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Friday, January 23, 2015


The last time I ever bought my own purse was in 2008 with my first pay from my first job. It was black croc design from Topshop that I have been eyeing ever since I walked in the store.

Then it gets old and so buruk that most of my friends told me it's about time I get a new one, which I am so sayang to replace it sebab boleh pakai lagi. But then, Zac gave me a souvenier from Indon which a coin mengkuang turquoise purse that can fit my stuff from my old purse. The most precious gift ever receive at that time, mostly because it's my fav color and my purse dah rosak teruk. Haha.

It was months until the mengkuang start mereput dan koyak tapi I wait and wait to buy new purse sebab it's still wearable, until my collegue from Philippines gave me a purse from her vacation there. Again, pakai sampai rabak sangat until husband beli coin bag masa kat Sabah sebagai ganti.

Purse Sabah tu memang lama berjasa until my collegue bagi purse as farewell gift. Dah.. Kire lah dah brape tahun tak beli sendiri tapi syukur dengan rezeki yang tak putus. Ini baru tengok secara zahir dengan rezeki tuhan yang satu. Those unforseen gift dr Dia lagi berlambak yang kita tak terhitung. Semoga Allah tak tarik rahmat Dia dr kita dan jauhkan sifat riak dlm diri. InsyaAllah.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Breastfeeding Journey 201

Yer..sekolah dah bermula macam biasa and I'm back to class ABC in breastfeeding. Banyak menda dah lupa, especially handling EBM. Hehe.

The first pump on Day 3 after delivery

The second pump on Day 4

Still on Day 4 but in the evening

Alhamdulillah, milk production was as good as the old time and even better :) I am not planning to keep EBM since I am not working but my milk (praise to Him) was keep on coming and I just have to pump every 2 hours tapi sometimes ignore jugak pain tu. Letih jugak ngadap pump je kan. So I regularly pump after I wake up in the morning, once in the noon, once in the evening and once before going to bed. Kadang2 tgh tdo pun bangun jugak sebab nak tunggu pagi dah tak selesa. Lagipun my milkstorage dah takde. Botol pun tak cukup nk store. Kne berkira-kira nak simpan, so far baby tak reject EBM and I already introduce the bottle on his Day 3.

I always heard that baby boy nurse a lot more than baby girl which I normally react 'Alaa..budak kalau die nak minum banyak, die minum la banyak' tapi statement tu betul rupenye and I probably can review it again when I have another child to compare. This boy already had his 3oz in one serving on his 7th days old!! Now he is 17 days old and he could finish almost 4oz when he just wake up from long sleep.

May Allah ease another journey of mine and hopefully I can do this again until he is 2 years old. Amin..

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Living with two kids

Rauhah was clingy during pregnancy, probably wanting attention from exhausted pregnant-mom. But alhamdulillah she has been a lovely sister and I hadnt seen her jealous or whatsoever since the birth of number 2.

She still sleeps with me during the night, under ketiak mak of course and she understands when I need to nurse the baby where she have to move a bit to make room for baby to lie down in between us. I was at first afraid that she might think I love her less when the baby is born but luckily she is very okay with everything.

Baby boy was so far being a very good baby - sleeps through the night and only cry for milk or diaper change. At times he just lying there with his eyes wide open doing nothing and I could just look him for as long as my eyes can take. Rauhah would join us and normally would ask to hold him on her lap.

She would bring all her toys to the baby as if he knows how to play with it. My mom would let these two together unattended, afraid the sister doing something harm to the baby.

These two munchkins was the light of our day and both Ibu and Abi pray that you two will love each other unconditionally. Looking forward to everyday that will come dan semoga kita sentiasa dibawah rahmatNya. Amin :) Couldnt wait to just spent the day, just our small little family and see the trouble you two will make :P

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tanamera Postnatal Care Set Review

Husband bought this at Mom&Baby Expo at Midvalley last November from Bornda kiosk. Husband suka beli dengan Bornda ni, sangat friendly and very helpful. You can buy it online as well - find Keperluan Ibu Berpantang on facebook. Anyway, the whole set cost RM330 with extra VCO and Brown soap.

I started using these two since 36th week of pregnancy which I took one tablespoon of VCO everyday and use the soap everytime I had my shower. You actually can apply VCO at your tummy to reduce the stretch mark but I didnt because I'm using Palmers' Oil and it works wonders - even my old stretchmark gone ;)

I honestly didnt feel any difference consuming VCO but the brown soap effectively reducing the black area under my arm. I've used several soap and scrub before this but nothing works as good as Tanamera brown soap. Totally recommended item.

I have read a lot of review kata wangi nye la bau herba Tanamera ni tapi takde la wangi pun. Bau herba die pon xkuat sangat. Probably yang production baru dah tak sewangi dulu kot.

The care set consist several item and I would rank personally based on my favourite:

1. Brown Soap - Yang ni pun orang dok kata wangi tapi I tak gemar ngat bau die. Bab hilangkan hitam bawah lengan tu memang tak tipu.

2. Boreh Scrub - I used the whole packet once and loving the smooth feeling on my skin. The scrub tak kasar sangat and you actually can use twice per packet kalau nak jimat.

3. Herbal tea - I'm not using any pad since day brape tah. Probably sebab makcik urut I yang terer or these tea yang really helps. Rasa die pedas tapi kalau campur honey, sedaplah.

4. Firming herbal paste - I tak sure if these really works ke tak but my tummy memang firm dengan cantiknya unlike my first pregnancy. Bump tu ade la lagi skang ni tapi tak obvious sangat. Now baru hari ke 14 but I'm already amaze with the result.

5. Femine herbal wash & Herbal bath - I dont believe benda ni boleh fasten your perineal area cut tp blasah je lah sebab dah ade. Herbal bath tu boleh la layan tapi mandi dengan the real daun2 herba lagi best. One thing aku tak suke dengan benda ni ialah sachet die senang pecah *sigh

6. Bengkung - Bengkung die besar oii. Aku yang besar pun rse size die besar. I already have one from Sendayu Tinggi which fit nicely on me. Ni kire extra kalau satu tu basuh, so xde la alasan aku tak berbengkung sehari dua.

7. Calming herbal  blend paste - Ni tempek atas dahi je sbenarnya. I only use it once because I immediately felt the burning as soon as I applied it on my forehead. Rase burn tu pedih gile yang I try to endure it tapi tak boleh woo. Dah basuh pun rse panas je atas dahi. Adakah ini purposenye?

8. Herbal massage oil - Tak panas pun minyak niiiiii. Tak rse pape pun, tapi pakai jelah kat kaki before sarung stokin tu.

I was at first nak beli loose item je tapi bile kira2 balik macam rugi pulak sebab set ni dah cover everything. But since I already experience it this time, lain kali x beli dah set ni rsenye. Probably beli yang favourite je.