacang? 

After feel like everything is cooked, I tasted. It was horrible! It was far from bolognese. More to meat broth.

Oh my. Oh my. What should I do? Shall I throw this? Aa.. I hate wasting food, moreover after the whole prepping before hand. Ok. I tasted it again. Hmm.. Maybe it shall taste better with the sliced cheddar cheese.

I shall give my girl a try. Cooked the spaghetti and I was so nervous that she will throw it up.

Bismillahhhhh... She take a bite and said 'Hmm sedap dap' Whoaaa.. Ok ok. Lets see if she were that honest and finish the whole bowl.

She did! She did it okay! Haha.

Ok now. The husband. Well, I cant lie. So I have be diplomatic. So when he's home, he asked what was it. He have no idea so I told him it is 'Spaghetti meat broth. New recipe' with a flat face. Looking at his reaction, he seems buying it.

Finally, the moment of truth. I bring the plate to him together with water and oranges, in case things gone wrong, while he is browsing his PC (A good wife today, I know)

He awed looking my effort today and I leave him with THE FOOD. Went into the room attending Aqil and heard his spoon and fork clacking the plate. I was so nervous that I am so afraid he will spit it out. Hahaha! Then the clacking noise continues.

Things seems good when he didnt called me after eating. I went out and peek that he finished it all. He said 'Sedap jugak' and respond with a smile like a normal day.

Went back into the room and dance!! Hahhaha. Phewwww... It was hell of miserable cooking but alhamdulillah the family take it well. Kahkah.

So I quickly update my insta and told my friends. Husband still didnt know that it was a homemade-gone-wrong meal but I get caught when he saw me smiling and laughing while typing on my phone. He asked and you can imagine the cat and mouse scene when he tries to steal my phone. Of course I loose lah! He finally found out and had a big laugh while I ran inside the toilet and locked myself inside. Yeah, I am so shy kantoi like that. Hehe.

I told Angah about this and she said, she never tried using the meat and she used cherry tomatoes instead of that normal tomatoes. Aiyaaa... Belajar tak habis. Ishk.. Takpe. Next time boleh cuba lagi..

.. NOT!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Tika itu, tangan wan dah paralyzed. Kak long tak tahu kalau wan boleh rasa kak long pegang tangan wan. Kak long sedih bila fikir semua yang tangan tu dah buat utk kak long.

Kak long tahu, tangan tu banyak curah kasih sayang kat kak long. Tangan yang ajar siang ikan, tangan yang ajar selok belok perihal rumah (lipat kain, menyapu etc) Wan jugak sangat trust kak long kupas kelapa dan mesin nyor tu. Peh.. Time tu rse sgt kewl. Hebat sangat sbb berani mesin nyor. Tapi kalau suruh sekarang, memang tak dah.

Masakan wan paling sedap kebabom sampai tahap tak berani puji melambung nanti umi dengar umi kecik ati. Setiap kali sampai rumah wan, mesti selongkar tudung saji. Dapat sisa pun, habis kitorg adik beradik kerjakan.

Wan sangat penyayang, susah nak tengok wan marah. Aki suka sakat wan dan time tu boleh dengar wan berleter aki sakat wan.

Seorang yang sangat bersangka baik dengan orang. Ade satu conversation dengan wan yang buat kak long kata ayah garang, suke rotan ktorg, tp bila time adik (bongsu) x buat pun. Rasa tak adil. Tapi wan kata, masa kak long kecik, ayah masih muda, darah panas. Sekarang da berusia, dah tak larat nak marah2 lg. Betul juga.

Ingat satu masa dulu, ayah marah kak long berak lama dalam jamban. Ayah cakap 'berak ke main air?!'Terbantut feeling berak tapi wan back up. Wan cakap 'Xpe la. Die geli tu sembur air tu' Wah..dalam hati menari2 ade jugak orang back up aku berak lama.

Those are memories, memories that when wan was healthy and me was too young to understand that one day, this will go away, people will get old and you will have to continue living your life and be realistic.

Those were the days where I promised myself that when I have my own job, I want you to stay with me, bring you to the mall in a wheel chair,xde duit xpe, janji bawak wan jalan2. I promise you, that you will see me get married, have own child before you go away. Luckily one of those promises came true.

Then maturity hit me. Reality slapped me hard that you still have your child, that deserved more to take the responsibility, the love that a child longing to pay the debt that you had sacrifice for bringing them to this world. I respect their decision and I am more than happy to be able spend the time before I get my own job.

Remembering those night that you wakes me up in the middle of the night to change your diaper or have to sweat myself cleaning you for your shower and you never stop saying how sorry you were for making the trouble. Lillahitaala wan. It was never a trouble. There was nothing to forgive when I just love you so much that I wish I could just leave everything and spend the rest of my life with you.

Although we seldom see each other, I always, always have you in here - my heart. Selalu wan. Kak long tak ingat kak long pernah cakap kak long sayang wan. Tapi kak long lega dapat bagitahu wan 2minggu lepas. Kak long lega wan sempat sentuh Rauhah dengan Aqil. Allah.. Tuhan jer tahu happynya kak long dapat peluang bagi cicit untuk wan.

Kak long sentiasa doakan kebaikan wan. InsyaAllah wan, kak long akan sentiasa sebut wan dalam doa kak long. Semoga Allah ampunkan dosa wan, tempatkan dikalangan orang beriman. Kita jumpa lagi. Kak long sayang Wan. Sungguh.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Kitchenaid review

Lets be honest, most of us love this toy because of it's color kan? Haha. Tapi mahal bak hang! I've have been eyeing this since I found out it exist but never really expect that I could own it. Thanks to my good old bonus lah of course. Tak pikir panjang pun. Nasib baik it has serves me more than I think it would.

I bake at least twice or trice a month, roughly due to my (ehem) passion of baking. Tried so many recipes for the past two years since I owned it. Let see why I'm loving it:

Heavy duty

I'm not good in keeping stuff, more over I am at worst when using things that is so delicate - nak kene cermat bagai, ooh no! Bought so many mixer yang murah but then what for kalau pakai tak sampai 3x dah rosak *sigh

Anyway, aku dah ganyang habis mende ni and I am satisfied! The stand mixer berat and it suits its purpose. The hook, whisk and what not kebal dan gagah I love to the max. The bowl I bought was stainless steel, so takde problem nk cuci hatta ganyang dgn berus periuk tu skali pun.

It can make anything!!

I never thought I can actually make a bread out of it. Yelah, kata beli tak (habis) pikir kan. It serves me several types of bread and soooo many pizza so far. Mula-mula berangan nk beli bread maker sebab malas bab menguli tapi entah macam mana boleh found out it can knead a dough as well.

Of course mestilah kene the right technique but basically I can put every dough ingredients and let it do its job, leave it to rise and ready to be shape! Aahh..jimat tenaga.

Doh karipap pun boleh. Tapi sekali je gune utk karipap ni sebab tak susah pun knead utk doh karipap ni. Tak padan gune kitchen aid takat buat mkn sendiri :P

Roti paung pun boleh

In before ade pizza pan, gune tudung-periuk pan!

Pics from here. Ade several attachment kitchenaid ni. Everything, I tell you! I'm eyeing the pasta maker tu now, haha! Check the details here!

Worth of investment

For those yang buat home baked stuff, mende ni haruslah sgt berjasa. I love baking but to eat the whole cakes for myself? Naahh.. so mangsanya is always my neighbour or Husbands officemates. Who knew from there, I could sells cake out of it ;) Nothing serious but once a while boleh la. Record so far are 3 cakes a day (normal me wont take this, tu pun dah stress tapi stress yang suke. haha)

Eh ade lagi? Color la ape lagi

Nak warna ape? sume adaaaaa. Check out the website and please dont blame me when you fall in love with everything. Hehe.

pic credit to google

Skarang dah ramai jual and I found the cheapest was RM1.3k. Bought mine at TBM, Bangsar Village that time sebab tengah promo, total damage RM3k, including few other stuff that I bought, so cant exactly remember how it cost. But of course, if you can get it cheap, go for it and you wont regret it if you determine to make everything homemade :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3 months old Aqil

He's weigh at 7.02kg today and had his scheduled vaccination. He is sleeping when he had the shot. Alhamdulillah for that he hasnt cried, just a little eekkkk and continue sleeping like nothing happen. No sign of fever and crankiness which I hope takde lah terus. Heeee..

I could say he's an easy baby, very cheeky and smiling whenever people talk to him. Quite a chatter jugak this fella. He sleeps through the night like his sister and only wakes up for milk.

Major difference with this little guy is that he had this very strict schedule that he have to had his shower by 9.30am and 5.30pm, or else he'll get cranky until he had that hot bath. Love love love spending time with water. Thinking of buying that neck float for him.

I look forward for Abi's toy to remain

Have yet to show any sign of turning over but he had this habit of chewing his hands - probably a sign of first tooth. He started to drool as well and will go munching his mouth whenever we eat in front of him. Too early for solids baby, tunggu ye.

Nampak tak tangan kat mulut tuu

Sangat kuat menyusu unlike Rauhah which is good for my weight loss but poor my house chores lah, bertangguh2 nk buat. Ceh ckp mcm tak biasa tangguh je kan. Haha.

2 months old and at Hazirah's wedding

Anyway, I hope I continue updating his progress because I am soooo going to forget about this nanti. It's kinda important and I am amazed some mothers remember their kids milestone, because I really dont. I need to check my own writing to remember when my daughter had her first tooth or her first walk. Tu baru anak first okay. Haha.

But if I dont, that doesnt mean I love you less, my little caliph. I always do and your Abi loves you as much we love your sister. In fact our loves grow bigger than ever. Thank you for coming into our lives, Aqil. Looking forward for your progress each and everyday.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Random Rauhah

I was cooking keropok lekor when my usual Inspection Manager comes in.

She asked 'Ibu! Ape (buat ape)?'

'Goreng keropok' I replied with my lazy tone.

'Pok?!! (Keropok?!!) Wahhh.. Acehhh (Terima kasih) Ayannggg ibu! (Sayang ibu!) ' while hugging my leg.

I was stunned and laughed at the same time. Didnt expect that coming :p

Ps: sometimes we just learn more from kids

Friday, January 23, 2015


The last time I ever bought my own purse was in 2008 with my first pay from my first job. It was black croc design from Topshop that I have been eyeing ever since I walked in the store.

Then it gets old and so buruk that most of my friends told me it's about time I get a new one, which I am so sayang to replace it sebab boleh pakai lagi. But then, Zac gave me a souvenier from Indon which a coin mengkuang turquoise purse that can fit my stuff from my old purse. The most precious gift ever receive at that time, mostly because it's my fav color and my purse dah rosak teruk. Haha.

It was months until the mengkuang start mereput dan koyak tapi I wait and wait to buy new purse sebab it's still wearable, until my collegue from Philippines gave me a purse from her vacation there. Again, pakai sampai rabak sangat until husband beli coin bag masa kat Sabah sebagai ganti.

Purse Sabah tu memang lama berjasa until my collegue bagi purse as farewell gift. Dah.. Kire lah dah brape tahun tak beli sendiri tapi syukur dengan rezeki yang tak putus. Ini baru tengok secara zahir dengan rezeki tuhan yang satu. Those unforseen gift dr Dia lagi berlambak yang kita tak terhitung. Semoga Allah tak tarik rahmat Dia dr kita dan jauhkan sifat riak dlm diri. InsyaAllah.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Breastfeeding Journey 201

Yer..sekolah dah bermula macam biasa and I'm back to class ABC in breastfeeding. Banyak menda dah lupa, especially handling EBM. Hehe.

The first pump on Day 3 after delivery

The second pump on Day 4

Still on Day 4 but in the evening

Alhamdulillah, milk production was as good as the old time and even better :) I am not planning to keep EBM since I am not working but my milk (praise to Him) was keep on coming and I just have to pump every 2 hours tapi sometimes ignore jugak pain tu. Letih jugak ngadap pump je kan. So I regularly pump after I wake up in the morning, once in the noon, once in the evening and once before going to bed. Kadang2 tgh tdo pun bangun jugak sebab nak tunggu pagi dah tak selesa. Lagipun my milkstorage dah takde. Botol pun tak cukup nk store. Kne berkira-kira nak simpan, so far baby tak reject EBM and I already introduce the bottle on his Day 3.

I always heard that baby boy nurse a lot more than baby girl which I normally react 'Alaa..budak kalau die nak minum banyak, die minum la banyak' tapi statement tu betul rupenye and I probably can review it again when I have another child to compare. This boy already had his 3oz in one serving on his 7th days old!! Now he is 17 days old and he could finish almost 4oz when he just wake up from long sleep.

May Allah ease another journey of mine and hopefully I can do this again until he is 2 years old. Amin..

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Living with two kids

Rauhah was clingy during pregnancy, probably wanting attention from exhausted pregnant-mom. But alhamdulillah she has been a lovely sister and I hadnt seen her jealous or whatsoever since the birth of number 2.

She still sleeps with me during the night, under ketiak mak of course and she understands when I need to nurse the baby where she have to move a bit to make room for baby to lie down in between us. I was at first afraid that she might think I love her less when the baby is born but luckily she is very okay with everything.

Baby boy was so far being a very good baby - sleeps through the night and only cry for milk or diaper change. At times he just lying there with his eyes wide open doing nothing and I could just look him for as long as my eyes can take. Rauhah would join us and normally would ask to hold him on her lap.

She would bring all her toys to the baby as if he knows how to play with it. My mom would let these two together unattended, afraid the sister doing something harm to the baby.

These two munchkins was the light of our day and both Ibu and Abi pray that you two will love each other unconditionally. Looking forward to everyday that will come dan semoga kita sentiasa dibawah rahmatNya. Amin :) Couldnt wait to just spent the day, just our small little family and see the trouble you two will make :P

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tanamera Postnatal Care Set Review

Husband bought this at Mom&Baby Expo at Midvalley last November from Bornda kiosk. Husband suka beli dengan Bornda ni, sangat friendly and very helpful. You can buy it online as well - find Keperluan Ibu Berpantang on facebook. Anyway, the whole set cost RM330 with extra VCO and Brown soap.

I started using these two since 36th week of pregnancy which I took one tablespoon of VCO everyday and use the soap everytime I had my shower. You actually can apply VCO at your tummy to reduce the stretch mark but I didnt because I'm using Palmers' Oil and it works wonders - even my old stretchmark gone ;)

I honestly didnt feel any difference consuming VCO but the brown soap effectively reducing the black area under my arm. I've used several soap and scrub before this but nothing works as good as Tanamera brown soap. Totally recommended item.

I have read a lot of review kata wangi nye la bau herba Tanamera ni tapi takde la wangi pun. Bau herba die pon xkuat sangat. Probably yang production baru dah tak sewangi dulu kot.

The care set consist several item and I would rank personally based on my favourite:

1. Brown Soap - Yang ni pun orang dok kata wangi tapi I tak gemar ngat bau die. Bab hilangkan hitam bawah lengan tu memang tak tipu.

2. Boreh Scrub - I used the whole packet once and loving the smooth feeling on my skin. The scrub tak kasar sangat and you actually can use twice per packet kalau nak jimat.

3. Herbal tea - I'm not using any pad since day brape tah. Probably sebab makcik urut I yang terer or these tea yang really helps. Rasa die pedas tapi kalau campur honey, sedaplah.

4. Firming herbal paste - I tak sure if these really works ke tak but my tummy memang firm dengan cantiknya unlike my first pregnancy. Bump tu ade la lagi skang ni tapi tak obvious sangat. Now baru hari ke 14 but I'm already amaze with the result.

5. Femine herbal wash & Herbal bath - I dont believe benda ni boleh fasten your perineal area cut tp blasah je lah sebab dah ade. Herbal bath tu boleh la layan tapi mandi dengan the real daun2 herba lagi best. One thing aku tak suke dengan benda ni ialah sachet die senang pecah *sigh

6. Bengkung - Bengkung die besar oii. Aku yang besar pun rse size die besar. I already have one from Sendayu Tinggi which fit nicely on me. Ni kire extra kalau satu tu basuh, so xde la alasan aku tak berbengkung sehari dua.

7. Calming herbal  blend paste - Ni tempek atas dahi je sbenarnya. I only use it once because I immediately felt the burning as soon as I applied it on my forehead. Rase burn tu pedih gile yang I try to endure it tapi tak boleh woo. Dah basuh pun rse panas je atas dahi. Adakah ini purposenye?

8. Herbal massage oil - Tak panas pun minyak niiiiii. Tak rse pape pun, tapi pakai jelah kat kaki before sarung stokin tu.

I was at first nak beli loose item je tapi bile kira2 balik macam rugi pulak sebab set ni dah cover everything. But since I already experience it this time, lain kali x beli dah set ni rsenye. Probably beli yang favourite je.