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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Babysitter: Worries, Concerns and Plans

I have another one month and half to ends my maternity leave. Well, I have found babysitter for Rauhah. Just another block at our home. She's currently handling one kid (almost 1 yo). Actually she's the third babysitter that I met. The first was the wife of an Ustaz which our neighbour and house owner recommend but she already stopped babysitting since she had her own home business. The next is someone she introduced when I asked for another babysitter but she already have one baby in hand.

The problem is (are) I heard so many bad stories about babysitter and for me, Rauhah's health and safety is not something worth to gamble on.

My worries now:
1) BS not clean and can't handle baby well (this includes all momies nightmares; liar, pretenders, take baby health for granted, give unwanted stuff to baby, etc)
2) The kid that she handle a bit rough. She roughly grabs Rauhah on the shoulder and luckily she could only reach her shirt. What else she could do without the BS watch?
3) My heart didn't give any hint whether I should take it or not.

Right now, I am trying to convince myself that:
1) BS already handle the current kid since birth. I assume since 2/3 months old. She was handling few babies before but not sure how it ends with only one.
2) I asked her max child that she could handle is 2. Not sure how true is this when reading this post.
3) She seems clean
4) Her house so quite and didn't saw any of her kids (except a glimpse of one guy. not sure if he's the child or the father) She said kids at school. It was 2-3pm when I had a visit.
5) Her house so near. No need to spent extra time on the road.

But I still feel insecure.

I few back up plans but have other concern:

1) Leave Rauhah at Kuantan.

Travelling during weekends seems possible but $ is an issue. Another things are her milk. I want fully breast feed her and if this opt taken, my milk production probably goes down without her simulation.

2) Offer Angah to babysit Rauhah

At least until she's 6 mo but she had other things to prioritize in her life. I can't be selfish.

3) Offer my long time babysitter 

aka my aunt who stays with our family since I'm child,Cik Nab but she refused to stay at our home, unless Rauhah is at Kuantan. Which brings back to plan no 1.

4) Quit my job

It's every mom's dream kan? but I already have other commitment. Things will be very tight if I quit. Still, it is possible but I am afraid I will regret it (missing times when I am working/the monthly payment which I can pleasure myself as much as I wanted - not that I'm such a big spender but still). Probably I resume working after Rauhah big enough but things might be different later on (another baby coming/lazy to start working when I'm comfortable stay at home/etc)

Therefore, I only have two options if I don't want stranger to babysit Rauhah. Well, I could give a try for the babysitter for one day but..aishh. I could investigate the babysitter from the Ustaz's wife but would that be necessary? She's already kinda reluctant when I asked her for another babysitter cause she mention she wouldn't dare to simply recommend someone but she still help me to find one since she's pity me and Rauhah. She even offer herself to accompany me to go the BS house that she mention. I mean she wouldn't recommend the BS if she doesn't trust her right? So nice of her that I wish she take back her word to babysit Rauhah.

This is hard. Need to think very deep on this decision.

What do you think?


easternC said...

option 4 is drastic.. but can lead to a lot more opportunities... like self business.. hahaha ~ i know abrak always want to try business..

The wife said...

i had that thought as well but i'm really not into business. there's few other job that i can do at home but what's the point of bringin up our own child and stressed yourself with your work over money? masa dgn anak tah ke mana, kerja pon tah kemana :P

kerel, you just give me an idea, how about abrak quit his job and bbsit Rauhah then? haha

anyway, we already thought about this but we don't want to let go the unlimited medical insurance. that's too pricey for us sebab nak beranak ramai. hahaha.