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Friday, April 15, 2011


I am keen to know about IVF after watching Giuliana & Bill at E! and I googled about these couple cause wondering either she's successfully getting pregnant. I saw her several times at E! but never saw her bump.

It was shocking to me that she already had miscarriage not once, twice but three times! It is so painful to see her go through those process planting the eggs to her embrio, taking out the eggs several times, the aching, the bleeding. Aw..

I search for the cost and not surprising you need a lot of cash to do that. At least RM30K-40K in Malaysia. The show tought me words of bedrest, insemination, egg retrieval, you name it. You could see there's a lot of hoping till they are afraid to hear any news of it.

Looking at their life makes me think what will happen to both of us. Like her, she have cousins and siblings that been blessed with many kids which means she's coming from very healthy family but it's not happening to her. Frustrating is a word but it is more devastating to know that you've tried so many things to get pregnant and it fails. Not to mention they have been married for almost four years. Blame on the fertility of being so skinny? Nah.. I dont think so.

We on the other hand just get married not even a year and we (especially me) was so looking forward to get pregnant when I heard after one of my friends and another gets pregnant. Those peeps are quite close to me. Of course I am happy but Im getting this tiny envious when they told their stories about pregnancy life. I keep on wondering when is my turn? how would it be? do I have the same experience they have?

But looking on the other side of her life and another friend of mine who also been married for three year this year, makes me believes that there must be some reason and Hubby once said 'Maybe He's got better plan for us'. Redha is the key. With that I am trying really hard for not being sad whenever I get my period :)

"It was several months of guilt and sadness," Giuliana said. "And finally, I think we just came together and we said, 'There's got to be a bigger plan here, right? There has got to be a reason.'"

They are such a strong couple and I really hope they can get through it till the end of their lives - with babies of course. I glad they are being public on struggling getting pregnant so that it open the eyes of people like me. Be thankful what you have and embrace the moment you have in life.

Oh..btwy, so far, people around me being so understanding and they didn't ask me those killing question 'Bile nk ngndung' and even there is, I don't feel offended - yet!

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