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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sushi & Pregnant Mom

I'm not a big fan for sushi. The most that I ever ate is just the one over the counter at any Jusco, with egg or  unagi ingredient.

The Wife had this craving for sushi like since ever, even before being pregnant. Once in a while she'll be asking to eat sushi. I never prevent her to have sushi. She did went for a few sushi session with girlfriends but we never eat sushi together at sushi restaurant (most of the time only over the counter Jusco sushi).


Yesterday, we went to Sushi King at Midvalley for lunch. To my surprise the food is quite nice. I first imagine that they only have those rare food that are totally not to my taste.

Obviously I didn't take anything raw but I think I can be there again next time.

Below are few of the sushi that we had.





After had sushi for lunch we went to shop for few maternity clothes for the wife. Bought quite a lot and hope this will suffice until the 9th month.


End up being so tired and went home for a good sleepppp..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Me, Doctors and Med

I am 18 weeks and missed my four month check up. It was supposed on 4th March but I didn't get info when hospital called me to inform that they want reschedule the appointment. I have this habit where I don't pick up calles from unknown numbers. So I knew it was cancelled when I already reached at the hospital. Dr Tan already went home and there's other doctor but it's either man or non muslims.

So we take the chance to change the doctor to Dr Seri. Hubs and I always have this conflict when meeting Dr Tan cause we really wants to change to muslim doctors but hardly told her because she is super nice and a good doctor. It will be awkward and we think she might be offend if we said we want to change because we prefer muslim doctors.

Luckily we had asked Yoi and Nadia (they had Aryan at the same hospital as well) about this issue and they said they also have Dr Tan earlier but changed to Dr Seri. We just have to inform the admin without current doctors permission. Phew, that we easier.

But the problem is Dr Seri is not having any appointments on weekends and the next available date is next month which I'll be at 21 weeks. She had a full appointments on her list as she's the only muslim women gynea in the area. Takpelah. Mencari yang lebih baik itu kan bagus :) Lega betul rasanya bile dapat doctor perempuan muslim ni :)

Currently I am taking two pills which are pramilet and caltrate. This was given by Dr Tan everytime I went for check up. I've heard some women had obimin which I assume both had acid folic and other vitamins but was unsure about the difference so I had google for info.

I'll probably asked Dr Seri about this later on but I think both works the same way but the amount of vitamins consumed for your baby depends on your body as well. I think Dr Tan gave me pramilet because I am 'well fed' thus afraid more unused mineral will turns to fat or other God-knows-how unwanted side effect.

She once told me to stop taking any milk and don't start with any pregnancy milk just yet. I just love Omega and Oat cause I tought it is to burn calories and gives me calcium that I need but she said it is good but when your body consumed things that your really don't need it, then it'll turns it into stuff that is not good for you.

Therefore, I learn that never assume anything for your health. Go meet your doctors and get the right info. Your health is not worth to gamble on, especially when there's another life depends on it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Semalam hari berjimba sakan yer.

Alhamdulillah, He brings back my energy to do things back to normal. The first trimester was really drained me down. I went bed at 8PM most of the time and fully utilized my sleep at anytime that I have. Hardly even watch tv on the couch cause I prefer my bed more. Hubs on the other hand pun seems restless when we just stay at home over the weekend and do nothing. He understand that I don't feel good to go out, even to do some errands for groceries. Fridge dah lame tak topup. Barang dapur pun ade tak de. Dapur berasap pun sebab Angah. Else makan luar/tapau je. Kain baju? Jangan citer.

Nowadays, he asked me hundreds time before I said okay to go somewhere, just to confirm I am not tired to walk. Hubs nak gendong tak larat la pulak kan :P

Catch up session

We went out for lunch at Pannaz with Lilin, Nell, Jaja and Mala. We were missing Senah as she was supposed to be there as well but had caught up with her cars at workshop since morning. We were talking about life and how things going on. Nell was due on May. Lilin going to get married. Jaja and her new job. Mala with her plans and update at the company.

It was our first time at Pannaz and the food was good. Hubs ordered Mixed Grill and the loving the lamb. We shared it and order mushroom soup with garlic bread. Strawberry Milk Shake die sedap ohhhh....

Boleh datang lagi sekali :)

Later we went to Along's and turns out both kiddos were having their nap. Lahai.. Tpi takpe. Pacik Macik die pon nk nap jugak lah camtu. Hehe. Had our Zohor and Asar prayers there before went out again to Putrajaya with Angah and Kak Jah.

I remember a quick chat with Along where there's this old myth that if preggers hold a baby and if he/she kicks you in the belly means it will the the opposite gender. Hubs insist me to held up Emir and see if Emir likes it. Turns out Emir was giggling and didn't kick my belly. Conclusion -it's a girl. Hubs suke experiments cakap orang tua ni. Nanti tunggulah kluar baby boy/girl baru boleh proove eh :P

Hot Air Baloon Festival 2012

I've been planning to go here for the past two years. The time they had on 2010, I was at Brunei. Last year was raining and the day was so gloomy, I just have to pass.

But this year was the year that I can't hold any longer. Alhamdulillah, the day was perfectly fine till the night comes. We were looking for the balloons right after reaching Putrajaya. The traffic was pretty heavy at the first turn to Precincts 2 but somehow manage to find the other way and skip the traffic. We manage to see Felix The Cat balloons on our way and I already feel satisfied. The only balloons that I ever wants to watch live. Ngeh2.

We reached around 7 PM and straight away park at Masjid Tuanku Zainal Abidin as looking forward there's more traffic and we dont think there would be any empty space anymore at the front. Walked towards the balloons launching site and oh dear, people was everywhere!

 Next to launching site

'Kecik' je ni :P

Anyhoo, we manage to watch few balloons flight for about half hour. They end it before the nights comes in and we quickly went back to Masjid for our prayers.

Hot Air Balloons

Did you know that the mosque is called as The Iron Mosque? TBH, I don't even know there's this mosque in Putrajaya :P

Sunset. Balloon. Mosque.

Our spot

Kak Jah said there is no air conditioning system nor fan assembled in the mosque. Quite amazing feature. It is located next to a lake so the place is very cozy and windy. Another thing that I love about it is they have skyway and you can see the colorful bridge and view towards the balloons festival. Therefore we just sit there enjoying the breath taking view till the events ends.

Hubs said they had fireworks and light show. So I was expecting the balloons will comes up and they'll do all the synchronize light up in the air - but unfortunately the balloons was just sit tight on the ground and there you go, they light it up just like that. Aih...what a kill joy.

High ISO. Actual view is darker.

Luckily the fireworks was awesome since we have the best view in town :)) Tak payah nk redah lautan manusia kat bawah tu. Duk kat masjid tu lagi best. I think that was the highlight of the night and the best fireworks view I've ever seen in life.


Notice the bridge at the back?

Funny thing is Hubby was setting up his DSLR with it's tripod. Bersungguh-sungguh setting sampai masuk dalam kolam. We were setting at the most corner of the side and there's a pillar blocking our view on the left. He was targeting his camera towards balloons area (which was on our right) but turns out the fireworks was at the other side of the place. Me and Kak Jah was getting our meal (the mosque prepared fried mee, kuih keria, coffee and tea) when this happen. Angah said he quickly run to the left when the fireworks starts and grab his tripod. The water was dripping and splashing, afraid he missed the moments. Nasib baik sempat :P


The night still young and I am still energize (which I haven't for the past few months) despite it was 10pm (Selalunyer, pukul 10mlm terasa pukul 2pagi yer dalam keadaan skarang ni :P) Therefore, while waiting for the traffic slow down, we bought Bunohan online. I love technology now days. We don't have to go to the counter anymore to buy movie tickets. Even we bought it online, we already have the QR codes for the ticket. Tak yah nk rush2 g amek tiket ok.

Therefore, we heads to Alamanda and grab quick meal at Burger King. We tought the kitchen already closed but the manager said we still can order but we have to wait for our burger because ready cook already finish for the burger we ordered. I have to give credit to them as they didn't turn off any service that we request, even it's already pass their opening hours.

We plan to dine in as we still have 25 minutes before the movie. The crew even politely gave us vanilla ice cream to four us as complementary for waiting to their service. Makan ice cream je dah kenyang. 

Therefore, we just take out our burgers and plan to have it in the movie..but of course I don't eat in there. Angah have the guts to have her burgers which smells the entire cinema. It was funny when it took her so long to find sauce and the noise is coming from the paper bag was pretty annoying. People must have cursed us :P (Sorry!!)

The movie was good. I actually have no idea it was Kelate movie, with subtitles okay! It was quite impressive to see those non-Kelantanese actors speaks the dialect. Pretty cinematography and interesting plot but I just wish they elaborate more for the endings. There are some things that I dont really get but Hubs always be the point of reference :P Like which one is the first wife (Mek Yah or Mek Ani) or what it is has to do with Awang Sonar and the games that Jolok had. I think most people hardly understand this movie because of the mystical of Wayang Kulit and the complex plot they had. Overall I still think it was a great mind blowing Malay movie.

Balik rumah almost 2AM but surprisingly I still not yet feel sleepy or tired. Boleh tahan ni. Lepas subuh siap tak tidur lagi ni. Wah..wah..ini terlalu bagus. Hopefully baby are happily healthy inside because I do. We all do :D

Fun day! Fun day!