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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Redang Kalong - Day 1





We drove from KL 12 midnight but stop at his office to take copy of our resort resit, just in case they need it. It was almost 9 hours drive. Hubby insist to drive cause he found riding on bus is soo tiring. He hates the small seats and not able to do what ever he wants. Taking flight is out of discussion because of the expensive flight ticket.

We stop at Gambang RnR to sleep for 1 hour and continue the journey. Later stop at Kerteh to perfom our Subuh and early breakfast. Hubby felt sleepy and we slept again. We kinda take it easy for the whole journey and myself take turn to drive whenever I am able to.

The boat scheduled to go to Redang at 10AM but since we arrived early (9AM), and only three couples to go to the resort, so the boat driver cast off around 9.30. It was almost 40 minutes ride with a Chinese couple and European couple.

At Merang Jetty

On our way to Redang from Jetty

It's such a breathtaking view when we saw the sea and the white sands. We straight away checked in to the resort with welcoming staff. They provide a short brief on the schedule and some services that they provide. We take sea view room and as expected it is very basic room. You'll see the same room in Redang for any resort. 

From balcony

The room

This one is so much better from the room in Redang Holiday - not because of the sea view but the room provides a broom! You know lah bile da duk kat pantai, pasir always there and I hate it to step on the floor with sands on my foot. Anther good thing is the toilet water is so clean! It's not yellowish and they have hot water too! And the 24 hours food and drinks!

We arrived quite early and the timing is just nice to have a good rest before lunch. They provide bread, butter, jam, peanut butter, orange juice, water, hot water, tea, coffee and sugar 24 hours. So no reason for hungry when you are here :)

Our first lunch

Mine (Love that they provide sambal and cili! Yeay!)

 The schedule of makan time! (abaikan jam sbb I took this picture on our last day)

They have same routine for meals everyday but I wonder about the food (because we have different meal for 3 days - maybe they rotate every 3 days)

After the meal, we have our first snorkel at in a group of 20. Ramai kn? sbb they have this Iranian group. They conquered the session by jumping off the boat which I am dying to try that as well but get chicken out. The first snorkel trip was good and Hubby is glad that the experience was far way better than Bali :)
It was almost two hours swimming in the sea and went back just right for tea time. Later we than cozing ourself under beach hammock the whole evening before dinner :) It was such relaxing time for us, the breeze, the good weather, everything. Perfect moment to have a day off :)

Underneath coconut tree

Dinner. Both sayur sucks big time and as well the soup. Urghh.. But the ikan and another lauk was good :)

We slept quite early that night. The motif is really to get rest and have fun. Tak sempat star gazing cause too tired main air that evening plus we have to be fully energize for the next day pulak :)

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