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Thursday, June 30, 2016

SAHM disaster day

I made 3 cookies the other day. Choc chips (again) biskut arab and cornflakes madu. All easy peasy recipe but yang renyah is biskut arab.

Gentel je dah almost one hour and my dough turns runny. I pun memandai la tambah tepung smpai boleh shaped into small balls. Then nk bake lame gile okay dkat 40minutes for 1 tray. Tu pun tah knape die bau mcm hangit tp it still lembik je doh tu. Hmm.. so I stop dulu the 1st tray leaving outside while I letak the last batch.

I went into kitchen to do the cleaning but got distracted when I saw the cornflakes, so buat la kejap. Baru je start, I heard a loud PANG! Bunyi tray jatuh and hmm so I tought anak soleh punye keje.

He was holding the handgloves with the tray and dough all over the floor. I was so pissed off and it get him scarred so he ran away. It was cute for a moment but I am just full of anger to even smile for that.

Then it went all wrong, the last and only batch biskut arab got burned, he stole the leftover cookies and making the crumbs all over the house, throw bekas semperit while his sister tengah makan - habis hancur kuih, nak minum air but instead die pegi curah dpn tv. OMG mmg semalam die kne teruk dgn I.

I gave him silent treatment and the big sister, my lovely daughter, talked to him which I assume she asked the little brother to say sorry. Siap suruh pergi kat I and teach him to shake my hand. Aww.. I melt skejap. The boy tak faham but he follow je dengan muka kesian.

Haihh laa..so I talk slowly to him and he seems understand, nod his head and responds to what I said. What a day! Husband balik and mcm biasa he sense I stressed. I told him the story smpai malam sbb I duk recall why I am so mad at him. Husband laugh and said 'Haha patutlahh mmg bnyk salah pun' Well, at least I dont feel bad about getting angry.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fool Proof Recipe: Hokkaido Chiffon Cake

Seperti biasa, perempuan yang kedekut ialah perempuan yang gigih buat sendiri dari membeli. Haha.

I saw this recipe and tak baca betul. Expect to get as many as the picture. Beli banyak okay muffin cups tu. Skali dapat banyak ni je.



Later :P

It is so weird sebab orang tu buat dapat banyak sangat and I buat dapat ciput je. Amarah btul and then after read it over again, checked the source and haih.. now I know. Mmg dpt bnyk tu pun. It serves 8/9 muffins. So I dapat 10, ok la kan?

But the cake was super sedap! Macam heavy chiffon cake (got such thing ke?) Husband not a big fan of cake but this one was exceptional. Boleh buat lagi ..and improve lagi sebab temperature kuat smpai tersembul dan huduh muffin I. Maybe boleh bakar at 150degree next time.

Buat masa puasa, bila nk berbuka ngam2 tinggal 2 for me and Husband. Tu pun lps kne warning kiddos sbb they almost finish it all. I told you mmg sedap!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Of Baking Cookies - Nestum Gingerbreadman Cookies

Rauhah turning 4 this year. It was a great year for doing stuffs like this. She enjoyed helping me at the kitchen even just stirring the flour.

I had leftover oats and found this recipe to try. It was supposed to be shaped as fingers as the name called but I am excited to try this cookie cutter. To my surprise, Rauhah knows the name of it.

'Ibu buat ape? *looking at the tray* Wahh gingerbread man! Thank you Ibu! (while hugging me tight)'

These are the moments that I want to remember.

Well, probably another moments where the oat jatuh bersepai. Dah la the only oats that I have. Oats tu siap kne fried and blend. Renyah and then jatuh. Hadoii..kne cuci lagi kne pikir nk ganti ape plak oat xde. Luckily nestum ade, so gantilah nestum.

Dah siap bakar, she is so excited nak try the cookies but kne coat with milk powder pulak. So kne la buat cerita 'Oh..gingerbreadman kene main snow dulu baru Rauhah boleh makan' and she happily wanted to help again. 

Tp mmg kne keep an eye on her - not because I am afraid of the mess but sebab die jilat2 tangan sambil coat the cookies =_=" So few times la die gigih basuh tangan sbb TERlupa TERjilat tangan lps coat. Haha.

The cookies sedap. I think kalau buat oat pun ok sbb dah fried garing dulu. I rolled it flat in 0.5cm je sebab I like it crunchy. Nyum2! Besar pulak rase but naseb baik sedap so I think this will laku this Raya :)

Biskut Jejari Oat Susu
Source: Haniza

Bahan A

225g butter
125 gula kastor
1 biji kuning telur
1tsp vanilla essence

Bahan B

20g tepung kastad
75g tepung jagung (I had not enough so add the remaining with tepung kastad)
250g tepung gandum
100g oat (I used nestum - blend halus)
2tbs serbuk koko

Coating: 100g milk powder + 20g icing sugar (ngam2 for all the dough)


1. Putar gula + butter sampai sebati
2. Masukkan semua tepung, serbuk coco dan oat (I tak ayak trus masuk KA)
3. Masuk vanilla + kuning telur
4. Uli sebati (I used dough hook from start, so KA did all the kneading) smpai jadi doh boleh bentuk
5. Bentukkan
6. Bakar at 160degrees for 15/20 minutes depending on the thickness. Mine nipis je.
7. Coat with milk powder and icing sugar

Monday, June 27, 2016

Ramadhan 1437H

How's your Ramadhan going? I hope you guys had a blast and blessed time this year. Mine was okay. I miss my Kakak's (btwy we moved out from Kerteh last month) and other kids. Thank god for whatsapp so we had a chat but nothing similar with what we had before *sigh

On the good side, I baked a lot this year. Made semperit, popiah tak-sempat-nestum :P, choc chips, sarang semut, oat-tumpah-and-replace-with-nestum cookies, and suppose-to-be-crispy cornflakes cookies. I had more plans with kuih raya but I need to stop myself sebab I started to feel weird with this crazy baking mode. Haha.

Little helper

Kiddos doing fine. They had cough, flu, and slightly fever before Ramadhan and it was pretty stressful. They hardly sick and if they do, tak lame. Not even a week but this time like teruk for almost 2 weeks going on and off. Aqil dengan nk attached nyer and Rauhah being picky about everything but Alhamdulillah eventually it went off. Phew..

I am still sticking to cook for breakfasting till now. We had stop buying/going to bazar for almost 3 years. It was actually much easier this way since we had kids. Ade la cheat this Ramadhan beli ayam golek depan rumah skali tu. Kuih pun I buat popiah and karipap je to be given to our neighbours. I still yet to make onde-onde but dah nak habis Ramadhan ni mcm x smangat pulak nk kudap2 those kuih for berbuka.

One started wanting to wear telekung and could finish isya' and terawikh together :)

Terawih pun at home je. Missed once because I a so tired that day with kelim karipap (yes! I finally can kelim karipap! Major achievement altho x cantik sgt :P) and then went groceries shopping after maghrib. So balik terus kaput :P Sahur so far xde miss lg. Lewat2 pun sempat makan kurma susu or roti.

We will balik Kuantan this year. It will be 5 hour drive. Omg. Lamanya. I hope for the smooth journey. I am worried with Aqil ni sebab my God, boys are so hard to handle. He are so smart and cranky when things doesnt goes his way which Husband easily stressed kalau die buat perangai dalam kereta. Buat distractions pape pun sume x jadi. So mmg kne tahan telinga je. Harap2 dah besar sikit ni xde dah la prangai tu dlm kereta.

I would summarize this Ramadhan was quite a roller coaster. Sometimes I had a very relaxing day that I would just lie down and not worrying my chores, kiddos playing nice but some other day which I think most of the days, all my kids ever wanted just eat, making mess and gaduh je. That means a lot of cleaning and cooking sbb Rauhah nak mkn berat and kalau snack2 ni plak Aqil susah sikit. 

Yesterday they had grapes for snack and they finish everything in one sitting. Then I nk mkn keropok lekor and keropok pun derang bedal. Husband cakap tengah phase nk besar kot sbb lame x tgk derang mkn bnyk mcm ni. Aqil pun dah nampak bambam. Oh he had eczema which I yet to blog about it. Nantilah.

Less than a week for Ramadhan to ends and I hope all of us can make the most out of it. Prep raya was done earlier sebab Mama dah belikan a week before puasa. Gigih we all pergi Aeon Big tau. Haha. Ibu Abi takde prep lame dah. Pakai mane ade je.