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Saturday, April 23, 2011

..of being sick (1)

I cooked porridge for myself but look - so not appetizing - at all! Makanan orang sakit mne nk sedap yer tak? :P

Anchovies porridge

I just told my family regarding the minor operation after I get discharged on that day. At first I want to keep it to ourselves about this whole sick thing but realizing how important that everyone should have the awareness, I changed my mind. As expected, everyone are shocked and my family are at my home the next day. I've been blessed with loving people around me :)

My sisters such a neat person and so rajin! Acik is good in doing house chores such cleaning the house and Angah with her delicious cooking! They both help me with my chores and mann....I'm in heaven! Haha.


Sambal petai yaw!

Umie cooked sup Ikan Bawal and Ikan Kunyit Bakar for me. Konon pantanglah tu tp sambal petai bedal je. Haha. Actually Ayah and Umi went to Gopeng to pick up Acik since she finished her matrix. Oh..Angah tag along to be his co-pilot ;) They stayed over my house for a night and went back the next day.

Umi siap ajak balik Kuantan tuh. I am spoiled! :P

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