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Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 30 - part 2

Since my MGTT was done at 9.30AM, I have to wait till 11.30AM before taking another blood samples and meet Dr Seri. This time, the nurse just took about 2ml blood samples compare to the first time it was taken. Not long after, we met Dr Seri for the check up and told us about the MGTT results.

Unfortunately the lab hasn't come back with the result, except she just know (through her monitor) that my Iron result is below normal. She didn't prescribed any additional meds for me since the current vitamins that she normally prescribed for me is enough. 

As for the rest of result, she said I just have to wait for a call, in case of my result turns out not good, but so far I didn't receive any. Ok la tu agaknyer :) I asked her what if I have problems with my MGTT and she explains that she have to send me for a nutritions class, kene sekolah pasal sugar, fats ant what not. Some sort of awareness class I must say. 

Then, as usual, baby scan time!! The baby was shy and was facing back from us. The heart beat also slower compared to our last check up - which means it is good because it is normal to have a such high heart rate (my baby was 170bpm) during early pregnancy and getting slower towards delivery (this time is 150bpm). It should be 110/120bpm when the child birth. Hmm.. new facts for both of us.

The growth is in average baby. Hopefully maintain till due time :) Don't have the clear picture of our baby during this check up but I have (almost) clear picture of the baby during 25 weeks check up. 

Notice the eyes and the arms?

We already know the gender at times I did check up when Hubs at Jakarta. No shy at all showing the part. Hubs wasn't convince enough when I called him at that time and mentioning don't be too confident about the gender. I did told him it was so crystal clear that the baby was crouching when Dr Seri doing the scan. He didn't believe me, until he saw himself on the next check up. No doubt at all! Tapi kuasa Tuhan kita tak tau kan but with all the limited knowledge that we have, we could know what to expect.

Next check up is due in less than 3 weeks. I am lying if I don't feel anxious how I am going through the due date  How do I know I am going to deliver? How does it feel? Where do I go when I was about to pop out? There's so many unknown facts that I didn't know. 

Hubs on the other hand also preparing himself, like there was this time when we went to kenduri at Perak and stop by for my toilet time. He was thinking about me that 'What if she's about to deliver in the toilet? How did I know she's going to deliver as I am waiting in the car? Did she just going to scream or what? Ok..probably wait for few minutes, else I'll go and check out for her' Sounds funny but it's real truth. What would you do?

Those sorts of questions kind of scary and making both of us nervous. What we can do right now is getting ourself ready with the knowledge to deliver and what not. Read and asked from those experience people. Family and friends really helps us going through this important time of our lives. 

Ya Allah, there's nothing is easy except what You make easy. You can make grief, if You wish, easy - Amin.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Letting his inner child out

Wake up at 5am and start doing chores is kind of amazing during these days (or any other day :P). I scrubs my toilets, doing laundry, clear up my full basket of cloths and making breakfast. I felt super women already. Haha.

It's all because we will have a long day for carnival, aqiqah and wedding to attend. FYI, I don't have any property in my life. No cars. No house. No big investment. Nada! Thus explains the property carnival that we had that morning - just to start getting the feel of buying a house. Cewah.

But that's not the main story.

It was Hubs and his playful time. There was this one corner of the place where they provide free sand art sticker and Hubs was eyeing on this after we walked out from the showroom. I taught he's just being funny when he choose one of the sticker and asked me which one that I want, if I wanted to play the art as well. Of course I said no. This meant for kids or at least do-it-with-your-kids kind of things.

He said he always wanted to do this since he know about it but it's kind of wasted when he knows he had to pay. Since this is one of the opportunity that he don't want to miss, he start taking angry birds and choosing the color sands.

I think he had a time of his life. Hehe.

After finishing his last colored sands, there was this photographer asking Hubs if he want to take pictures for Father's day - with our kid(s). He laughed and point his finger to my belly. The photographer was laughing and said 'Oh sorry..I thought you already have one' - probably assuming he's doing the sand art sticker for our kid.

Betul jugak ape, untuk anak tp x keluar lagi :P

Friday, June 15, 2012

Antenatal Class and Jamu

A good thing of having a specialist doctor is to be able to ask anything that you enquire which includes stupid questions :P but no such thing as stupid question, right?

I asked Dr  Seri about these two and she had given me piece of advice that myself and Hubs agreed with. It is not necessary and both is one of the things that business people could make money of.

Antenatal Class

If you are a structured person and feel there's a need of knowing everything and what to expect during delivery, go for the antenatal class. Dr Seri mention, even during labor time, she'll explain what are the options and suggestion that she could offer which includes the all guidance during my labor time. I found myself more to go-with-flow kind of person, thus I don't think this is one of the must do item in my list. On top of the note, nothing wrong about learning and gaining knowledge.

Jamu & Set Berpantang

Dr Seri advised that as long I take care of my food intake, ensure that myself getting all the nutrients that I need - without over consume, that all already enough. Everything that mother eats will goes to the baby as well. She mention that some study proves that Jamu intake is not safe for babies. She also not agree with the old folks who control all food during our pantang days. 

Talked to Umie about this and she understand her as she's speaking in medical point of view. On the other side, old folks is talking based on their experience which Umie also agreed to. Therefore, it's all back to me which way I want to choose but I definitely won't consume any Jamu from Nona Roguy/Mak Dara/Sendayu Tinggi etc ;)

In the end, it's all about choices. Do what you feel confidence and secure about. Don't over think and makes use of all the knowledge that you could have. To justify is just a reason for doing so but I am sure all of us are wise enough to decide what's best for us and our baby :) 

I rest my case. How about yours?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Almari Baby

Hubs tengah kemaruk membeli almari when we decide to go for this closet. Mentang-mentang ade orang baru nak masuk kan, semangat lah die nak mengemas rumah ni hai. Bagus. Bagus. Me like!

Actually we were thinking of getting another board to store stuff that has been bothering us at one of the side of the house. So to keep things more neat, Hubs decide to get one big closet to keep them inside. To our luck, we manage to get both, our closet and baby closet as well. Not as big as we imagine but enough to make the space neat.

Lampu kat area bersepah tu rosak, so couldn't get a good picture of it but the main purpose it to get all the baby stuff nicely put in the closet. Kan hari tu da beli baju and do some laundry kan? Turns out ade berape helai je la hai yang dapatnyer. Seminggu pakai je kot baju babyku ini.

Hanger banyak kemain tapi baju tu je dulu :P

Barang-barang baby ni banyak yang kiut miut so xbanyak makan space (so far) but enough to makes me thinking of getting another organized storage :P

Mittens and boots campak disini sebab xtau nak lipat camne -_-"

Campur barang mak ngan anak :P

There's actually four drawers for baby storage tapi so far ini dululah yer. Menda lain tak tau lagi. Rase macam beli banyak benda je hari tu tapi bile dah susun-susun ni, tak banyak lah pulak. Takpe. Kite save for the future pulak yer. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Clearing baby checklist

Shopping baby stuff is so much fun! and I amazingly finish 90% from my checklist within one day. It was so tiring that my feet cramps (and swolen of course) but I was just too enthusias that day to buy all the baby suff.

It's all started when Along called on Friday night that there was Mothercare sales. She just went back from Bangsar Centre which they have bigger outlet and much variety compared to Midvalley and KLCC. Members get 10% discount on top of discounted item. Uuu.. I already tempted when I heard the sales but getting on top of the discount?? Win!

Sale! Sale!

Sign up for membership. 

At first we were thinking of borrowing Along's membership card but we screwed our plan to wake up early in the morning. It's weekend and people normally rush in during lunch time. So we didn't manage to go to Alongs for her card but instead getting the card ourselves (cause we bought the carseat). No fees but just spent RM600 within 3 months and you are eligible for the card :) which serves us to get the on top of the discount. Happy buyer I am :)

Surveying the price before this kind of sales really helps us know how much we could save. We bought Halford Zeus Plus car seats and few items that we found is a good bargain. Love the services when they actually take the car seat to our car to test weather it fits to the seatbelt cause when we went to BBstore, the sales person said with confidence that the same model doesn't fit Saga and they actually tested it.

So when we went to Mothercare, we asked the same question to them and they willingly to take it to our case and see for ourselves. Guess what? It fits nicely tau!

Muat front and back facing okay!

Marah betul sama itu BBstore tapi we still go back to them cause the stroller is cheaper at BBstore compared other places. We choose MacLaren Techno XLR in coffee blue color! Love it! Tapi tak love BBstore punyer service sebab Hubs have to carry the stroller by himself. Not that there's no male salesperson. They don't even offer and just look at us bringing down the stroller. Dah la kne turun tangga tau. Not sure how other BBstore outlet service but kurang gemar service BBstore di Kuchai Lama.

Ours is still in the box. Will post real pic with the baby inside :))

Dan marah jugak sebab they had a sale which they didn't post in online! We found out they sold Halford Zeus Plus with the lowest price I've ever seen. Tapi takpe. I prefer to pay more rather have this crappy service. Grrr.

myBBstore sale

What else?

We went to PWTC Mommy and Baby Fair but nahhh.. no fun. Nothing much to buy. Exhibitors pon tak ramai but we did bought some items such Anakku cloths and Bebe breast pad. Itu je.

Then went to Jusco for shopping the whole checklist. Menggila sebentar dekat baby area. So cheap!!! Lain kali tak payah tunggu expo ke fair ke kalau setakat nak beli baju, sabun, and other small little things for your baby. Jusco, Tesco or Giant would do lah.

Went home almost midnight and straight away looking for bed. Sumpah penat gile. Haha.

The next day, I did some clean up and unpack all the stuff in the cupboard. Ohh..the baby board!! I'll write about it later. We manage to get my dream baby almari! Yey :)) All the baby items is ready in the right place.


Baju dah basuh!!

It's less than 10 weeks before due and I must say that we almost complete the checklist - pat myself and Hubs on the shoulder. Things left are preparing baby's and mommy's bag for the delivery day. An advice from a friend is that daddy's bag is also necessary sebabnya barang mommy mostly covered by hospital - cloth's, maternity pad etc. Si daddy kan teman mommy, makanya kene banyak barang daddy la nk pakai kat hospital. Haha. Ok. Family bag la kirenye :P

Ohh...I almost forgot - baby's name!! The name must be meaningful, short and simple. Both Hubs and I don't fancy long and complicated names. Gotta look for google and start getting the list. Till later!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week 30

Bersiaran dari PCMC sebab menunggu test MGTT.

I'm having MGTT this time around due to the shocking weight increase on previous check up. I gained 5kg on 25 weeks check up! Thanks to all kenduri and one week holiday. Haha.

I fast since 10PM last night till this morning check up, 9AM. Get my urine tested, which is normal every check up and get my blood samples before drinking a cup of glucose. It was full mug of air gula okay! Eargh.. I almost chocked when I had the first drink. Haha.

Then I have to wait for 2 hours before taking another blood samples. In between, I could only drink plain water. Lapar la hai nak tunggu 2 jam ni. Perut da berkeroncong kemain.

I hope my result is normal.

Anyway, alhamdulillah, this time around my BP was the lowest BP I had (Note: I had high BP during pregnancy) and my weight gain is back to normal - 1.5kg compared to last check up. So glad that my health is in a good condition.

Scheduled to meet Dr Seri at 11AM. So I rest my case for now. Will write more afterwards.