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Monday, November 25, 2013

Words by 15 months Rauhah

Sekarang dah tak dengar Ibu. Bunyi Abi lagilah payah. Banyak Mummy or Mama and Papa or Baba for her dad.

Yang banyak ialah...





Ok lah tu kan?

Monday, November 18, 2013

SAHM or Working mom?

This wound be an easy answer if someone asked me few months back but now I have that option and finding myself in doubt.

Lets not talk about money shall we?

I feel I that my talent is wasted and I love to work. I just feel that I am in need to contribute my knowledge or at least learning something else when I'm working. Not that I want to be CEO one day but there are some sense of achievement when you are looking forward what's happen to you by the end of the year.

On the other side, being SAHM is always the best for the children but I don't feel it's good for me. I'm too contented which makes me feel guilty when at times I choose to be lazy while I've done nothing except taking care of the kid(s). I feel insecure when getting enough.

But then there are some people who always knows how to knock me on the head and accept the fact that Allah gives me this luxurious life to be blessed with.

'It's really different when you have someone else to take care of your children'

There's a moment at home when I suddenly think 'Syukur dapat melihat anak membesar depan mata sendiri' walaupun masa tu tengah mop lantai sebab Rauhah sepahkan food.

'You are better housewives when you are fully at home'

I guess some people are meant to be a good mom or at least I enjoy doing the chores. HEHE.

Husband said 'It's easier when you are not working' Senang nak arrange holiday or at times when he needs to go out of town and stuff.

At the end of the day, for which that I choose, it's basically the same. There are some win and loose but I prefer not to be greedy of wanting everything in the world - cause I already have it in front of my eyes :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Legoland Malaysia Review and Tips

Hotel Review

We had stayed at Princeton Hotel for RM100 per night. Tripadvisor really helps with this decision, despite the room is just enough for a King bed and a spot for one person praying. Room is clean and the staff is very polite and friendly. The place is also near to Aeon,Tesco and McD - less than 10-15 minutes walking.

The room is very basic and you can see the details in their FB

Please excuse the photobomb but here's our room looks like. This is Supreme King but smaller than shown in FB - the room just as big as the king bed with a small space for one person praying. TV is hanging on wall at the end of the bed.

Despite there is no fridge, hanger, iron or hair dryer, I can request it all without charges from the reception. I had brought Rauhah's food from home and they had help keep all the items without hesitant.

Free WiFi is also provided! Breakfast set is also affordable. I remember saw the price of RM5 for Nasi Lemak with 3in1 Milo.

All in all, it's a worth budget hotel with friendly staff! Definitely a recommended place to stay.

Tips to go Legoland:

Please bring:
- Umbrella/Hat: Prepare for rain and hot sunny day
- Sunblock
- Plain water
- Snack for you and kids

When bringing toddlers:
- Spare cloth for kids (and you if you want)
- Towel
- DiaperSSSSSS: Waterpark provide swimming diapers for kids under 2 years old upon payment
- Stroller:

Dont leave your stroller at the open area and make sure if you have to, leave it under a roof. Or bring together your raincover, if you have.

We left our stroller when we watched 4D without noticing the roof had a small space between the pillar and the roof. It was too late by the time the movie finish and our stroller was super wet. The second time is when we leave if during playtime at water theme park. It's just a shady roof top and the stroller still get splatter from the rain.

All sorts and sizes of kids life jacket.

It's still safe if you dont bring everything since Legoland provide everything as per listing above but it would be better if you could save up, dont you think?

The only thing I dont like about Legoland is poor management on handling issues (eg: car park ticket machine went down and it took time for the staff to react). Overprice food and stuff is normal when it comes to this kind of park, so please expect everything is double the normal price :P Other than that, it was a very convenient place for a family with small kids to have great time together; with a proper necessities like Baby Care and Family Toilet.

Check out the site for more details. Hope this helps for those who needs :D

Monday, November 11, 2013

Family Gateway - Legoland Malaysia (Part 2)

We reached around noon after preparing Rauhah's lunch at the hotel. I brought her food from home and cooked her porridge which took quite some time. No more parking issue unlike the first day and head straight to the water park after having our lunch at Old Town. It was smooth and hassle free on the second day. We enjoyed more in here compared to the Legoland itself.

We didnt manage to buy her proper swimming suit and myself forgot to bring my own which end up all of us wearing whatever we have in the suitcase. 

Rauhah was quite hesitant when we bring her at the raft river. She dont like it when the water run down to her face and seeing the (again) large-size Lego model scared her. We manage to distract her few times and she started to enjoy the water.

While Husband tried the ride in the water park, me and Rauhah spend the time at Wave Pool. Not long after, the rain started to came with thunder where the safe guard called everyone out. Everything was closed until God-knows-how-long. 

We sit under the Body Dryer. Luckily no one wanted to use the service and we sat there comfortably while everyone cramping themselves under the restaurant. Rauhah even manage to had her nap while wearing her wet cloths. Poor my baby but mommy's heat helped her sleep at ease.

I think it took more than half hour before the guards allowed everyone going into the water again and alhamdulillah no more rain afterwards. We played until 5PM and realized we need to take some pictures before the park closed at 6PM.

The changing room is very clean and comfortable. Surau is very near and convenient for all muslims. We are very pleased with the service and it's very family friendly.

We then continue to the Legoland park again - it closed at 8PM and we still have the time to explore the Legoland Express and Miniland.

Bye Bye Waterpark!

Queing for this train...

..chooo choooo!

Afterwards, we decided to go to JPO and Danga Bay but we are lost. Instead, we found Sekinchan Ikan Bakar and had a good Asam Pedas for dinner :D Tummy was full and we all decided to call it a day. 

Some pictures from miniland

We thought that we could go again before heading to Kuantan the next day but everyone was so tired and thinking we might drained out by the time we drove back home. So instead, we just had a rest on the last day at the hotel.

Falls asleep while touring the miniland

It was a happy vacation and if it's not because Husband already bought the ticket when I was pregnant with Rauhah, we wouldnt even step down to this place - not until our kids know how to appreciate this kind of park. 7 hours of driving is really tiring with a toddler but luckily we had a very good memories and shared quality time together :D

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Family Gateway - Legoland Malaysia (Part 1)

How was your long weekend?

Terengganu was on public holiday on Sunday and Tuesday so Husband took one day of his AL on Monday to get 5 days in total just to spend for our family gateway. We went to Legoland on Friday until Monday and spent over night at Kuantan afterwards.

I've heard 'Legoland is super duper hot!' or 'Dont forget wear your sunblock!' or 'Now is rainy season. Just dont forget your umbrella' and guess what, we experience it all!!

We arrived quite late in the evening on the first day. So it's just a few minutes session for us claiming our seasonal ticket and familiar with the place - taking a warm up I must say :)

Then we head back to the hotel and went to Aeon nearby our place for dinner (gotta post about the hotel in separate post, together with the Legoland review and tips bringing a toddler)

We had a rough start on the next day. We planned to go early but you-know-lah with a toddler :P but still, we manage to arrive before 12noon but there was a long queue upon entering the parking entrance. We assume that the ticket entrance making a problem and the worst thing is that they only open one area for the parking! We had spent half an hour waiting until they open another area for car park. It kinda kills the mood you know, plus when we hadnt eat our lunch yet.

Husband was the only one gets really excited upon entering. Why? It was scorching hot and my brain cant function well when it comes to this kind of weather. I really can't focus to enjoy the fun. All I could care is I want to stay indoor with my food in my mouth. Rauhah on the other hand screams everytime she saw the Lego human-sized model - which is everywhere!

Numerous attempt to take pictures with the big Lego and always end up like this :P

At last, we finally had Nasi Ayam meal for lunch (It cost RM61 for 3 proper meal with drinks and fruits. Potion was huge. Should have only take 2 instead) and it started to rain. It's a big yey for me and Rauhah cause we got to spent the time in the play yard and gets lazy. Hehe.

It's all about independent nowadays. 
You should see the mess that she caused everytime we eat outside =_='

We then head to the Lego City stage where they have a performance. Well, its actually a magic trick that could only entertain for kids. Mind you, everything here (most of it) was meant for kids and you gotta keep telling yourself that or else you end up saying 'Elehhhhhhh' Hahaha.

See the dark clouds behind?

It was still raining cats and dog when the show is over and most of the people stay inside while waiting the rain to stop. Lucky us, the entertainer showed some trick where he asked for RM20 note and changed it to RM50. It was impressive street magic and I'm amazed. Not long after, he then continue to give balloon for all the kids in the hall.

I saw all the kids here having a great time. What else matter kan, as long they are happy :D Rauhah is too small for enjoying the fun but I could sense she had a great time when she had the balloon on her hand.

She hardly notice the large Giraffe Lego next to her :P

Later on, we continue our walk to other area and had a good explore! Lego is everywhere in the area that they even let the pieces on the play yard for kids to play. It was indeed a Lego's heaven for it's lover :)

She has no clue that she's inside a lion :P

Her all too-busy-to-smile picture

Rauhah supposed to have her nap by the time we watch 4D and I was hoping she's not cranky by the time the movie starts. Luckily she sits tight with her eyes wide open and enjoying the show. Phew! That was a big relief although the 4D that we watched wasnt really 4D cause the chair doesnt vibrate. The only 4D feel was the water spray and smoke - probably the reason Rauhah is happy during the show.

The rain started to pour again after we finish watching but it's only drizzling unlike the first time we had earlier. Few park was closed like the Observation Tower but we both manage to ride on the roller coaster at The Dragon. I suddenly had the urge to try again after what I had at USS and this time alone since we have to take turn looking for Rauhah. I'm surprised that I wasnt afraid like before and wanted to do it again. Hehe.

Experimenting at Lego Academy

We almost finish touring when suddenly Rauhah had poop in the middle of playing in Lego Academy. We head to the nearest family toilet and suddenly saw kids having fun splashing water from sprinkler. So we decided to let her play after cleaning her poop.

While waiting, he amused himself with another roller coaster ride called Project X. It looks steep and scary but Husband said The Dragon is more fun compared to it. We missed quite a lot of activities since we are too lazy to take turn to try it. After all, we are thinking of continue with the park again the next day but tettttttt.. wrong! We planned so much thing but it always end up the other way around.

We only had KFC for dinner - its quick, can tapau and enjoy the meal at the hotel. Rauhah was flat by the time she's in the car and we both manage to eat in peace in the room. The first day went quite smooth since we take it easy and thinking we still have a lot of time to spent over there.

Will continue on the second day in Legoland for the next post. Till then!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Terrible Twos

She throws tantrums when things doesnt goes her way. Like if she wants to hold her cup by herself without assistant and that means no help even I try to lift the straw for her. She starts screaming and crying or throw things on the floor.

I started to wonder what I've done wrong or at least trying to figure if she doesnt understand when I said no.

I googled about 'toddles and tantrum', and then something hit me - the 'terrible twos' myth.

Oh..gosh. Hers started so early at 14/15 months old and I almost lost count how old my toddler these days.

Well, this is just another part of growing up. Gotta keep the face straight and only curse inside T_T