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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cloud nine

I'm up above the sky today because Hubs praised me that I just made the best cake ever! Hubby who always have small little tiny imperfections on my cooking (but any imperfections must come after saying 'sedaaap tapi'. kalau tak, tak nak masak dah. haha.), it's either 'not rich enough' or 'too fluffy' or 'better add this or that' (he is my Chef Ramsey in the kitchen) but this time he said 'Everything perfect! I don't have any negative remarks for this'

Despite the looks :P Next time gotta do better!

He even told me to keep the recipe and he can finish it all.

This is the highest compliment - EVER! Feels like jotting down all his words. Wah! Over!

I am flattered! Wheeee~!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Goofing with break lights

We just came back from dinner and was about to reach home. There's Alphard in front of us and did you know Alphard have LED for it's break lights? So cute! (I am such a dork for lights and I can melt for any guy who brings me to iCity (which I already married to :)))

One of the LED didn't lit up when he press the brake. So we were talking about the LED brake and how cost effective it were for cars. Hubs told that if one brake light damage, others still can functions. Angah came to a statement 'Cost effective comes with high one time cost' So true!  This conversation happens when we stop at the traffic light at our home.

Anyway, the light was so bright and it annoys me (Alphard driver keep pressing his break while waiting the traffic light turns green) but somehow a lightbulb came out of my head - lets take picture! must be awesome cause everyone will look red! 

It was so funny because I just get the idea seconds before the traffic lights turn green. I am rushing getting my camera ready and Hubs was trying to chase the car. Whenever we are so close to to it and every time Alphard hits the brake, it's either I am to late to snap a picture or the light already goes off. 

Cepat-cepat..alaa...da takde

Ok. Ok. Sekali lagi. Alamak. Gegar.

Alamak..lagi teruk. (Hubs muke tak berubah.Haha!) 

Kejar lagi. Cepat!

Hah! Amek! Paling dekat! Paling merah!

I hope the driver didn't notice we are chasing his car over his brake light ;P

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aras Bayu Melati

Such a classic name for a girl.

In case any of your kids dating her, you would have asked 'Who is your girlfriend?' and there goes 'Melati'. You would get ready to meminang her right away! At least I would! Haha!

 In her cradle

Look at Melati's face. It's like 'Urghh' Haha.

Me and Fiza (plus Din) visit Linda after giving birth to baby girl. The moment we arrived Linda's house, both of us were like 'Ok. Where's our camera? Let me get the baby and you snap' The only thing that allows us to do this is because Linda - is our GOOD FRIEND and she don't mind if we don't ask how she's doing (of course we did! but after take her baby and snap photo).

Sit tide for a second and she starts crying (cause she don't want to put down)

We bring Melati into her stroller and snap photo. Put her in bed and pose. Let her have her drinks and we pose again. Everything about babies is that whatever they did is so cute!!


Sleeping on my lap after milk

We talked a lot on Linda's condition and how's her life going on. She even showed her video giving birth to Melati and it makes me tears looking how hard she pushed herself, surrounding with people she loved. Her husband at her side giving her all supports that she need and right after the baby was born, we could see her husband's face was relieved and hugged her mom tightly. Aw... touching jap.

Look her awkward position at the first time

Fiza was afraid about how fragile Melati is and have been so reluctant to hold her but me and Linda keep giving her face and drop the baby to her. She don't have a choice and see.. she could handle her well okay.

Then bam! Maternal instinct kicks in :)

There's a moment where I glimpse us back and see that three of us was all alone years back at the same company. Now, Linda with her baby, Fiza and Din, and myself also married (Hubs wasn't around as he went to Bintulu). 


Time really running fast and I wish I always make time to these people so that I won't have the moment 'Mom, I want you to meet Melati's Mom, Linda' and I'll go drama that we've known each other but lost contact. I want my kids to know all the great people I met and for them to have awesome friends like me. 

You know why? Because we gonna get old together and shared all of our experience to learn and keep each others on the ground :)

ps: edited due to harsh words been used. sorry Fiza. It was meant to be funny but I guess I put it in the wrong way. please love me because I LOVE YOU!

My dolls

I adores kids but unfortunately kids never like me. Haha.

I dont fancy dolls as much I like soft toys like teddy bears.

Dolls are scary.

So I thank God for giving me, my own dolls that I can (pretend) put the make up on and groom a bit.

So cute that Im gonna die!!!

Umie would kill me if she founds out that I do this to her son-in-law or at least she would shaking her head and I'll get my lecture when he's not around :P

But I always use my winning word 'He let me do it'


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Salam Aidiladha

We celebrate at Kuantan this time and apparently many of my family members contribute for korban. Did I watch the korban session? No. I didn't. I couldn't see those cows been slaughtered. Nanti tak leh makan daging kang (kalau kesian tak leh makan daging korban tu kan). Angah made one part for her nazar dapat kerja tahun ni. Umie, Mak Ndak, Ayah Ndak and Wan also contribute one part each. So my fridge and stomach is full with meat. Haha. Banyak plan nak masak ni. Black pepper la. Resepi masak kicap Mak Ndak la. Plan je lah kan :p (as writing this Angah already cooked daging kicap Mak Ndak. nyums!)

First raya Umie cooked the famous and wanted meal from all of us - Nasi Minyak. Key El kan tak jual food tu for breakfast. Mengidam habis semua orang sampai tak sempat nak snap gambar. Mak Ndak buat rendang nom nom. She is super duper nice when she mention that she cooked it for us sebab Raya Aidilfitri kat Bachok/Besut. Rendang Mak Ndak makanan wajib setiap kali raya. So kire this time nak langsai kempunan hari tu. Bertuah kan anak saudara. Hehe.

The next day Umie called all cousins for lunch and we have been contracted to help her with cooking, dishes, preparing tableware and go to buy some missing ingredients (ice la. cili la. tepung la) We cooked like for 100 people where actually takde la seramai tu. Soto ayam and lauk pauk macam sup daging and sayur goreng. Macam sikit tapi penuh table and renyah time part soto tuh. Rebus ayam. Carik ayam. Poppiah goreng lagi. Bergedil lagi. Ewah ngomel macam aku sorang je lah buat semuanya :P

Ni baru satu. Ade lagi 3 meja.

Tapi all the efforts was really worth all the hassle. Gathering with all family members for such occasions bring us closer than ever. Especially when all kids are around and they wanted to stay longer. Nak main game la. Mak Ngah buat layang-layang tak bertali la. Main gunting paper la. Komot2 kucing la. Nak tengok Boboi la. Tapi mase tu main je. Bile sorang-sorang dah balik, baru ade bunyi 'Yang pakai skirt tu sape name?' Kids...

Ha..amek seat depan sekali yer.

Siblings yang perangai gila bile ade sorang hangitkan nasi himpit sampai hangus kering air dan termasuklah Maman yang semakin samseng. Kalau dulu Maman je yang asik berbunyi bile gaduh tapi sekarang die dah jadi taiko. Die pulak pegi kacau kucing yang belum cukup umur. Bini (Yot) baru je mati kene langgar tapi sekejap je ade pengganti. Ade taste dah sekarang sebab bini baru lagi comey dari Yot. Ktorg panggil die Putih sebab suci je walaupun bulu kotor. Tapi takpe. Ade sorang ni rajin bebeno nak mandikan si Putih ni. Selambe je mandikan kucing orang ><

Uda dengan Putih

Second child from Busu. Second child from Abang Ngah. Second child from our family:)

I forgot how these kids love chocolate so much and I only have few chunks from earlier choc cake I made. So I made it again the next day wishing I could bring it to their house but time is running up so fast! I already made twice but still tak cukup. Takpelah. Next time balik buat lagi sekali. I didn't expect my cake would be so laku. Haha.

Capur je semua dan blend dengan mixer.

Senget kek pertamaku. Tambah topping kasi kecur air liur.

Teringat Ajit (anak Abang Ngah yang sulung) yang kurus sebab asek main je tak mau makan tapi bile tengok orang makan mi soto, sekali join sekaki. Siap 2 round plak tu! Satu round at least 2 kali tambah. Suke betul tengok die makan. Bile die tengok Afif angkat mi hoon tinggi-tinggi die pun cakap 'Sedapnyer. Kite nak jugak lah. Letak banyak sikit' Ewah..sedap kau order yer. Sep bek aku sayang kau.

Cuti 4 hari memang tak cukup. Rasa sekejap sangat cuti kali ni. Macam-macam nak buat tapi tak sempat. Takpe. Yang penting dapat jumpa mata dengan semua orang pun dah syukur sangat. I couldn't ask anything else but feel blessed with His grace ^__^

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I finally manage to go Magh's house which actually not that far from home. Sheeshhhh..if only I knew earlier! Hazirah arrived at the same time with me and we played with Maryam while waiting for the rest and I couldn't resist to snap her photo through out the day.

She is the easiest and nicest baby I ever met! She only cries when she wants milk. Other than that, we can take her away from her Mommy and played with her hair, dance and talk with her like adult babies should be. Sebab tu kalau jalan-jalan, Magh tak yah bawak stroller sebab semua orang willing to dukung her ;)) She even sleeps soundly in the car on our way to the restaurant while me, Hazirah and Magh gossiping talking at volume 5!

 Yam, dont grow up so fast okay?

While her mommy was getting ready for breakfast lunch, me and Hazirah dressed up Maryam and prepared her for our girls outing. Hubby and Abe Ja super sporting sebab let us have our girl's day out. Bukan selalu dapat bile dah berlaki especially when they are available. Kalau derang outstation tu lain cerita lah. Kekadang terselit cerita pasal pasar or house chores dengan Magh since only both of us married in the group. Kinda funny when the topic is actually boring but me and Magh keeps on updating each other on the news where's the cheapest place to get fresh fish or how often we mopped the floor. All other girls rolling their eyes or making =_= face cause we just crash the conversation. Hahaha.

Che Hani. Mok Sa. Che Aliah.

We met at Ulam's near Giant Kinrara and the place was quite cozy for lepaking but I don't like the price. Sape suke harga tempat harga the same limau ais that cost RM1.50 for me and RM1.20 for Aliah? Someone made jokes that Aliah harga murah sebab muka student. We starts to compare each other's meal and to our hypothesis, the higher your salary, the higher your price will be, despite how simple lauk you take. Haha.

Lauk Kelantan habes!

Kerabu sedap!

Raje was late but she is forgiven because she bring us jellybeans!! I didn't know that not all jellybeans tasted nice and she purposely pick some of horrible jellybeans ever tasted. The reason is to make the eating part more interesting - with rules no picking. So it's like everyone couldn't pick any of the colors after some of us notice which colors tasted like meds or plastic or cinnamon or i-just-couldnt-figure-what's-the-horrible-taste-like! Urghh!

Even pink and pale pink jellybeans tasted differently

We all have high sugar at the end of the meeting after tested one jellybeans and another. Tak puas hati punyer pasal selagi tak dapat yang sedap. Dah la kene makan jugak kalau tak sedap, else kene skip turn amek jellybeans. And whoever cheats sneaking over the jellybeans will skip 3 rounds before her turns to take the jellybeans. Oh my..it makes me realize how crazy we are at that moment over freaking jellybeans! 


Oh my... we ARE crazy. It's just less than 2 hours meeting but I was laughing my ass off all the time.


I tried it because it is so cute.


To my surprise, it works for my first trial. But maybe this would be the last time I ever done it alone. Don't really favor the taste. But I would do it again if it was just for fun with people that I love :)

Recipe taken from here.

I copied exactly from her steps and played around with the temperature. You know why? Because my oven is still new and plus it's small. So when I use the same temperature at the same period of time, it burns my macaron. Got to adjust the temp after one tray to another till it perfectly cooked.

It still taste good though. Haha (Gezz! I should buy a proper tray!)

Macaron's foot. Need to improve next time (if only I'll do it again)

Western's dessert has been always known for its sweetness for Asians. Therefore, to try out any of their recipe, you must lessen up the sugar first and taste it. Later you'll get the picture of how sweet they were. My macaron was fine for me but Ayah said he couldn't take the sweetness. Angah and Hubby said they are fine with it but they did mention they wouldn't eat more than 3 at a time.

The only things left :P

Like this blog mention, it tasted like one our famous candy during our childhood where we called it gula-gula udang but I doubt the taste would be different if you use different type of filling. There's also some good reading from New York Times mentioning different place have different taste of macaron and referring to her entertaining cynical writing, I just found even more fun things to try on with macaron despite the taste and colors :)

ps: Macaron and Macaroon is different. One O does matter according to here :)

Kota Kinabalu (Part 2)

My God. I hardly remember what we did. Urgh...should have wrote as a draft right after the trip.

Anyway, move on to the next morning (on the third day) we take a tour trip with an agency and they sent Marcel as our tour guide. We had our ride shared with another pair of Australian peeps. We paid for RM180 per pax for Kundasang and Kota Kinabalu park. Sounds not much but there's quite plenty of adhoc pit stop towards the day :P


We started early in the morning around 8AM and it took one and half hour to reach Kundasang. It wasn't a pleasant ride as the road was uneven (even it was sealed road) and a lot of holes but it doesn't bother us much as we've been entertained with green scenery (such a breath taking view) and informative Marcel who answer all of our ridiculous questions. We asked so many questions one of it was this - 'What's the PHYSICAL difference between Dusun and Bajau? Because all of you looks the same' and I remember when he gladly answer 'Orang Dusun have visible muscle sebab mereka selalu naik turun bukit angkat barang. If Bajau itu bentuknya tak serupa. Kurus dan gelap dari Dusun. Saya Dusun. See, I have fair skin' Haha.

US heading to Kundasang

I forgot to mention our driver whose name I forgot but I remember he drove 100kmph up to the hill. Fast and steady to cut over any bus or car in front of us. Later we found out he was a bus driver who frequently drove up and down Kundasang area. FYI, Kundasang is a valley and imagine the road is like Genting/Cameron road with longer kilometers. He don't even makes us dizzy or what so ever (just a bit of scary at first concerning the safety but after looking his skills, well, he drove us safely) Salute!

Anyway, Kundasang is just famous village area and we didn't stop at the market there (cried sebab tak boleh beli fresh looking vege to bring back home). The place was on our way to the first pit stop, thus explain the green scenery ;) 

Pekan Nabalu

First pit stop was Pekan Nabalu where the place is famous with local craft. We bought some of our souvenirs like beras bukit and purple keropok (Marcel told us that we can't get any cheaper price compared to other place and it is soo true! RM10 for 7 key chains). We could see Mount Kinabalu from this place and there's even a look up tower which we are not even keen to go over tapi lepas tu menyesal. We just broke Vacation Rule - DO EVERYTHING THAT IS PROVIDED FOC!

Mount Kinabalu from Pekan Nabalu

Shima was so hungry and I accompanied her for breakfast. Hubby and the rest do some bargaining for the stuff and we spent for about half an hour here. I bought seikat pisang (more than 15 biji pisang emas) with RM2. Wohooo!! Cheapest and nyummiest banana I ever bought! Bahana lapar sangat

Wanted this mirror but nahh...

Coins bag.

Kinabalu Park

Ahh.. we supposed to be here since Day 1 for Mount Kinabalu climbing but unfortunately fate didn't pass through us just yet. Hopefully we can make it next year :) Here's where all the climbers stay over before starts their climbing and they have several parks that visitor (non-climber like us) to see Sabah reserved nature.

Info board at Kinabalu Park

Here are the info board where it shows International Climbathon record. Such an awesome feeling looking those proud list. Not far, there's an exhibition room regarding the park and some other information about it's nature. Usual stuff like the culture and history which most of them are quite known to us but we forget cause we learn like thousand years ago during schools.

Marcel explaining the geographical area of Borneo

One thing that impressed me so much is the time capsule's kept here! The idea was from Tun Mahathir in conjunction of counting the high of Mount Kinabalu expedition. There's some his personal belongings that was kept inside and scheduled to open on October 2020. At that time I'm already 34 years old. Whooo...macam tak lame jer.

Time Capsule

Stuffed animals

Botanical Garden

Our trip package didn't include Botanical Garden but our Australian riders request for the place and we dont mind go there as well. It's not that far from the exhibition place just now, so why not kan - but with additional own charges of the entrance fee as it didn't cover with the package price.

I don't remember we walked to the place

One good thing about Marcel is he knows well all the plants and how/what/why the purpose of each. Kind of knowledge session in science class. He showed us Cinnamon tree and told us (with apologies that afraid the info might offended to us) that married couple normally pounded the cinnamon to make it powdery and applies it to men's willie. It works like viagra. Enough said. Funny thing was that's the only thing I remember from his class. HAHA!


Wild orchids

Oh..he even shared some of his experience working as tour guide. To our surprise he is at the same age with us, yet he had changed and travelled so many places as tour guide. Such an awesome job he had and all of us starts to envy him :P

Flower that have fruits that taste nothing :P

Small little orchid.

We can't help ourselves comparing Botanical Park at Peninsular and we must admit that Peninsular offers more than this place except the cool temperature. As we walked around, we could feel this place much cooler as it is located at the hills. So many pictures taken from this place and I wish my internet is 12mbps. Garr!!

Ok. Chiau! Tempat lain pulak. (Hubby macam tengah kawad :P)