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Saturday, December 31, 2016

A little summary

2016 is closing in a few hours and here are few updates on what has been happening for the past months.

We moved again. Different city and guess what? We are back in KL! Haihh bes dah duk East Coast and now back to this ? =_= A lot to complain but we just have to get used to it (again)

We live in an apartment so I kinda miss the land where I can plant and pick my own greens whenever I want. The last garden was just blooming as they should be and boyy the next tenant should be glad when they see them.

I plan to get a job back and I take it at ease. No rush. Plan to send the first born to kindy next year but since I am still at home, so we kinda hold it first.

By the way, number three is coming next year. We just had our confirmation when I'm at 16weeks. Lambat gile I know. Buku pun x buat sebab the appointment with the doctor is when I'm at 26weeks. Tabah jelah. So right now just check up at the nearest clinic je.

The first trimester wasnt a joy ride. I would say it was the worst. Nauseas wasnt that bad but the gassy and headache was terrible. Couldnt smell the raw chicken meat and husband had help a lot with it. Cooking was dreadful and we always tapau or just called food delivery.

The first scan was with kiddos and they both were excited to see the whole scanning process. They are so involved and Rauhah already asked the gender. She wished for a twin..and a girl. Aqil on the other hand just digging whatever the sister is talking about.

Now I'm at 18weeks and most of the sickness had gone away. Just easily get tired and restless. Tp kalau ajak keluar terus gagah je. Haha.

With the new baby coming along, next year gonna be hectic because the closest cousins, my sister and brother gonna get married. Hope 2017 gonna be a smooth year for all of us insyaAllah.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Bad cops

These two rugrats were giving me headache few times during the day. Just typical day lah tu kan. Aqil is at the phase of learning to play and communicate. Sometimes he gets rough and started to hit the sister. The sister pulak on the other hand cepat jd cry baby lah. Sakit kene ketuk or kne baling barang.

When all the being good cops and talking nicely didnt work, and patience level meter is off limits, taring pun keluarlah. Aqil pun pandai. If he knows that he is wrong, die cpt2 tutup muka and sit at the corner - konon hiding. But if he is in a good mood, he will hug Rauhah to show he is sorry.

Smlm buat hal lg and it was when I was busy cooking. It was few times until I decided to put Aqil in the room and close the door. Kecik2 kne timeout dh but the problem is Rauhah is so kesian to her little brother. Baru je tutup pintu, Rauhah dh bukak balik die ckp 'Nanti Aqil berdarah nanti. Tak boleh tutup die' (he once throwing tantrum and tersengguk kat lantai so bibir die pecah sikit. Rauhah reminds me of that. It was one time but she remembers everything about blood)

Lahh pulak dh but afterwards they were both baik...skejap..tak sampai 1minit. Then Aqil buat balik. Then I repeat again but this time I told her, kalau Aqil x kene timeout nnt Aqil buat Rauhah sakit lagi. 'ke Rauhah yg nk kne timeout now? Choose. Either one of you kne duduk dlm bilik'

She went silence and her face showing 'nk ckp Aqil tp kesian and nk sacrifice herself pun tak sanggup' haha. At the end die kata 2 2 tak boleh. I gave my (hopefully) last word and told her to be tolerate and if Aqil start hitting again she has to run away and told me nicely. Aqil pun kne skolah jugak. Dh mcm mana mak2 tak membebel?

Lepas pada tu, trus xde dh gaduh2. Both boleh sit together and play nicely. These were the times such war will end well. Rauhah dh faham so mmg boleh talk to her to understand the importance of being patince or giving in to little brother. But Aqil ni ada masa die tantrum if things doesnt goes his way. So paling2 I will lie down and pretending to sleep so eventually die akan nurse and it all settled if takde org layan die dh. Haha.

So how about you guys? Did you timeout as well or give in to their behavious when all the good cops gone?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The most awaited season of the year

PIL came over the weekend and brought the gold from kampung. One of the blessing married to Husband is having to eat these precious fresh from the tree, told the not-so-kg lady. Hehe.

Unfortunately both kids were not into Durians. Aqil makan jugak sikit tp itu pun lps force feed for the first bite and he quite suke but the next time bg lg die xnk dh. Lol.

Rauhah mmg taknak terus. Die kata it smells not nice. So we need to figure something for her to try at least a bite. I showed her a picture from my insta that a friend of her age eating Durian. Trus ckp 'Awah suke Durian'. Ekelehhh.. haha. She choose the smallest in the bunch and have a bite. Funny thing was she puts thumbs up with a smile but yucky eyes. Can imagine? Haha.

Fake sangat suka Durian. Dh la gigit hujung2 gigi je. Alihnya tak habis pun. At the end, she gave her verdict.

Tak sedaplah. Awah dont like.

Haha. Naseb baik suka rambutan. Berebut2 kalau hiris rambutan tu. Husband pun sekaki jugak prefer rambutan yg dh finely cut without the seeds. Manggis tak de sgt tahun ni. Maybe nnt Raya Haji tengok kot2 ade skali ngn duku langsat.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fool Proof Recipe: Pancakes

It was 5oclock in the evening and I am feeling like having a pancake. My mouth demanding fluffy big pancakes with honey and butter..oh my so nyums! So Google to the rescue and yey was happy it turns as what I wanted.

Recipe from here


1 and half cup milk + 4tbs vinegar/lemon
2cups flour
3tbs sugar
2tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarb soda
1/2 salt
2 eggs (I used B grade)
4tbs butter (melted)

1) I omit cuppucino paste
2) For measurement:
     - standard cup measurement
     - tbs and tsp guna sudu mkn biasa


1) Blend everything using blender and tapis
2) Put in a pan. Wait until it bubbles up and turn the other side.

Rauhah saw what I was making and was so happy that she said 'Thank you Ibu buat pancake breakfast for Awah!'

Haha. Yes honey. Pancakes best served for breakfast indeed ;) Your Youtube teacher teached you well. Ibu cannot wait la for tomorrow breakfast. Kudap petang2 pun boleh kan? :p

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Rauhah has been talking about ghost lately. I dissed her everytime she talked about it and I could see her frustration. I realized it was wrong and decided to (wo)man up.

She done it again today and it always when Husband is not around. Sheeshh..

Rauhah: Ibuuuu! Ade ghost gerak2 kerusi Awah.

Amboi main2 tolak2 kerusi. This is the ultimate ghost story she ever told me.

Me: Mane?

Rauhah: Tuuu... (while pointing into the room)

Me: Mane? Show Ibu.

I took her hand and we walk towards the chair.

Rauhah: Tuuu.. (pointing to the white canvas in front of the window. Husband was making the room as his photo/video room, complete with the white backdrop that covers the whole wall - to explain the white canvas) Ghost gerak2.

Guess what. It was just the curtains moving creating the shadow as if there was someone behind the canvas.

I explained it to her and showed what actually is. Told her there is no such ghost. She seems convinced but then I remember that she told that the ghost gerak her chair. Oh well. Nevermind, I told myself.

I then stayed with her in the room, decided to watch Criminal Minds. She is sitting next to me watching cartoons. She then again talking about the ghost shaking the table.

Me: Rauhah..it was you who shook your own chair. Langgar meja and it bounced back. Sebab tu meja gerak.

Rauhah: Ohhh..okay. Rauhah gerak sendiri.

She didnt realize that she was rocking the chair all these while and it hit the table. Haiyaa ini budak. 1 minute she was all shaken up looking scared and seconds later, all okay like nothing happens. Afterwards, no more ghost. Not once, till end of the day. Pheww..

Monday, August 29, 2016

My skin issue

I have troubles with skin tags lately. It has been bothering me that I started to survey for skin specialist. Major skin drama I am. Haha. I have Dr.Ko in mind but my problem wasnt severe but it is there, slowly emerging one by one.

In before going for the skin specialist, I decided to check few home remedies but heh, this face? Self made? Heh. Next!

Then I opt for buying some products. I was browsing and somehow stumble one post that Tea Tree Oil could solve the problem. Coincidentally, Bodyshop had introduce new Tea Tree range product. So I went to the shop nearby.

As my hand reaching for one of the product, I read the descriptions and I saw 'blemishes' and no 'skin tags' word anywhere. Oh bugger! And there this one salesgirl approached me asking if I need help. I told her my problem.

She started to introduce these serum and advised to use together with the sunblock. I was sold. Then she noticed my skin was dull and recommend the scrubs. The next thing i know I have 5 items on the counter and lucky me, there is RM60 reduction of total purchase - told myself it was a good day to spend. Hehe.


So here I am reviewing these three amazing skin saver! The serum works wonder! I didnt know that serum actually can remove skin tags. My skin tag slowly fades off one by one. It takes time tho but I am happy. It smells flowery, even Rauhah told it was nice :)

The sunblocks wasnt greasy, the kind that I like. The texture is super light and absorbs quickly.


The scrubs was way better than the one that I use before. It has small particles that makes the skins smooth right away after I use it. Although it stated it can be use up to two times a week, I only use it once in a week/two weeks or else it breaks my skin.

I have been using these three for a month and wasnt disappointed. Probably will stick to it for now. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

When Husband away

Husband was on business trip for few days and it was my first time staying at home overnight without him at our new home. I'm such a scaredy cat and I have been forcing myself to sleep but could only sleep at 3am. It was a tiring nights but couldnt be any happier when Husband was about to arrive.

Rauhah has been asking about him and when the time comes, she is so excited and I take advantage to ask her clean up all her toys before we get Abi at the airport. Everything was great until the waiting game starts. We waited in the car because I tought it will be for couple of minutes but I was wrong. We waited for more than hour and these two rugrats started to get annoyed.

Of course kne marah la kan bru boleh settle down. After all the good behaviour and end up kne marah la pulak. Rauhah dh takde mood when Husband finally arrived. (The flight was lingering in the air due to heavy rain for more than half hour - probably afraid of the water pockets when landing)

So to make up to her, I told that Husband have to treat us all.

Ok la. Rauhah nak Abi belanja apa?

Awah nak Abi blanja tak work jauh jauh lama lama.

Aww.. so kesian..

But I think she dont understand the concept of 'belanja' thing. Huhu. Anyhow, Husband still owe us sebab that time we all just went straight back home. Dinner pun dah ada at home and she just want sausages that Aqil had, the last sausages that I bribe him to sit in the car seat earliear. Balik reheat nasi goreng and airfried sausages. Then everyone settle down, happy and I finally could have my peace for good night sleep.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fool Proof Recipe: Simple buttercream

I made Pandan Gula Melaka cupcake again but this time, different buttercream recipe. This suits me and the family the best, so far. The last buttercream that goes together with the recipe that I post was too troublesome for me and I try to find something is easier and nyums, of course!

Thank you for this blog, I have found my buttercream recipe keeper. The sweetness was just right and it kinda stays in shape for at least over a night, outside the fridge.

I just use half of the original recipe and it can be use to 20 large cupcakes, provided you just squeeze it like mine. Hehe.



75g icing sugar
150g buttercup
Half tsp vanilla essence
1tbs fresh milk


Combine all ingredients in a bowl
Mixed at medium speed until you get smooth and white texture

Ps: It took more than 5minutes using KA

Monday, August 22, 2016

Learning time

I feel guilty about her watching a lot of youtube since that is the best babysitter ever. So I decided to make time for her since she really love the idea of 'going to school'

It was Day 1 and we started with letters. She knows the word by singing and some letters by luck right.

We had good 5minutes of learning but after that, she lawan the teacher pulak.

Me: Ok. Now try write a on your own. Look at the traits that you did just now?

Rauhah: Yes ibu. I do zero first.

'Not zero. A sayang' while pointing the example but she tepis my hand.

She then teached me 'No. Awah pandai. Do zero first, like this and like this'

'a can be filled with color too!' she said

Then, the little brother who I gave his own book and color pencil decided to conteng the sister's book.

And after that is all about me being the defender of Rauhah's book and at the same time arguing which is the right technique to write a.

Work of art

At the end we survived finishing a and b which is two pages. I am so proud of myself that I think we can do the next letter but before that we did some revision.

Me: What we have learn just now rauhah? What is this? (Me pointing a)

Rauhah: Y! She said proudly

Me: This? (Me pointing b)

Rauhah: S! Awah pandai.

Me tepuk dahi.

Ok lesson learnt today is self confidence. Haha. After all the brain (and energy) work, everyone is so hungry and needed a snack. It was a good time that she keeps telling me that she is such a big girl and so pandai. Well yes it is, Rauhah. Yes, you are ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


My me time is with iFlix. Too many too watch nowadays. Well, actually I didnt have that much interest when I first time login to iFlix, but lately has been exceptional. They have updated quite recent series and movies.

If you are movie/drama junkie, it is totally worth it. They also have old, like ancient old movie :p I never watch The Day After Tomorrow and I finally did last night. Other country movies and dramas available as well, like yesterday evening I spent watching The Road from Philippines for about 10min and couldnt stand the eerie watching alone. I end up wiki the whole plot. Haha.

Malay movies and series pun ada okay. Jangan underestimate. Gol and gincu was one of the hype during my uni days, also in the apps! Crita Rock ape tah nama tu. I heard bes jugak tp xde mood nk tgk lg.

We dont have Astro, but instead have Streamyx TV and I get hooked up with several series like The Mentalist and The Closer. So in case I couldnt catch it on time, iFlix is in my hand ;)

Few superheroes like Arrow, The Flash and Gotham were in TV as well and I watched few while doing chores. But most of the time I end up not knowing the whole episode, so since iFlix also have those series, I am still okay. 

Cartoon also got. No worries lah. Futurama. Eh wait. That is not for kids :p Barneys, Thomas and friends, Bob the builder. Powerpuff girls for kids kan?

I have a lot of list to catch and I always find myself contemplating which of the dramas or movie I want to watch and end up spending half hour browsing which is the one I feel like watching at that moment. Lol.

Now it's midnight and I am the mood watching Avatar... or maybe continue my Korean series Emergency Couple,I still have 8 series before finish it or maybe just one episode of Friends because I think I am sleepy but hey look there's Edward Scissors hand! Ohhh gotta watch this!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hurom Juicer Review

I longed for this dah lama and I had showed this to Husband but he doesnt impressed. Not until he saw a demo at Mesra Mall and straight away been sold.

'I told you! It was the best invention ever!'

'No, you didnt. You never tell me'


Anyway, this juicer pressed everything! I have been using for more than 6 months. Named all the juice that you want and had a good drink without feeling guilty. The waste can be turned tu fertilizer, if you lazy much but fibres from pineapple can turns into tart or carrots into cakes.

I usually makes oranges, apples, watermelon and sometimes combines few usual fruits. Vege pun I dah redah like peria but I taknak dh buat sbb few combo I try tak sedap. Haha. But sawi, kailan, timun combo with some other fruits turns great jugak kalau the ratio is right.

Hampas daun pandan

Pure and natural pandan extract. Guna buat onde2 cupcake, kuih bakar etc

I dah buat air soya, almond milk, GGS, milkshakes and even extracted pandan leaves for flavor. Mmg pure pandan extract. Kelapa parut pun dah masuk and my parents are considering buying when they saw the santan pekat gila without adding water. The kelapa flakes pun mmg dried habes. Tu yg lg suka.

The cleaning part is bearable. I receive the brush together with the package. So it wasnt a husle.

Kalau nk ade fibres in your drinks pun boleh by adjusting pulp control level or just change the extraction net.

I mmg suke juicing sbb tu beli. My wedding gift list pun I letak juicer dulu and turns out I get 3 juicer. Kalau Hurom wujud time tu, dh lama I kurus juicing je. Haha.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Magic wand

Rauhah is into magical phase. Literally.

We bought her crown and wand from Balloon Buzz last week and got hooked up ever since. She even had her own spells you know. It goes:

Magic wand. Magic wand. Please turn Aqil into frog.

It always frog. I dont know why. Haha.

Funny thing was she would immediately turns Aqil back and MUST turn back after each spell.

Magic wand. Magic wand. Please turn Aqil back.

So one day her wand went broken and Husband glued it together. Apparently he is amused with the spell and decided to play the role. He cast the spell and waved the wand. Rauhah was surprised as in she is under attack and run for her life. She screams when he saw Husband keep on chanting and went hiding. It was so funny that my eyes teared up. Haha.

I guess she really believe that the wand really works. Kids and imaginations. LOL.

ps: When she manage to get her wand back, she give her revenge but Husband was playful to block her with pillows. Now I know that the spell didnt work if the person didnt see the wand directly. :D

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pokemon Go

Husband told me about Pokemon Go when it started months ago. He downloaded it even it is not available in Malaysia. I am not that interested but was just okay with it.

Then, it entered yesterday. I was in thetoilet doing business and he was banging on my door insisting to open as there was fire in the hole.


My husband everyone.

Then he insisted me to download the apps as well before we leave the house balik kampung but I forgot (or maybe I just dont care) haha

He was so overjoyed that he use the apps while driving and it annoys me because he was struggling catching the pokemon. Did I said while driving? Yes! And I have to put extra focus as well and omg god knows how annoying it was.

I told him 'What was the big fuss? Just catch lah but dont do it while drive'

And he told about the whole thing. You have to walk to catch them but since he was driving so he HAVE to catch or HAVE to stop because you dont know when you'll see the pokemon again. It will just appear out of know where.

So I get involve. Just because it annoys me.

But it was a big mistake.


I am now worst than my husband. Not in the game but with my coolness. My eyes is now on focus with my phone everytime we went out and I already dreamt of catching Pokemon last night. Say good bye social media and hello world. I walked more yesterday just because there are 3 pokemons at my PIL that I need to find, while dukung Aqil. I might loose some weight too.

Now, do you understand why it has been fatwa haram and at the same time few people said it is okay as long you have the control? Sheeshh.. now I really need to tone down

Well, it is actually I already catch Pikachu but my husband hasnt. Hehe.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Of living in Kerteh

Kerteh apa ada? Apa pun takda kalau org tnyr aku masa mula2 pindah. This place sgt small. Not much competition for business sebab tu ramai prefer stay Paka.

Mesra Mall tu takat penyeri je. Even kedai kat Mesra Mall pun tak boleh business lama. Kedai like Starbucks, ToyRUs, Reject shop, Kamdar penah wujud tpi tak lama. Tak yah mention la kedai2 lain kan. Every year mesti ade kedai move out. Tak tahu kenapa. But kedai like Pizza Hut and Secret Recipe antara yg stay lama and I dont think they'll close shop for now. Ade TGV, so that is the highlight. Haha.

Kerteh is a dead town kalau takde office Petronas. Jujur cakap. The food is overpriced, that includes barang basah. Pasar mlm pun mahal.

Locals jual kat area2 kampung. Most kedai2 mkn/brg, especially tepi main road, owned by outsiders but kalau owner yg mmg asal kerteh, kalau jumpa kedai mkn, they mmg jual murah. Like this makcik that our jiran found, he bought nasi lemak ayam rm2, with telur rebus in half okay.

House to rent

Mahal woo. Harga like KL one. Most yg renting slalunya company yg byr or big family. Small house at Panalex rent for rm900. Crazy much kan. Even Rantau Petronas pun dah mahal and people are moving out dah.

Word of advice, try Paka or Kemasik.

Wet food

Better kalau nk cari barang basah, pergilah L-mart sebab stakat family kecik mcm aku situ jual sayur serba sikit and cheap. So takdelah ko beli kat TMC Mesra Mall sawi secekak takat nk goreng mee sbungkus buat makan pagi. Elakkan pergi pasar belakang McD kalau tak terdesak. Situ harga sangat mencekik.

I once have a thought of wanting to help locals la kan konon, xpe byr lebih sbb it's from their own garden but nehi hey, org luar yg buat untung meniaga je. So kalau nk beli kat pasar tu pun, look carefully. Mmg ade makcik or nenek yg jual hasil derang sendiri and crazy cheap mase i beli itu hari. Lg kesian tau dgn org mcm ni.

Ikan. Yes. Ikan fresh sgt bes tapi aku x beli kat pasar. Sila kenal2 pusing pergi area Kuala Kerteh. Situ ikan segar kol 11 elok la pergi. Ptg pun ada kalau rezeki kau ikan sampai awal. Tempat feberet di Kemasik, masuk jln kampung. Ikan hijau baru kluar laut aku tak tipu. Both our parents kalau dtg mmg beli ikan kat sini buat stok.

Bakery suppliers

Masa mula2 pindah Kerteh, aku mengagau cari tempat nak cari barang kek. Google was useless that time. Haha. Ade la 1 lps aku tnyr jiran then kedai tu tutup. Kembali mengagagau. Nasib baik R to Z bakeri wujud. Syukur tak terperi untuk orang yg suke baking macam aku.

Outdoor activities

Tempat berseronok for outdoor budak2 pergi je lah pantai. Kuala Kerteh pun ok. Our house tepi laut, it was a bless until the person yang slalu korek pasir tu buat kerja macam mana tah, air bertakung kat area paya and it was dreadful nak jalan ke shores. Lihat dari jauh je lah skang.

Ade KGRP and they have facilities jugak for sports. I never been to the pool but my friends that went said it was okay. Kids boleh main jugak. Open at nights.

Schools and preschools

Schools available and they are quite near to each other. Preschools yg hebat2 ada Smart Reader, Brainy Bunch, Little Caliph to name a few. PASTI pun ade dua if not mistaken, one at Kg Baru and another one Geliga. Taska pun banyak and always full tau. So if you plan to send you kids, kne rajin2 tanya orang and book early. As far that I know takde bas skolah and most of the kids either parents ambil or upah orang je.

Clinics and Hospitals

I have bad experience with Klinik Kerteh and most of my friends as well. We favor for Klinik Alamanda. Syed Badarudin pun orang selalu pergi but hmm we tried to avoid kalau boleh. Klinik Gigi Alamanda pun ok if you opt for not going for Klinik Kerteh punya dental dpt. Klinik Rantau pun ok jugak.

The nearest hospital is Hospital Kemaman. Private you can go to Kuantan or Kuala Terengganu.

Makan place

Ade few hipster place that you can google but we love Wok & Grill. Good food and clean.

Masakan panas takde tempat yang best sgt. Semua so-so with so-so or bad service. There is only one yang we ol slalu pergi just because they cook cpt gile and food is ok la. Paling cepat 5minit. 20min tops kalau org ramai pada biasa. Kedai kuning tepi jalan besar.

sampai skarang we ol xtau ape nama kedai ni :P


Oh mann..services. The most trouble part. Car broke down? Need a paint job for your car? Boleh la nk try area Kerteh ni but if you know other places, sila la pergi tempat lain. The price and the mechanic job is not satisfying for us.

Plumber? We have a contact. Sgt puas hati bila paip sink tersumbat, so this pakcik help us buang batu from god knows where and he have proper eqiupment jugak. An honest pakcik.

Atap bocor? Haiya.. ni banyak susah especially for us yang double storey. We had contact but masyaAllah susahnya nak bg rezeki kat orang dlm bab ni. Tak mau datang.

Aircond services or mesin basuh? Hmm no one to recommend but kalau dah terdesak and takde option, redahla mane2. Same je. Our mesin basuh rosak berbulan panggil kedai ambil. Tak datang sampai sudah. Smpai terfikir nak beli baru je but akhirnya Husband buat macam mana tah tetiba elok sendirinya. Haha.

Word of advice, ringankan mulut sembang and kenal with locals. Tak perlu pun nak ang ang sgt time ckp. Aku bnyk blajar ngn jiran duk kat sini dan syukur sgt dpt jiran yg sgt membantu. Makes my life easier. Be nice to them, tak rugi pun.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Rauhah turned four

She kept talking about her 'birthday party' that we celebrated at our neighbour's house months ago. It is actually a farewell for us since we are moving out of town. Her friend were excited when they saw me brought cakes to the house and they thought it was for Rauhah, as in 'SURPRISE!' - I honestly dont understand but as long they are having a good time, then let it be lah kan.

Anyhow, Husband got infected with this celebration thing and wanted to give her a good birthday and a surprise. It was just us family and I asure you that this is like the ultimate birthday celebration for her even though just a simple deco and cake. She was so in high spirits and excitement all evening till the night.

I baked choc cake with M&N and choc spirinkles while Husband in charge of the deco. Both kids are having a great time today with all the preps and the celebrations.

Aqil bnyk clueless tapi enjoy je :P

We almost forgot the birthday present with all the balloons and eating the cake. Lama btul simpan and hide this from her tau. We bought her pool as a replacement the old one. Husband straight away let the kids play with it till dark. I, in a meantime preparing dinner, just bihun goreng and nuggets.

I thought we suppose to celebrate after maghrib but Husband kemain smangat smpai rumah after work terus ajak happy birthday. Haha. But it was good idea sbb the kids can main air sampai penat then tdo awal. Haha.

Lepas main air, mandi and makan, all the energy drained by 8.15pm. She went to bed on her own and Aqil pun sama. Well, mmg bedtime Aqil pun lps maghrib.

She kept thanking us and wow, it really shows this simple celebrations meant a lot for her. I think she'll talk about this on top of her birthday party at the neighbours. Haha.

Happy birthday sayang. I have to thank you for giving the love and kindness that I dont know why I deserve. You have changed us a lot these years and we pray that Allah protect you from any harm. Ibu and Abi always pray for your happiness dunia akhirat. We love you so much!!

Friday, July 29, 2016

To start planting (again)

I have been trying to plant few things. Started with daun pandan first. Bought the soils and pot from Mr.DIY. Then I have Sawi seeds that Babah gave me millions years ago :P baru nk tanam.

Daun kari dalam baldi tu hiasan smata ><

Ni after few days, tgn dh gatal nk transfer

Dah la tak reti. Siap wasep Babah tnyr everything about sawi. Lol. 

Tambah pokok bawang. Nak daun je.

Serba sejemput daun kesum, kucai n daun sup. Hmm mcm padat pulak. Nnt alih.

Anak pokok sawi bkn masih malu tp awl sgt g alih dah

Then both PIL came and he checked himself saying my pokok still small to change pot. Haha. Patut la macam bantut je. Anyway I rase ade satu dua yang akan survive. We'll see lah.

Before and After

Babah then changed my pokok pandan to proper place. I am so excited with all these!! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Husband turning 30

He is not celebrative kind of person but I do! I so am. So many plans in head but so many excuses. Hehe. I manage to bake anyway and lucky him, PIL came on his birthday. Lagi lah suka. Soo many foods on the table and we all so kenyang than usual :P

I siap made choc cake in heart shape okay but jadi rezeki his officemates (I told you we have too many foods) Tak ambik picture pon. Yang ada..ni je.

Haha. My cheeky boy lah! Eee lepa sekejap je. Habis cucuk sane sini.

Happy birthday Husband! Semoga bertambah murah rezeki dan berkurang kilograms dengan jayanya :P We love you!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why my kids acting up 1

Because I tested my new tudung. He thought I am going out and not taking him.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Random rants

I was unwell yesterday and Husband is in charge of becoming the nanny and the cook. All the cleaning stuff can wait sebab rumah was out of water since noon.

I feel like he is playing mak mak with the kids. Too cute. Masak nasi dengan telur goreng je. Letak kicap. Itu pun kemain suka Rauhah. She was at first reluctant and was under estimate that her Abi can cook and become the mummy in the house.

After the foodnis served and the tummy is full all she could say was 'Sedapppp abi masak!' and Husband couldnt stop bragging himself all day long. Oh well, layankan jelah.

I am feeling stronger now and dah start clock in. Air dh ada and the first thing is cleaning up the pile in the sink. Aqil tumblers ni isi air je tapi amboi tgk si hitam2 ni benci matakuuu.

Cleaning brush xde and while waiting Dr.Browns ni sampai, kne la hadap masuk cotton dlm tu.

Lidi takde. I tibai straw ikea kerat sikit nk tolak cotton. Gigih sbb geram!

Hadap menda ni lg lama dr basuh pinggan mangkuk yang setimbun tu. Celah sane sini la area loop bottle cap tu la *sigh

Lega matakuuu

Lalu air tak hilang okay. Sile make sure your kids water bottle clean btul2. Skang mcm2 sakit. Starts from home and as parents lets make sure this simple things been taken care of.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Topshop Malaysia

I remember during Uni days, I’ve been eyeing to own this one bag that Topshop Malaysia have. I dont have the picture of it since it was long time ago but the bag was really my first shoulder bag. It's leather, big enough to toss my tutorial papers and the color was so earthy. It was green army.

So when I manage to have my own salary (those were intern days) I quickly went to buy it and luckily they have the last two piece. I wore it most of the time afterwards until it is worn off that I am so sayang to throw it away. I kept it and after years and having kids I dont find it's purpose.

It's time to hunt a new handbag but since I am away from physical store, I need to opt the easiest solution. Online lah! Haha.

I need a tote at least and some of the choices fits me. Tote or shopper bag just a need item for moms, especially. Easy to stuff all the diapers, baby wipes, extra kiddos clothes and what not but still be in style.

Love stitch details!

I always settle for safe colors but Topshop has some other tote bag that quite interesting to me. I never choose suede for bags but here are one of that matched to my style.

As I browse more, I stumble few items as well. Looking on those options, I might settle for some other tops too, just because the color reminds me of my old bag. Haha. Hashtag; women can never settle for one item.

I blame my friend who introduce this brand. I just cant help to just browse for more. I's therapeutic just to see all the designs lays on he screen calling my name. Drama mode on! Haha. Oh did I mention I bought purse as well after the first bag? hen after that few tops and jackets? Yea, it is really addictive ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Expect the unexpected

Husband has been under the weather for the past week. He had major fever, dizziness and nauseas.

Sounds familiar? No? Well, it sounds to me just like another fever or maybe food poisoning.

But his bos apparently have different thoughts. He wondered 'Are you expecting?'

He burst laughing and his collegue added 'Untunglahh kalau ade laki yg mabuk bile bini die ngandung'

He told me about this and I chuckled but just couldnt deny the possibilities that there are those cases. My cousins were 6 months pregnant but her husband who keep on puking the whole time during the first trimester. He said 'Malu kat org je duk mabuk2 kejap g toilet. Padahal bini yg ngandung' 


Ps: In before you speculate, no, we are not expecting :p

Monday, July 18, 2016

The one who missed vaccination

Aqil missed his vaccination since 5 months old. It is all because the shortage that all clinics had and the troublesome of finding one. Blame the parents as well sbb x nak hadap klinik kerajaan.

At first I am just okay je he missed his scheduled vacc sbb dh consult with the doctor. Then the measels starts and I started to get (more) worried. Time tulah nak gigih pergi klinik kerajaan and time tulahhh the vac book hilang :O

Puas dah cari tp x jumpe and lastly during Ramadhan, doa kan mudah makbul kan, so selit jugak doa nk jumpe buku vac tu. Punya la risau. Haha.

Dannnn jumpaaa!!

Dkat rumah Mama. Padahal dah cari before that tau. And then trus je smooth jumpe klinik yg ade stock MMR. Kene la cucukk ini budak. Tak cry pun. Kakak die yg takut lebih. Lol.

Alhamdulillah takde demam. Just that lepas kne shot, die melepek je.

Falls asleep on his own ><

Friday, July 15, 2016

Fool Proof Recipe: Ayam Sambal Bali by Aisha Shukor

I learn this dish from FB. It went viral last year and I get hooked up. I made it few times since the main ingredients (serai and daun kari) is just at the back of my house. I crave it again and I had a hard time because you see, I need to buy and I am cheapskate like that :P

We stop by at our old crib during Raya the other day, sambil2 pergi visit the neighbours. I took the usual ingredients and I made it again! I think this dish is the reason I am so semangat nak start planting again. Hehe.

Husband finish the whole thing and for the first time he asked 'Ni masak ape yang?'

I was like =_= and he praise the good food on the table today. 'Sedap' he said. I told him I cooked it few times dah but he dont recall and I suddenly doubting myself if I only cook this dish whenever he's not home. 

Ah well, since he mention die suke, boleh la I buat selalu. Takde la asek ayam kicap boring tu je :P

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Little organic in me

One of my resolution this year is to plant. We had a small space to plant and it just big enough to have serai, daun pandan, lengkuas, pokok kari. It was fun, although I am not the one who start all the planting. Babah, PIL who plant serai, lengkuas, halia and kunyit. All survive except kunyit. Halia tu pun suddenly shows up after more than a year. See how neglected I was during early days staying Kerteh? Haha.

The day when I have to start over

Serai pun after a while it died and I have to start over. Pandan pun also died sebab I tak siram and I dont know, kinda manja. Lengkuas is the survivor of all.

The halia yang suddenly muncul :P

Daun kari ni dah besar skarang. Branak pinak plak tu

So I start over again with serai and daun pandan. Daun kari took from Umi's and wow everything just magically alive whenever I plant after that.

I started planting nenas as well but it died during the heat season where we left home for almost a week. I had daun kesum too. Tak banyak but just enough whenever I want to use it.

That..was history. I am so sad and kind of not in the mood to start again after all the love that I gave to our old place. This is one of the main reason I cook more since we stay in Kerteh, other than not working kan. 

But since I hate the idea of having to spend money over the things that I can grow previously, made me change my mood. I start over and this time in a pot. One of my neighbour told me that I can get cheap pot at Kedai Eco. It's RM2 shop and we had it near at our house. Bought all the stuffs needed and hoping I shall bring the green thumb again at this new place.

ps: All photos taken on January this year. I couldnt be bothered to take the latest photo since dah jadi semak. Gardener dah pindah kan.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hair cut

I stop going to hair salon for a hair cut since Rauhah was born. I do it on my own, just a straight cut whenever the long hair bothers me.

So I did it again few days back at night. I tought Rauhah already realize but I was wrong. It happened she only notice the difference the next day on the afternoon.

She said 'Wah..Ibu dah hair cut?!' while her eyes beaming. I thought my haircut was so neat that I finally can be a hairdresser.

'Yes. Since mlm td lg lah Rauhah. Cantik tak?'

Her replies 'Cantikkk..

... macam Dora!' with so much happiness on her face. Haha.. so much of perasan lah myself boleh jd hairdresser takat gunting mcm Dora.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Centre of attention

I cant believe I am using this picture for the second time in this blog =_=

Mark those slippers.

We went to the mall the other day and this little fella was wearing his shoes. Obviously because he cant really wear those slippers yet. He keep on putting in and out, playing as it is another toy. So we left the slippers at home, letting him walk and run whenever he like at the mall.

He was walking carefree and suddenly he stop and look aside. Something interest him, I think. He then walked towards a chair and I was 'Ohh no he is going to brush off someone again from the chair' but no.

He saw similar, the exact pair of his new slippers under the chair that is belong to a kid who is sitting at the bench. He run and grab the slippers as it was his with the mad looking face to the boy.

Oh no.

No. I said but he refuse to let it go so there goes a loud crying and me being apologetic to the kids and their parents. The family was just laughing and the kid looking clueless. You can imagine a boy who is crying out loud and the mother bow while the father carry him away for distractions. Yeap..that is our turn that night.

It took him a while to settle down. Soothing and distractions didnt work but ignoring does. So he probably cried out loud for a good 5minutes =_= There goes our first time being the centre of fame in the mall. The hashtag? #ignorantparent :P