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Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Furniture – Bedroom Set

We got ourselves more furniture. This time around is bedroom set.
Last time, we used to think that it’s fine for us to sleep on floor with only a layer of thin mattress. And to the fact that we still think of that until we bought the bedroom set.
At first, we just surveying for furniture to nicely place the whole stack of wedding presents and things. It comes to our surprise that the furniture itself is very expensive! Kind of not worth it if it’ll only be use to stack those things.
And that make us think, “Might as well get ourselves nice bedroom set while we can stuff all the wedding presents and things under the bed. Win win!”
It’s not an easy decision. We took quite sometimes to really comes to the decision.
But I think that’s really a nice decision we made. Thanks to my wife for really supporting it. She really influenced that decision a lot.
No pics? Maybe later. Huhu
p.s. It’s a great deal hard to miss. Our bedroom become more neat. Everything is arranged nicely. We can sleep tight. Have a good weekend peeps!