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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12 October 2010

Perihal berinai dengan Mariami, an Indian girl who did her job by coming to customer's house cause she dont have any shop to sell her service. What she did was giving her contact number to bridal boutique and then she'll get her customer. I would say I like her service as she is very friendly and she talks Malays very well, hardly heard her Indian slang ;) but I dont think she draws the henna perfectly as I expected.

The henna that she used is very strong and rich till it became almost black but after a day it turns out to be a beautiful color. Just nice enough for wedding ceremony :) but later I have to bear the effect as my fingers became so dry and the skin peel it's off. I think maybe too much chemical on it or is it just my hand skin is not suitable for such henna.

Its been almost 3weeks I used the henna and my nails already half grown. Haha. Cepat kn? That is not the exact color when my nikah session. It's even darker. Couldnt find one to show you. 

My OP hasnt call me yet since I myself dont even chase him. Hoho. Biarla die buat kije die. Baru lagi. Klu da berbulan2 xsiap mmg nk kne kejar :P 

Till next post, maybe about Amy Bridal's boutique review ;)

Friday, October 1, 2010

1 October 2010

Alhamdulillah..selesai segala urusan perkahwinan kami. We left with kenduri on his side je and currently Im on my way to my kampung kat Bachok. His side kat Besut so you can figure out why me and my family blk hari ni >< Kenduri hari esok and we'll be wearing silver. My baju done by Ujie's collection (Amy recommended her) and I love my baju ni! His baju xsempat nk tempah, but alhamdulillah Amy was being soo generous lending us his baju. Amy siap offer acessories lg. He is such a good person.

Eh, crita psl kenduri his side plak. haha. Will update regarding our wedding last weekand. It was indeed a happy moment for us sebab sgt ramai the unexpected people came. Most of our friend stays or working outside Pahang and to see almost all person I knew and bring their family as well, sgt makes me terharu.

The wedding turns out beautiful indeed :) I havent check myself what is happening to the dewan till waktu berarak masuk dewan. Alhamdulillah it turns out very well :) Nnt next post saya upload few pictures yer.

Oh.. Shasmanizam provide OP yg sgt bagus. Love the service - sesuailah ngn tittle senior photographer. OP saya juga menjadi eye candy guest saya. Haha..

Ok2..ckup2. Nnt saya update lg :)

ps: Hubby saya super duper sweet rse nk mkn!!