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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Long silence since no update to make.Huhu.

Well..we have one today :) Umi asked to call her last night and we manage to talk this evening. She's asking about what do I think of her suggestion on her boutique preferences. I said I'm okay and done my homework on that boutique (Boutique A) but I still need to talk and have a look by myself on what that two options offers. What I like about Boutique A is that they had arrange a wedding at the dewan at my house tu. So I guess they have additional points where they know how to deal with the arrangement and deco better.

Umi talked about her plans that she had in mind and Im very shocked for every idea that she made. Why? I never expect it comes from my mom kot! Haha. She's wants to have an ice cream (see..told ya!) for a dessert and pulut manis. I am soo excited about it when Umi told me her idea as she seems like reading my mind (hugs Umi jap). She even wants to have these kind of table arrangement for her guests. Plus the door gift for VIP's during reception. Pretty shocking huh?! :P

Umi also had check the boutique's available in Kuantan and she made her own homework (aa..hugs Umi lagi) She surveyed DNora but she found another boutique that interest her most (Boutique A that I told you earliear). Well, Umi wants to have only one boutique that handles everything from pelamin at dewan, mini pelamin, deco dewan, meja pengantin, bilik pengantin, baju reception and make up, if possible. Yeah..it's easier that way.

She also asked me to discuss with Mr.Fiancee on what would be the hantaran. She's concern that her daughter didnt know how to handle her own wedding. Umi, along da nk kawin ni. I can take care of myself :P Ouh..memang banyak pesanan td. About photographer la, explain psl adat la. Ha..she mention that my wedding will follow adat orang Pahang. I was shocked since I didnt know that we will follow any adat. But my engagement ikut adat Kelantan. Tah la my Umi. She's the mastermind (wink!)

I am soo happy when she told me that we finally get to book the dewan! Yeay! Mr.Fiancee's mom also called Umi to tell her that they will have another visit this June. Maybe to discuss a bit further on how things goes. Ohh..happy..happy that things went well over this few days :)

ps: Finally get the date and dewan! Alhamdulillah :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wedding Package

Already emailed D'Nora for wedding package.

It's Umi suggestion. Why lah I keep on counting on Umi on everything. Wait to go home la to see the boutique. Wait for my friend to check out the outfit la. Thank God Umi ckp 'Email la die tnyer package tu' Ouh my..how come I cant even think of it. Lolz.

Have check with this blog on the package. More or less we gonna have the same thing.

*pray hard for a good reply (ttbe rse worry.huhu)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We found our favorite honeymoon place. It's in Bali. This is all because we love the inside swimming pool for every room rented. Once Mr.Fiancee had a look the site and the review, he straight away decided to go there :p

We kinda check the rates and the flight ticket but all promotion as for now ends during August. Lolz. I think we have to wait or find another similar place that is cheaper, but we dont think it's easy to find the similar facilities in Malaysia.

TheClubVilla definitely the best spot for honeymoon ^__^

Btwy, I suppose to list the wedding budget tonight. Well, I have one but roughly done. Yeah..gotta have to do that. I think I need to properly divide the checklist, eg: the doorgift during nikah, reception and good friends.

Ouh, plus had discussed with Angah on the doorgift for akad nikah which will be yaasin, tasbih and DIY chocolate deco. That's the suggestion for now.

ps: Hasnt decide the date yet :( But Daniel much affordable from Syahrinaziz. Like! Like!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Manage to talk to Umi today (after few days call asek xdpt je) We basically agree with the date and she'll confirm with the dewan these coming days. Then she'll call his mom to confirm the date and hantaran.

Eventhough tak dapat Kompleks Dagangan Mahkota (since sangat pricey), I just have to satisfy with the dewan yang dekat kat umah tu. Therefore, I couldnt take fresh flowers for reception wedding sebab dewan tu xde aircond :( But..the good news is we will use fresh flowers for nikah and there will be small pelamin for it.

Umi agree with my idea to wear baju putih for our family during nikah session and I'll buy the kain or find baju yang dah siap for our family here. Tengok la which ever suits my budget and my preferences ;)

She said that she already buy langsir (hijau katernyer) and nak beli new bed (and it's white!) Yeay! Oh my.. I love my Umi the most!

Hopefully, everything will runs smoothly. Amin

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pelamin and Garden Theme Wed

I am soo in love with this pelamin.

Pics taken from here

If I have a lot of money to waste, I probably do it like this. Ouh..sangat cantik. I love the photography. Second option after Shahrinaziz.

Why oh why I just dont love dnora je. As for now I love their baju. My friend just suggest about their pelamin. Well, that's the best choices so far at my place.

What I have so far

Here's what I have as for now.
1) Checklist
2) ...

That's enough which it tells everything. Haha.

Well, I've talked to Umi few days back regarding the dewan and the date. Yes! THE DATE which is not confirmed yet. These two are important for everything started and it depends on each other. Tak dapat book dewan, dah tentu tak dapat that date kan?

We also talked on having garden theme wedding. Ahh..that is sooo my dream to have (Ohhh..I love Nabila's!). But the color always an issue. Theme garden haruslah white/green kan? But then again, we could always add another color of our favourites. The issue is what color suits the best and most importantly I love the most? Hmm..

Today I've googled on baju nikah which our wedding will be white and silver theme. We manage to decide on this since we already bought the kain during our engagement preparation. But hey, that could always change since I read a lot of people make changes even though the already finish the list. Huhu.

Another thing before I forget is my families theme color. As for nikah, I would go for white. Then again, kne cari kain. Aih...too much info to tell.

By the way, I'll put the checklist on the side of the blog :)

Reasons to blog

This is an attempt to write our plan for our soon-to-come wedding day which will happen in 6 months time. Lets pray this always updated, even it's just a dream or hope of what we both want (err..more for what I want.hehe) for our wedding.

There's too much an option and choices to make which I already write it in my notebook but I guess there's a limitation on it where I hardly show pictures in the book. Blogging is an easy solution for.

May the dreams and execution begun!