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Monday, January 4, 2016

Lipstick moment

Husband dah warning lama about Aqil playing with my lipstick but so far it was the best distraction for him while putting his diapers on. I always put it in his baby bag with all those minyak/lotion/that kind of stuff.

All these while he played by open and close the lid and there are few attempts digging the lipstick out but it has been under control because I keep an eye on him. BUT somehow yesterday it slipped.

I was enjoying my Runningman on phone meniarap and he like always making me his kuda at the back. I dont pay attention much as what we was doing and when I turn... there it was. So fun. So cheeky. So happy with all of these and I just have to take photo.

How can I be mad

This is just a few

Well, I am amused for few minutes until he starts tantrum not wanting to clean up =_=