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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Breastfeeding Journey 112

As most already know, I am fully SAHM (stay at home mom)!!

Pumping masih diteruskan. Tapi tak selalulah. I pump at times when she refuse her milk - normally when we went out meeting friends or she have playmate or busy playing (baby pun tau busy smpai x makan okay)

Stock pun ade - nak tengok?

As of 9 June 2013

Ciput jeeee. Tak macam dulu dah sebab skarang Rauhah lagi best la. Anytime minum fresh kannnnn :D

Monday, June 17, 2013

Breastfeeding Journey 111

Alhamdulillah. I manage to fully breastfed Rauhah for 10 months now. I, too, have the ups and downs during my pumping session. There's at time I only manage to get 2oz after 40minutes of pumping. Like many of breastfeeding mum, I also have my downtime but I have never think of quitting. I just pump, pump and pump whenever I think it is necessary. 2oz is still rezeki tau.

The downtime on 23 April 2013

People are different. Some people would get 10oz just my drinking milo or soy or whatever. I read there are mothers whose their milk booster is Sarsi! Speaking of Allah wonders huh :)

I don't have any tips, nor finding what food/drinks would boost my milk but I believe of regular pumping and positive thinking works to produce more milk. Other than that, I dont let myself hungry and quickly eat something whenever I need to.

25 April 2013

30 April 2013 - back on track after 20minutes session

Above all, never give up. Patience, patience and patience :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Glowing Green Smoothie

Peer influence - reason I tried this and simply do it for killing the curiosity. Hub was making fun of me while I'm blending and he smell it before I put banana and lemon. He said it smells like PUKE and I dare him to try it but he just won't. Haha.

Everything from Jusco je

Recipe taken from Kimberly Synder's. I am quite nervous how it'll turns out since I always hate celery and to my surprise, I love the freshness that it gave to my GGS. Love it too bits!

More please :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Solid food for Rauhah

So many recipe out there!! Just google and you'll found tonnssss!!

Mine was either:
1) porridge + chicken + pumpkin/carrot/spinach
2) olive oil + onions + chicken + rice

Pumpkin porridge, Chicken and carrot porridge and pear

Not creative at all, kan? HAHA.

I've tried several like:
1) potato and cheese
2) fish soup and rice
3) olive oil + onions + oat
4) yogurt
5) avocado with/out EBM

but my baby wasn't eat as much as she eats the above two. I notice she prefer whatever with rice and soupy. On her earlier days of solid food intro, I added EBM in her food but she totally hates it.

Had her dragon druit

Super loves fruits and she could eat half of mango on her own. Other fruits that I've tried is banana, papaya and dragon fruit. She ate apple and pear but I have to cook and blend it to make it smooth.

Her mom's lazy food

Her cheat food are Rusks or Heinz biscotti (organic. Choc flavor only once a while) but since her teeth is coming out, I gave her Heinz teething rusks for her to rub her gum. I had gave her the ready made food but it's not her favorite - probably because the combination of apple/blueberry is to sour for her.

Cucumber for teether

So far, she's an easy baby. I could say she's not picky in terms of food. I notice she have this habit of cleaning her mouth at the back of her hands whenever it's dirty and would stay put during eating when she's enjoying her meal. By the time she starts going somewhere else, it means she's full and ready to continue messing around.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 months Rauhah

She had her magical steps yesterday!!

First step without falling and still standing for second step. Moment macam ni memang bikin Ibu nangis ah ;) She can now walk when we hold her hands, even it only last for (at most) 5/6 steps. Ee.. xlama lg nk jadi toddler dahhhhh!

Loves to show her forefinger for anything.

Akal makin banyak. She absorbs well whenever we teach her things like showing fan/ceiling or saying things outloud. Banyak bunyi 'cat' 'ttuk' 'takk' and if we are lucky we might hear two syllabus. The other day her Mak Ngah teach her 'motor' and said 'toto' Haha.

Makan pon xde masalah. No signs of picky eater (yet and hope not). She still sleeps at the same routine - once in the morning at once during/after lunch time. Bedtime still somewhere around 8pm but those will changes when she had her playmate or we went out from home.

Here's the youngest degree holder in the house!

I'll share you the over excitement when she had her new toys later. Till then ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Breastfeeding Journey 110

A friend of mine suggested to make DIY EBM soap from expired EBM. Well, I am super lazy when I finish reading the article. Yours trully dont have that level of effort to put on those process. Haha.

Anyway, who am I to blame except for myself who poorly manage my EBM.

I already have thought that I would throw most of my stock and thinking of giving away through FB groups but Hubs prefer me to give it to someone that we already know; from family or close friends, rather than strangers.

So there goes my thrown expired EBM the other day.

Other than thinking of how wasted I am throwing the EBM after all the efforts and time I put in, I am glad that my freezer is finally empty again. Haha.