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Thursday, June 18, 2015


You know there's always a small ride like cars or horses in those malls, like this one in KLCC? So, we were there few days back and there's this one ride that can occupy 3 kids in 3 cars.

Like always, Rauhah wanted to ride on but we never insert the money (It's such a waste of money over simple goes around but no where. Haha)

I let her had her time enjoying herself, probably imagining driving her own car. She's already happy with that. Then I saw another kid at her age also enjoying his time on a different car that is next to her. So I thought, well, best jugak kalau mende ni pusing. See the price and said ok lah.

The parents kid alerted but I said it's okay and I paid. Thinking of doing random kindness. Luckily Rauhah was fine when it is about to move and the kid was giggling - just a pure happiness. Ahh the smile of blessing.

After that it is all done, we went to other places and somehow we are at the same area of that car ride. Again, I let Rauhah play with it.

Not long after, another kid wants to ride on it and the parents let the girl play like Rauhah did. I was in my dreamland while watching Rauhah and the next thing I know the pakcik (probably the grandfather of the girl) ready to insert the money and asked if it is okay if he paid it all. Of course I am okay but Rauhah is not because she wants to stand on while the cart is moving around, which I am totally fine with that but the mother of the girl  just trying to help, afraid Rauhah might fall off. Rauhah became alerted and sulking over stangers touching her. Tah pape. So tak lah naik nyer but the pakcik still pays for it.

My point is, when you do good, Allah will always reward you good or even better. I'll probably have someone paying over my lunch if I were that sincere again, who knows?!

I was watching Semanis Kurma this morning when the guest mentioned about a verse in AlQuran which I cant exactly remember but understand that He promised in His Book that whatever good deeds, big or small, will have highest return. All that matters is you need to be sincere and always have a good faith on what ever you do.

InsyaAllah, may all of us always bring more good things to others and to ourselves. Just a random thoughts in before celebrating our Holy Months. Ramadhan Kareem everyone! :)