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Saturday, November 14, 2015

10 months Aqil

Biggest milestone this few feeks is that he wants to stand up straight and prefer crawl like a spiderman, without touching his knees. It amused me so much that I would just laugh staring him doing it.

He had his first step last week and had climb up the stairs quickly whenever I forgot to close the stair gate. Unlike his sister, he climbs and climbs. Pantang tgk benda yang die boleh panjat. Pastu cried for help when he couldnt go down by himself. Haha.

Hates slimey food like bubur. Thus explains why he didnt wants his own food. Soft potatoes and carrots are fine for him. Fruits pun same. Cookies? Major love. Probably for his itchy gums. Still bf but not that much after I found out his food preferences. 

Still loves bath time and sleeps through the night. Able to throw stuff and my floor full with that small plastic balls whenever he is inside that playhouse.

He already started to show his frustuation if things doesnt goes his way. He'll bite or grab anything that he could, like hair and pull it at all his might. The frequent victim? The sister lah. We told Rauhah to just ran away je when this happen. So far working well, although sometimes it will end up Aqil chasing her back and there goes 'catch-me' game. Haha.

Totally normal

Since this post has been in draft for weeks, I am about to post few update at his age turning 11 months. He now manage to clap his own hand. We never teach him to do so but I guess he probably seeing and observing what we've been doing.

He's been pulling stuff out of place as he already master in standing up. He took our Roti Boy that I put at our dinner table and helping himself eating the bread on the floor, silently. The other day, he opened my kitchen cabinet and spill off my beras. He'll be in a happy mood everytime he did this kind of thing.

Mangsa 186: Keropok

A challenging guy la this fella. I've been running most of the time when doing chores, saving the mess or most of the time, saving him from harm. It's a new experience sebab Rauhah tak mcm ni. Or at least I dont remember panting taking care of a baby. Haha.

He's a bit under the weather today. Check temp x demam but badan ada panas. Probably nk toothing kot. Thats all for now. Next update probably 1 year pulak. :)